Business Process Layout


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The presentation demonstrates the stages for setting up a business process for a sales function

The methodology mentioned in the presentation is based on best practices used to set up business development functions for SME's for promoting their products/services.

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Business Process Layout

  1. 1. BUSINESS PROCESS LAYOUTYogesh SatputeMay 2012
  2. 2. 2IntroductionRequirement of additional business processes: • Adapt to a very competitive market and a fast-paced economy • Incorporate new ideas to enhance continual growth • Harness ideas in processes for maintaining a smooth workflow.Fundamentals of setting up a new business process: • Documentation of ideas and drafting a process layout • Predefine metrics and KPI’s at all stages • Measure the success of the engagement till maturityObjectiveImprove the credibility of Value Proposition and enhance RevenueStreams
  3. 3. 3BasicProcessLayoutA Process Layoutdrafted, exhibits 5 main Process Pilot Engagement Operations Transition Executionactivities for setting up abusiness process, rightfrom engagement tomaturity .On continual ProcessImprovement a functioncan be deemed to befully operational Process Improvement
  4. 4. 4Setting up a Business Development• The function directly impacts the revenue streams in a business model• Encompasses strategically important activities such as marketing and presales• Process layout for BD is one of the simple yet dynamic methodologies in BPM.• Post transition, the pilot execution is vital to device the process improvement plan.• Delivers a sales forecast estimating the revenue generated by the organisation
  6. 6. 6Process Layout • Networking & Knowledge Transfer Engagement • “As Is” Process Map Process • “To Be” Process Map Transition • Perform checks and initiate Pilot • Perform Key Activities (cold calls, emails etc.)Pilot Execution • Fathom the challenges faced • Validate services against requirements Operations • Thought Leadership and Process Expansion Process • Hands on experience (Pilot) Improvement • Follow industry best practices
  7. 7. 7Engagement Customer Value Process Methodology• Well defined process • Study requirements• Best practice insight • Knowledge Transfer• Aligned to organizational goals • “As Is” Process Map • Process Analysis • Focus Groups
  8. 8. 8C he c k lis t  Study the strategic importance of the processEngagement in the workflow  Conduct Focus Group initiativesRequisites &Capabilities  Network with experts to gain KnowledgeStandardizedDocumentation withSOP’s , deadlinesand action items  Develop competitive intelligenceInitiation of ProcessImprovement  Based on initial information, formulate a “AsDocument Is” Process Map  Conduct Process Analysis with documented “What if” scenarios
  9. 9. 9Process Transition Customer Value Process Methodology• Process Improvement • “To Be” Process Map• Identify and eliminate • Develop Transition Plan bottlenecks • Finalize Pilot Plan• Concurrent objectives established
  10. 10. 10C h e c k lis t  Propose a Process Map justifying the reasonsTransition for being a best fit.Transition Plan  Perform checks by conducting mock activitiesPilot PlanTest emails,  Finalize on target products/services and theconference calls, duration for the Pilot.Application testing  Identify issues faced and solve problems that may cause delay  Migrate the process to other location (if required)
  11. 11. 11Pilot Execution Customer Value Process Methodology• Process metrics established • Pilot Run• Benchmarks identified • Analysis and Improvement• Process synchronized • Finalize Operations Plan and Benchmarks
  12. 12. 12C he c k lis t  Perform key activities as per GTM strategyPilotExecution  Quantify performance indicators into metricsKey activitiesperformed andduration  Set targets to align sales efforts accordinglyAmount of workhours put in per FTE  Synchronize process with global sales teamsSample account dataand territoriescovered  Analyze possible hurdles to revisit strategiesQualifiedopportunities /  Finalize Operations Plan and Benchmarksrevenue generatedPreliminary Forecast  Deliver a preliminary sales forecast on completion on Pilot
  13. 13. 13Operations Customer Value Process Methodology• Efficiency Improvement • Roll out operations• Massive cost reduction • Validation of services against• TAT reduction requirements• Reduced Management • Process monitoring overheads • Reporting
  14. 14. 14C he c k lis t  Increase Productivity & Cost efficiencyOperations  Training and Quality improvementProject managementBudget & Expensesdocumentation  TAT reduction & overheads reductionThought Leadership  Roll out operationsTraining DocumentsDefine Key Result  Validation of services against requirementsAreasRecruitment  Process monitoring & reporting mechanism  Expand the business development operations
  15. 15. 15Process Improvement Customer Value Process Methodology• Functional business process • Performance Tracking with scalability • Engage improvement based on• Defined metrics for a mature Pilot execution business engagement • Engage improvement based on• Flexibility to adapt to changes best practices
  16. 16. 16C h e c k lis tProcess  Document the challenges faced and solutionsImprovement  Develop a culture to improve qualityPI docs:Monthly / Quarterlysummaries  Track performance and suggest improvementFunctional PI docs  Change predefined metrics for increasing theTechnical PI docs effectiveness of sales campaignsQuality PI docs  Follow best practices in the industry forBCP planningdocumentation increasing productivity  Use hands on experience gained by pilot execution, for improving operations
  17. 17. 17Stages in a sales cycle and MOSS8 - Marketing Opportunity • Leads from Marketing sources / ReferralsS7 - Lead Generation • Market research and Initial discoveryS6 - Opportunity Qualified • Prospect stated need to buy within X monthsS5 - Need Analysis • Complete discovery with user and economic buyerS4 - Solution Proposal • Presented value proposition in face to face meetingS3 - Verbal Acceptance • Buying Power validated by economic buyerS2 - Vendor Finalist • Prospect accepted terms & signed off deal durationS1 - Legal • Contract signing on legal terms with prospect
  18. 18. About the authorA result oriented business developmentprofessional and social media evangelist, YogeshSatpute has been associated with leading IT firmsfor setting up and spearheading the presales andmarketing functions.Experienced in identifying business opportunities across verticals, Yogesh’s businessacumen and entrepreneurial flair have assisted small companies and largeconglomerates to expand their operations in Americas, Europe and APAC. Thank you