Hayden Fancher's Transformation


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Hayden Fancher's Transformation

  1. 1. The TransformationCreated By:Sean HuntsingerTo keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able tokeep our mind strong and clear-Buddha
  2. 2. The Goal of the Experiment● The experiment that will be introduced and analyzed in this power point willbecome a tool on how to defeat teenage obesity in the United States ofAmerica. Hayden Fancher will serve as the “test subject” as he embarks on arigorous five week trail. Hayden will follow a diet formulated by myself as wellas execute a cardiovascular based exercise routine,both of which anyteenage can access via the internet (YouTube) . The end result regardingHaydens “transformation”(his fat loss) will solidify the importance of a healthydiet paired with intense physical exertion,both of which will act as tools forteenagers who are struggling with obesity.
  3. 3. The Goal for the Test Subject• Reduce the test subject’s body weight from 190lb to 175lb .In correlation tothe weight lose, the subject will experience an increase in energy outputthus compounding the rate of fat lost.• The test subject will learn the importance of eating a balance diet and willuse this new found knowledge for years to come.• The test subject will gain self confidence due to his success in transforminghis body and eating habits for the better.
  4. 4. The Setup• The diet will span five weeks, the test subject must consume under 2,312 caloriesper day to achieve a weight loss of 2lb per week. The total caloric intake per week is14,700 Calories ,and the 2,100 calories per day will be consumed during breakfastand dinner .Due to test subject working out during the middle of the day the calorieswill be divided between breakfast and dinner . This will ignore the “eat small mealsthroughout the day “ theory, NO LUNCH.The diet will emphasize the exclusion of……• Simple Carbohydrates- Table sugar, bread made with white flour, pasta made withwhite flour etc ..• Red meat- Beef, Lamb, Pork• Processed meat-Bacon Ham, Hot dogs• Saturated and Trans-fat –fast-food, processed food.The diet will consist of....● Complex Carbohydrates- Whole Grains,Fruit,Vegetables,Legumes● Lean Meat- Chicken,Turkey,Fish● Water● Milk-1%● The Mighty Protein Shake
  5. 5. The Setup Continued…Exercise• The exercise portion of this experiment will revolve around the use of acommon Cardiovascular exercise (running ) as the main tool to trigger thecaloric exertion.• While the diet itself consists of rigid guidelines and rules the exerciseportion will not be as controlled. The test subject will run five to seven timesper week ,running no less than a mile a day.
  6. 6. Week 1Cumulative Meal ConsumptionBreakfast Dinner6oz of Greek yogurt (7) 2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (4)Half-cup of grapes(2) 8oz Chicken (4)1 scoop protein powder+1 cup of non fat milk(2) 2 Tablespoons of Salsa1 slice of sprouted bread (2) Brown Rice 1 cup (3)Banana(3) 4oz Salmon (3)Egg whites (2) 1tbsp Olive Oil2 tablespoon’s of peanut butter (3) Slice Sprout Bread (3)8 oz glass of non fat milk(1) Piece of Cauliflower (24)8 oz glass of water (7) Tablespoon Peanut Butter (6)8 oz glass of water (7)Macro breakdown of Week 1 (Breakfast) Macro breakdown of Week 1 (Dinner)Total Fat-45.5g Total Fat- 188.5gSaturated Fat- 10g Saturated Fat- 70gTrans Fat-0g Trans Fat- 0gCholesterol-130mg Cholesterol-760mgCarbohydrates-340g Carbohydrates-451gSodium-989mg Sodium-1856mgSugar-203g Sugar-64gProtein-143g Protein-258gCaloric Total-5,369 Caloric Total-9,287
  7. 7. Total macro break down for Week 1Total Fat-234gSaturated Fat-80gTrans fat -0gCholesterol-890 mgCarbohydrates-791gSodium-2845Sugar-267gProtein-401gTotal Caloric Intake-14,656Net Weight loss- 5lb
  8. 8. Week 1Cardiovascular RoutinePer Day (6 Days)3 lap (Fast Jog)6 100 meters (sprint)3 Lap (Fast Jog)Total Meters Ran Per Day3,000 MetersTotal Meters Ran in the Week18,000 Meters
  9. 9. Week 1 Notes● First two days of the experiment the initial shock of only consumingroughly 2,000 calories were apparent in the subject.● The subject began consuming more of his caloric total duringdinner,due to the physical exertion of the workout roughly one tothree hours before.● By the end of the week the subjects body seemed to have adaptedto the diet,the use of peanut butter has been his most commonstaple.● Chicken and fish are the largest source of the subjects protein intake during dinner and overall.● Perhaps find another Greek yogurt that doesnt contain 22g ofsugar, the current Greek yogurts sugar content makes up themajority of the sugar accumulation throughout the week.
