3managerResource planning for copiers and printers
Introduction     3manager is a financial resource                         Can you cut costs by purchasing new equipment? - ...
How to get the most                                                                             Devices                   ...
Buy new models, re-                                                             With these data, decision making will be a...
How does your                                                          3manager visualizes your kWh consumption and       ...
Manage lease and                                                                 Types of agreements available:           ...
Track pages printed,                                                        Track the usage in pages printed, service cost...
Respond rapidly to                                    Alerting areas:                                    If a copier has a...
Complete overview of                                                              Ought you to redistribute internally and...
A complete overview                                                                Number of devices (MFD+printers)       ...
www.3manager.com                                        IT-SAS (Europe) Ltd.           As a Value Added Partner and Center...
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3manager ITSAS Brochure 2012 01


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IT-SAS (Europe)and 3manager

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3manager ITSAS Brochure 2012 01

  1. 1. 3managerResource planning for copiers and printers
  2. 2. Introduction 3manager is a financial resource Can you cut costs by purchasing new equipment? - 3manager at a glance: and how much? planning system, developed to Know your exact costs, potential savings and procurement needs. manage the copying and printing 3manager helps you answering these questions by analyzing the consequences of your intentional Manage your contracts with ease. operation, completely independent of actions, securing you the most optimal basis for Streamline your operation with ongoing analysis. manufacturer brands. decision making. Real-time access to important information. Respond rapidly to changes. Accurate information about your copying and printing Many IT departments are finding out that the cost of not having a system—or the wrong system however, Plan your budgets based on concrete information. operation is important at any time. Getting the right information at the right time, has never been more can be very high. Cut costs and save time! critical, when decisions are made about With 3manager in place, you can eliminate many of procurements, cutting costs and how to optimize. the costs associated with copying and printing. For more information please visit www.3manager.com How will the future where you can join one of our web seminars, or book a personal presentation. look like if... What will the consequences be, if you re-distribute your equipment internally- economical as well as postponing future procurements?Introduction to 3manager Page 2
  3. 3. How to get the most Devices With 3manager, all critical data is only few clicks Follow the utilization of your equipment, and how to away, and within seconds you will know the optimize with inventory management. economical consequences when purchasing new out of your copying devices or consequences in hardware utilization and Consumption “end of life” when re-arranging existing devices. and printing Track expenses and page printed. operation! Reporting Summary Automatic reporting with 3manager summary and 3manager helps organizations reducing costs and consumption. The right device for the right working load. visualizing their true buying needs. To achieve this, Alerts Know the consequence before you initiate actions. 3manager offers the following functionalities: E-mail notifications when areas in the operation needs attention. Know your potential savings up front in total as well pr. department and device. Economizer Find out if you can save money by purchasing new When economical information is entered in Know your true buying need. equipment. 3manager, you can begin analyzing how to optimize. Postpone procurements Maybe the right solution is to purchase new devices, Cut costs and save time. Optimizer even though the existing equipment is only 2 years Find out if how well your devices are utilized and if you old! can postpone procurements and save money buy re- arranging equipment internally. ... or maybe the right solutions is to re-distribute Environment existing devices, with the purpose to create a better See how you affect the environment. balance between usage, economy and device utilization. Contracts Monitor and control legal agreements with ease.3manager functionality Page 3
  4. 4. Buy new models, re- With these data, decision making will be a lot more Economize / Optimize summary easy and time saving. Know your potential savings when purchasing new arrange existing Often as purchaser or supplier it is difficult to gain a prompt overview of where to put your effort. equipment. Detailed information about which new models should copiers and printers The purchaser is measured by his savings and the replace old devices. supplier wish to increase his sale. Know how you will affect the budget and hardware or do nothing? Now, with just a few clicks, you can be provided utilization when re-arranging devices internally. with analytical data, which required both hours and Find out how to postpone future procurements. 3manager “economizer” and “optimizer” help you resources in the past.  Extend “End of life” of the devices by maintaining securing the most profitable copying and printing balance between load and capacity. operation. Know your savings per: Find out which purchasing agreement is the most With the build in intelligence, 3manager will analyze optimal for your company. the consequences of your intentional actions, Total Page 1 whether you intent to make new procurements or to Department re-arrange existing equipment. Device Buy new models Re-arrange Do nothingEconomizer / Optimizer Page 4
  5. 5. How does your 3manager visualizes your kWh consumption and Environmental information: CO2 emissions completely, as well as pr. contract, branch, department and unit. How green is your service agreement? copying and printing How many devices are online 24 hours per day? affect the How much can you reduce CO2 by switching devices of after working hours. With the intuitive environment-dashboard, you will environment? always have an overview of your environmental behavior within your copying and printing operation. Which department is the most green? Which unit are polluting the most? Are we increasing or decreasing C02 emissions? Understand how your copying and printing operation With a glance you can find out, if you are moving in affects the environment, in an intuitive and user- the right direction, becoming more green and more friendly graphical overview. focused on the environment.Focus on the Environment Page 5
