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Starcraft ii slide show

  1. 1. Gold League player Shun-Je Bhark
  2. 2. Starcraft II is a real time strategy game created by Blizzard entertainment and rated forteens. It is one of the most popular E-sport games in the world, played by millions ofpeople. Since it’s release in 2010, Blizzard has sold over 10 million copies of the gameworld-wide. Play range is anywhere from casual gaming, all the way up to hard coregaming tournaments. Starcraft II is considered the E-Sports gamer’s choice game in2012.
  3. 3. Like most real time strategy games, Starcraft II is quite simple. You gatherresources, construct building and create armies to beat your opponent before hebeats you. But it isn’t just two huge armies clashing against each other, you haveto use superior battle tactics and strategies to outsmart and outmaneuver youropponent and build a stronger economy to destroy your opponent before hedestroys you!
  4. 4. There are three playable races in Starcraft II. Each with it’s own uniquebuildings, units and strategies. One race are the Protoss. These techonlogicalhumanoid aliens use superior technology and astonishing psionic power to defeattheir enemies. The second race are the Terran. Humans 500 years into thefuture, these humans use overwhelming firepower to flatten anything in theirpath. And finally, the Zerg. These biological monstrosities use huge numbers tosteam roll entire planets in their path. Whichever race you choose, each race hasit’s strengths and weaknesses.
  5. 5. Right now, to you Starcraft II may just seem like a stupid game where all you do isbuild huge armies and throw them against each other to see who wins right?Wrong. There is a lot more mechanics and very little details that make Starcraft IIthe intense game that it is. To be truly good at Starcraft, you need to think like achess player, and have the fingers of a concert pianist, and you have to be a multi-tasker. Yes. It doesn’t seem likely, but there is a lot of pre-thought strategy thatgoes into each game. Where it’s deciding what build order you’re going to use, tochoosing which units to counter the “Deathball” your opponent’s making. Andyes, there is a lot of fingerwork in Starcraft II. Using “Hotkeys” to increase youroperformance, Every action you take in Starcraft is recorded, and you are told howfast you can do these actions. This is called APM (actions per minute) among progamers, their APM ranks around 300-450! That’s around 5 actions a second! So youneed to have strong fingers when you play Starcraft. Multitasking is also inessential skill in Starcraft. You have to keep track of your opponent and see if he’sgoing to attack anytime soon, you have to keep track of your production and makesure it’s not plummeting you have to keep track of your ecomony… There’s a lotthat goes into a Starcraft game that makes it intense.
  6. 6. What’s the difference? They both sound the same! Even if they do sound thesame, micro and macro are two VERY different things. Micro is something you usewhen you are in battle when you pull out an injured unit so they don’t die and theycan keep on fighting. Macro is process of keeping your economy and your incomeup and keeping your unit production consistent without and major declines. Bothare very important and very essential skills in any Starcraft game.
  7. 7. Starcraft isn’t just a game for boys only, there are also a lot of girls who playStarcraft. Some of the biggest names are Smix, Megumixbear, and Scarlett. Allthree of these girls play Starcraft II for a living and are very successful.
  8. 8. Starcraft II is a game for everybody (unless you’re not a teenager yet) and anyonecan play! Don’t be fooled by all the complex sounding mechanics andeverything, even as a beginner it’s a really fun game to play.
  9. 9.