  10. 10. Week 2Cumulative Meal ConsumptionBreakfast Dinner6ozGreek Yogurt* (7) *New Brand of Greek Yogurt Strawberry (6 Pieces)8oz Turkey Breast (1) 2tbsp Peanut butter (4)Egg whites (14) 8oz Chicken Breast (2)Plum (3 Plums) 4oz Salmon (2)Tomato( 5 slices) Green Beans (14 Green beans)Banana (2) Plum(5 Plums)Sprouted Bread (4 slices) Romanian Salad/no dressing (2)Burger (1) 8oz Turkey (3)Gapes (10 Grapes) 2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (4)8oz glass of water (10) Sprouted Bread ( 4 slices)Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Breakfast)Total Fat- 43gSaturated Fat-10gTrans-Fat -2gCholesterol-298mgCarbohydrates-268gSodium-5227mgSugar -87gProtein-213gCaloric Total- 3,100Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Dinner)Total Fat- 130gSaturated Fat-37gTrans- Fat-0gCholesterol-758mgCarbohydrates-194gSodium-7906mgSugar-95gProtein-339gCaloric Total-9,321
  11. 11. Total macro break down for Week 2Total Fat-173gSaturated Fat-47gTrans fat -2gCholesterol-1056 mgCarbohydrates-462gSodium-13,133mgSugar-182gProtein-552gTotal Caloric Intake-12,421Net Weight Loss-4lb
  12. 12. Week 2Cardiovascular RoutinePer Day (6 Days)5 laps (Fast Jog)7 100 meters (sprint)5 Laps (Fast Jog)Total Meters Ran Per Day4,700 metersTotal Meters Ran in the Week28,200 Meters
  13. 13. Week 2Notes• Sodium was too high, egg whites surprisingly contributed to theamount of total sodium throughout the week. As well as the turkeybreast. Perhaps the turkey breast will be cut out and replaced withchicken or salmon.• The consumption of the In n Out burger drove the test subject toeat less throughout the week ( as supported by the caloric total )and workout more. In the future “cheat meals” will be avoided asmuch as possible in order to avoid the destructive cycle of eatingtoo few calories and working out too much ( could lead to a starvediet )• Other than the sodium and the burger fiasco the test subjects bodyhas seemed to be accustomed to the diet. The test subject notes“even when the meals are small I am becoming fuller”
  14. 14. Week 3Cumulative Meal ConsumptionBreakfast Dinner2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (5) 8oz Chicken Breast (3)2tbsp of Peanut Butter (2) Green Peas (10oz)Strawberry (1oz) The Greek Gods Fat free yogurt (2)“The Greek Gods” Fat free Greek yogurt (3) Cashews (1oz)Banana (2) Strawberry (1oz)Cashews (28g or 1 ounce) Watermelon (1oz)Watermelon ( 28g or 1 ounce) Banana (1)Sprouted Bread (2 slices) 2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (2)8oz Glass of Water (8) 8oz Glass of Water (8)Apple ( 1 whole apple) 4oz Salmon (3)Egg whites (2) Brown Rice 1 cup (3)Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Breakfast) Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Dinner)Total Fat- 43g Total Fat-120gSaturated Fat-18g Saturated Fat- 29gTrans-Fat –0g Trans-fat-0gCholesterol-530mg Cholesterol-861mgCarbohydrates-325g Carbohydrates-269gSodium-3007mg Sodium-635mgSugar-110g Sugar-64gProtein-365g Protein-303gCaloric Total-2,904 Caloric Total-9,787
  15. 15. Total macro break down for Week 3Total Fat-163gSaturated Fat-47gTrans fat -0gCholesterol-1391mgCarbohydrates-594gSodium-3642mgSugar-158gProtein-668gTotal Caloric Intake-13,267Net Weight Lost-4lb
