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Shunra Software Product Brochure

  1. 1. SHUNRA VE - WAN Emulation Solution Shunra Virtual Enterprise Know exactly how your business applications and network services will perform for remote end users before rollout! Recreate Any Production Network In Minutes Shunra VE is the only WAN Shunra Virtual Enterprise (VE) delivers a highly robust, comprehensive WAN Emulation solution Emulation solution that that creates a virtual network environment in your pre-deployment lab. It delivers a powerful, enables you to: flexible and easy way to test the performance of your application and network equipment under a wide variety of network impairments – exactly as if they were running in a real world production » Easily integrate with your environment. automated HP LoadRunner testing environment. Using Shunra VE you will understand the impact that the network and applications have on each other’s performance and on the remote end-users’ experiences, as well as uncover and resolve » Conduct business transaction production-related problems – before rollout. analysis, using an open API for use by third party testing tools. Shunra VE provides a wide range of graphically rich reports and drill-down analysis capabilities. These help you isolate and resolve the root causes of network and application problems early, and » Know exactly how new determine whether any modifications to the application, network, or infrastructure are needed. or updated application or network services will perform Shunra VE gives you the information you need to make informed decisions – throughout the for remote end users – application development lifecycle - and ensure service levels to remote end-users are achieved. throughout the development Eliminate the Need to Deploy Load Generators Remotely lifecycle. Up until now, load testing tools have had a major blind spot – the network. Since the primary aim » Eliminate phased rollouts to is to focus on application performance, the network often takes a back seat. Shunra provides a remote end users and avoid a solution that is HP-Certified and the only one of its kind – VE Desktop for HP Software. We now fix-as-you-go approach. offer HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center customers with a WAN emulation option to » Troubleshoot post-production test network impairments over the WAN while load testing. Adding WAN emulation to your HP problems and verify resolution, LoadRunner purchase can save you time and money on deployment of remote load generators. quickly and easily. Build a bridge between application performance and network efficiency, with accurate, reliable, and repeatable results! Shunra Virtual Enterprise is ideal for: Infrastructure Projects Testing Projects » Data center or server consolidation » Pre-deployment testing for enterprise » Network and server capacity planning applications such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft » Application rollouts » Vendor equipment evaluations » VoIP testing » Exposing issues with application code » Virtualization » Post-deployment troubleshooting » WAN optimization » Wireless/cellular and satellite network testing » Active directory deployments » eCommerce and internet testing » Email migrations » Application offshoring » Website testing » Network performance change » Disaster recovery and business continuity control management
  2. 2. SHUNRA VE - WAN Emulation Solution The Shunra VE Appliance combines high performance hardware Flexible Network Modeling & Design with easy-to-use, innovative software. This creates a powerful WAN The Shunra VE network appliance is controlled through a highly emulation solution that includes detailed reports and root cause intuitive and easy-to-use Microsoft Visio®-based modeler. The analysis. Shunra VE is extremely easy to install, configure, and use. It modeler gives you complete flexibility to create any network also seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and lab topology, any way you want. environment. VE Appliance for WAN Emulation At the heart of Shunra VE is a high performance, scalable network appliance that functions as a bridge or router. It changes the speed at which network traffic travels through the network, exposing data packets to the same network impairments to which they would be subjected to on the wide area network. Shunra VE Modeler Once you’ve created your network model, you simply press the play button to activate your test scenario. At this point, any application, network service or infrastructure connected to the appliance will behave as if it were subjected to the conditions defined in the model. You will immediately “see and feel” exactly how remote end-users The STN appliance limits bandwidth and impairs multiple traffic flows using 10/100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Ethernet interfaces. will experience your application under production conditions! You can edit any network parameter at any time, to create current, Shunra’s STA is the market’s first Network Processor- future, worst case or “what-if” scenarios. You can also replay or based WAN Emulation solution providing both reconfigure these scenarios over and over again to try out alternative wire speed performance and deep packet inspection solutions, verify problem resolution, and compare performance (DPI) capabilities. among different versions or technologies. What VMware does for the data center, Shunra does for the production network. Scott Moore, President - Loadtester Inc. Capture & Replay Production Network Conditions The STA appliance limits bandwidth and impairs multiple traffic flows using 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Ethernet interfaces. Shunra VE’s network recording software captures and imports production network conditions, such as latency, jitter and packet loss, directly into your network model. When the Shunra VE “Sub-second transaction execution is absolutely critical in application replays these recordings it recreates the exact same electronic foreign exchange trading, and Shunra VE helps us conditions that exist on the production network so that you can test consistently ensure optimal performance for our users before we your applications under the most real life conditions possible. deploy the platform in production. Recreate & Troubleshoot Post-Deployment Problems Using Shunra VE during the development process to understand Shunra VE is also ideal for troubleshooting production problems and optimize performance in such a demanding environment that occurred in the past. Since Shunra VE stores 30 days worth of – before deployment – provides strategic value to our business. production network conditions, you can simply rewind the recording Without Shunra VE we would feel like we were flying blind.” to the time that the problem occurred and see what happened with the network at that time. With this information you can easily identify Hotspot FX – leading online foreign the source of performance problems – whether in the application or exchange trading marketplace the network and verify the resolution.