  6. 6. Manage lease and Types of agreements available: Period and residual terms Lease + service Cost per quarter service agreements Service Outstanding debt with ease. Rental Digital copy of the contract All-in Contract management helps you to take control of all Ad-hoc agreement Summary your financial and service agreements, securing optimal utilization and a profitable operation. Monitor your contracts online. Besides giving you a complete overview of your When contracts are entered in 3manager and the correct Follow usage per contract. equipment is assigned to the contracts, you can begin contracts, you will also get insight of 2 important managing your contract resources and always have the Easily check your service invoices. areas: following data a few clicks away: Get notifications by e-mail when contracts needs to be terminated. 1: Environmental affect: Contract number How “green” the contracts are, by monitoring the usage in Get notifications by e-mail when contracts are page printed, KwH and CO2 emissions. Contract type not utilized satisfactorily. Department Find out if hardware capacity is in balance with actual need. 2: Hardware utilization Start date How well the equipment is utilized and how well the Devices pr. contract procurement meet the demands. (Balance, over- or under capacity) Page printed divided per contract Utilization ratesContract management Page 6
  7. 7. Track pages printed, Track the usage in pages printed, service costs, Tracking options: KwH consumed and CO2 emitted in the organization divided down per: Mono / colour pages costs, KwH Service costs Total consumed and CO2 Contract KwH consumed CO2 emissions emitted. Branch Tracking pr. total, contract, branch, Department department and unit. 3manager keeps track of your usage and service Device Tracking per 30 days, 90 days, Year to costs. date and within specific range of dates. With the “Usage per contract” its easy to double Track usage per month, 90 days or Year to Date, or enter check service invoices, or with the “Usage per the period of time in which you wish to know the usage department” even more easy to plan budgets per and costs. department.Consumption / tracking Page 7
  8. 8. Respond rapidly to Alerting areas: If a copier has a higher utilization than 95%, or a contract has a minimum volume with a higher utilization than 100% you want to be alerted. changes and Contracts Upcoming terminations and poor utilizations. 3manager monitor the copying and printing operation continuously. negative trends with Devices New equipment registered, poor utilization and the built in alert outdated reporting. Alert summary functionality. Volume Significant increase in page printed. Get notified when areas in the copying and printing operation aren´t optimal. Multiple recipients of e-mails with The alert function helps securing a profitable Expenses notifications. copying and printing operation by setting up “Rules Significant increase in service costs. of profitability”. Automatic reminders of alerts. In other words, when areas in your copying and Actions Online overview of all alerts. printing operation aren´t optimal, a notification is Multiple recipients of alerts. IT-departments, contract departments or service departments... Be proactive and not reactive. sent by e-mail. You decide the level of tolerance with percentage. For example:Proactive alerts Page 8
  9. 9. Complete overview of Ought you to redistribute internally and thus In addition following information can be added postpone new investments by ensuring that capacity manually: and usage patterns match? your devices and Link to contracts and departments Intuitively and user-friendly Equipment Outline Detailed information about location provides you with information which will enable you to status. make the right decisions. Important information regarding the particular device. Uploading documents. Following information is retrieved automatically from Device management gives you an immediate the copiers and printers on the network: overview of all copiers and printers registered in the Also, every meter reading is logged and can be different network, just as old and no longer active retrieved by visiting the meter reader log. devices can be found via the system log. Model information Besides providing all basic information concerning Serial number the equipment, 3manager will notify you about the Mac address utilization of the equipment. IP-address / printer name Are smaller printers employed to a higher degree than Counter information larger devices which run idle and wait?Device management Page 9
  10. 10. A complete overview Number of devices (MFD+printers) Reports available: Device utilization 3manager summary delivered directly to End of life Quarterly operating status Usage (colour + mono) your inbox! Contract information (Utilization) Consumption report 30, 90 days - Year to Date or fixed dates. Fixed costs (Lease, rental, all-in) 3manager keeps you up to date with the different Variable costs (toners, service) Meter reading reporting possibilities. How often you would like to Send PDF, XML or CSV reports directly to your Total costs receive reports and what types is completely up to service vendor automatically. you. Besides the summary reports, you can configure 3manager to send meter reading reports directly to The most important report is the “Summary” which service providers in PDF, CSV or XML format. updates you in one great overview containing the following information:Reporting Page 10
  11. 11. www.3manager.com IT-SAS (Europe) Ltd. As a Value Added Partner and Center of Excellence for 3manager, we build on more than 25 years of experience in designing and delivering innovative business information management solutions for a wide range of national and international organisations. As Our expertise includes knowledge about Capture, Managing, Transforming, Storing, Distribution and Output of business information, for mission critical environments and we specialize in IT architecture, Business processes analysis & optimisation, Project management, Solutions design & implementation. info@its-a-solution.com Tel: +44 208 123 96993manager Page 11