  16. 16. Week 3Cardiovascular Routine• The test subject ran from Papa Lennon’s to Pat’s Liquorwhich is approximately 3 miles. The test subject repeated thisworkout six times during the week.Total Meters ran per day (7 days)4,800Total Meters ran during the Week33,600 Meters
  17. 17. Week 3NotesThe test subject’s weight loss (9lb at this point in time ) had intensified thecardiovascular routines due to the increase in energy and performance of thetest subject .Such an occurrence confirms the correlation between weight lossand overall energy output.The test subject’s confidence has seem to of grown since the previous week(week 2) . The test subject has become more enticed to take his shirt off inrelatively public settings due to his apparent weight loss.Interestingly enough the test subject during week 2 and week 3 has consumedroughly on average one to two thousand fewer calories than projected . Yet thetest subject claims that as the project has progressed every meal even ifrelatively small have become “more filling”.Yet it seems as though the past two weeks the test subject has lacked sufficientcomplex carbohydrates consumption. In order to fix this trend thereinforcement of brown rice ,vegetables and sprouted bread will beimplemented for the remaining two weeks of the experiment.
  18. 18. Week 4Cumulative Meal ConsumptionBreakfastThe Greek Gods” Fat free Greek yogurt ( 7)Sprouted Bread (7 Slices)1tbsp of peanut butterBananas (4)Strawberry ( 1cup)Egg whites (7)Cashews (2oz)2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (7)Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Breakfast)Total Fat-54gSaturated Fat-20gTrans-Fat -0gCholesterol-550mgCarbohydrates-465gSodium-5,281mgSugar –140gProtein-610gCaloric Total-3,680DinnerSalmon 4oz (3)Turkey Breast 8oz (2)Chicken Breast 8oz (6)Green Beans 1 cup (10)Brown Rice 1 cup (11)2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (2)Sprouted Bread (9 slices)Glass of Milk 8oz (8)Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Dinner)Total Fat-187gSaturated Fat-62gTrans-Fat -0gCholesterol-960mgCarbohydrates-842gSodium-3,225mgSugar –158gProtein-448gCaloric Total-11,421
  19. 19. Total macro break down for Week 4Total Fat-237gSaturated Fat-72gTrans fat -0gCholesterol-1,145mgCarbohydrates-1,307gSodium-4,806mgSugar-298gProtein-667gNet Weight Lost-3lbTotal Caloric Intake-12,965
  20. 20. Week 4Cardiovascular RoutineThe test subject repeated the previous cardiovascular workout from week 3which spanned 3 miles (Papa Lennons to Pats Liquor). However the testsubject than drove to Nordhoff and ran a total of five 100 meters wind sprints .Total meters ran per day (6 Days)5300 metersTotal meters ran per week31,800 meters
  21. 21. Week 4Notes● The need for more complex carbohydrates has been filledwith the addition of not only more brown rice and sproutedwhole wheat bread but green peas have also began to play alarger role regarding the intake of complex carbohydrates.● As noted in week 3 the continuous weight loss by the testsubject has correlated to the increase of overall energywithin the test subject. Everyday the test subject seems havebeen completing his cardio routines with relative ease.