  3. 3. SHUNRA VE - WAN Emulation Solution Predict Application Performance for Multiple Deep Analysis & Comprehensive Reports Remote End-Users With every test, Shunra VE provides detailed drill-down analysis VE Predictor evaluates the end-user experience by launching tests and graphically rich diagnostic reports on application and network that include network emulation and end-user load to determine performance. These reports tell you exactly where and when you will if new, modified or existing applications will meet service level have performance problems – in the network or the application. objectives at remote locations. VE Profiler evaluates application network sensitivity. This tool allows users to easily launch test that Shunra VE provides reports and analysis on: determine the application’s sensitivities and breaking points within » Application performance and availability over the network varied network and user load conditions. » Application performance thresholds against a range and combination of network conditions » Individual transaction performance measurements Use VE Predictor to predict transaction response across multiple locations. Use VE Analyzer for drill-down analysis All reports can be exported to Microsoft Office documents or published in HTML. An executive summary report in Microsoft Word Use VE Profiler to test a transaction across multiple conditions. is also provided. Additionally, all Shunra VE test results are stored in a central repository for easy version comparison, change control, and “Shunra VE is a strategic solution that enables us to future reference by the project team. deliver reliable IT services to our end-users. With Shunra VE we can understand the real world performance of all Automatically Integrate With Third-Party Testing our new applications, from various geographic locations, Lab Resources and efficiently and easily plan network capacity and Shunra VE includes an XML-based Open API which enables it the budget needed to support the application and to automatically manage other third party lab resources - or be business growth.” managed by them. These resources include PCs running batch scripts, Serono – a leading global FTP clients, custom developed or off-the-shelf testing tools, traffic biotechnology company generators, network sniffers, and network management systems.
  4. 4. SHUNRA VE - WAN Emulation Solution Shunra VE: Unique Features » Easy to install, configure and use by network experts, » Delivers extensive WAN Emulation capabilities: application performance engineers and developers.  Simulates a wide range of network impairments » Ideal for use throughout the development lifecycle – from including latency, jitter, bandwidth, congestion, packet design through production. loss, BER, fragmentation, duplication, disconnection, re-ordering, data corruption and modification, and » Combines a powerful, high performance WAN Emulation much more. appliance with a Microsoft Visio-based console that makes network modeling quick, easy and straightforward.  Simulates any network topology including client/server, multiple branch offices with distributed data centers, » Captures and replays production network conditions to create full mesh networks, complex N-Tier network topologies, a mirror image of the production network. internet, eCommerce and much more. » Seamlessly integrates with load tools including HP LoadRunner,  Simulates a wide range of network technologies layer 1-7 traffic generators, and VoIP call generators. including MPLS, Ethernet, QoS, Frame Relay, wireless » Provides extensive reporting capabilities as well as drill-down and cellular networks, satellite networks, IPv4 and IPv6. transaction performance metrics for root cause analysis. » Includes an Open XML-based API for seamless integration with any lab automation tool. Professional Services We’ve found that the accuracy of the Shunra’s Professional Services organization delivers Shunra emulation tools is at least 95% unmatched expertise and services to help you quickly of our real world network. and efficiently ensure that your applications are ready for the production network. Following Shunra’s This accuracy and the speed at which best practices approach, our professional services we are able to get the data is critical for organization can provide you with a project-based, turnkey service whereby they will create and run test the success... something we couldn’t get scenarios for you, using Shunra VE. from any other tool. At the end of the engagement we will generate Keith Lyons, Technical lead for Enterprise Test Center - Fortune 500 Beverage Company comprehensive reports with an executive summary, which will give you the information you need to make informed deployment decisions and ensure service levels to remote end-users. North America, Headquarters Israel Office European Office 1800 J.F. Kennedy Blvd. Ste 601 20 Hata’as Street 73 Watling Street Philadelphia, PA USA Kfar Saba London Tel: 215 564 4046 44425, Israel EC4M 9BJ Toll Free: 1 877 474 8672 Tel: +972 9 764 3743 Tel: +44 207 153 9835 Fax: 215 564 4047 Fax: +972 9 764 3754 Fax: +44 207 285 6816 For a complete list or our worldwide offices please visit our website | © 2009 Shunra Software Ltd. All rights reserved. Shunra is a registered trademark of Shunra Software. VE Profiler and VE Predictor are built on patent pending technology.