  22. 22. Week 5Cumulative Meal ConsumptionBreakfastThe Greek Gods” Fat free Greek yogurt ( 7)Sprouted Bread (7 Slices)4 tbsp of peanut butterBananas (4)Egg whites (8)Cashews (2oz)2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (6)Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Breakfast)Total Fat-63gSaturated Fat-24gTrans-Fat -0gCholesterol-510mgCarbohydrates-476gSodium-5,357mgSugar –160gProtein- 567gCaloric Total-3,421DinnerSalmon 4oz (1)Turkey Breast 8oz (3)Chicken Breast 8oz (8)Green Beans 1 cup (14)Brown Rice 1 cup (12)2 scoops protein powder+2 cups of 1% Milk (1)Sprouted Bread (13 slices)Glass of Milk 8oz (4)Macro breakdown of Week 2 (Dinner)Total Fat-207gSaturated Fat-57gTrans-Fat -0gCholesterol-522mgCarbohydrates-890gSodium-3,335mgSugar –98gProtein-435gCaloric Total-11,263
  23. 23. Total macro break down for Week 5Total Fat-270gSaturated Fat-48gTrans fat -0gCholesterol-757mgCarbohydrates-940gSodium-8,692mgSugar-286gProtein-1,002gTotal Caloric Intake-14205Net Weight Lost-2lb
  24. 24. Week 5Cardiovascular RoutineConsidering it was the last week of the experiment the test subject decided totest his new found physical limit and ran five miles per day, six times duringthe week.Total meters ran per day (6 days)8,000 metersTotal meter ran per week48,000 meters
  25. 25. Week 5Notes● The transformation has finallyconcluded !!● The test subject has a lost a combinedweight of 18lb ,3lb above the targetedweight loss goal.● Hopefully Hayden (The test subject) willuse the new found knowledge from thisexperiment and continue to live a healthyand active lifestyle.
  26. 26. The TransformationDay 1-7
  27. 27. The TransformationDay 7-14
  28. 28. The TransformationDay 14-21
  29. 29. The TransformationDay 21-28
  30. 30. The TransformationDay 28-35
  31. 31. How can this experiment helpbenefit teenagers who arefighting obesity?
  32. 32. The DietSimple Carbohydrates● Simple carbohydrates are composed of one or two sugars molecules causing thecarbohydrates when ingested to be broken down too quickly by the human digestion tractto provide an adequate source of nutrients when going through the human digestiontract.● Over consumption of these simple carbohydrates which to the average teenager consistof Sucrose Brown Sugar Raw Sugar High Fructose Corn Syrup Corn Syrup DextroseGlucose Fructose Maltose Malt sugar etc contribute to weight gain due to theineffectiveness of the human digestion system to extract the nutrients (if any ) from thecarbohydrate source. In other words simple carbohydrates are “empty calories” thatincrease your waist line not your overall well being● Instead teenagers (like the test subject ) must eradicate these inferior carbohydrates andreplace them with complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates consist of a chemicalstructure that is made up of three or more sugars, which are usually linked together toform a chain. These sugars are mostly rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. (IE)Vegetables,legumes,whole grains and fruit.Red Meat● The exclusion of fatty red meats such as beef will reduce the total fat and saturated fat inthe average daily consumption .The induction of lean meats such as turkey, chicken andfish will cut down on the total fat count as well as saturated fat intake, while stillcontaining a significant amount of protein.
  33. 33. ExerciseRule of Thumb● In order to effectively and constantly lose weight an individual must burn off more calories thanhe or she consumes.● In order burn calories at a relatively fast rate the emphasis should be put on cardiovascularexercise such as running and cycling or aerobic exercise such as swimming. Any exercise thatrequires a high degree of endurance will keep the body in a fat burning state for it will constantlyutilize energy from its fat sources in order to continue pumping blood and oxygen throughout thebody.● Limit the time you commit doing stationary activities such as facebook, playing video games,napping… If you have free time go out for a run, do yard work any physical activity is better thansitting around. Formulate a workout routine in order to eliminate the possibility of forgetting whatyou did the previous day.● Once you begin to see results youre workouts will begin to have a purpose.
  34. 34. Works cited● http://www.calorieking.com/interactive-tools/weight-maintenance-calories-calculator/● http://nutritiondata.self.com/● http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/carbs/simple-vs-complex-carbohydrates.html●