Commercial Models and Sample Utilizations of Mobile Technologies


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Topic: Commercial Models and Sample Utilizations of Mobile Technologies
Speaker: Michael Wakahe, Director, Shujaa Solutions Ltd
Date: Dec 1st - 2nd, 2011
Venue: Nzoia, Western Province, Kenya
Audience: Board of directors and senior management of Nzoia Sugar Company

Published in: Technology
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Commercial Models and Sample Utilizations of Mobile Technologies

  1. 1. Commercial Models and Sample Utilizations of Mobile Technologies Michael Wakahe on behalf of Computer Society of Kenya (CSK) ICT TrainingNzoia Sugar Company Dec 2011
  2. 2. Table of Contents• SMS Commercially Explained• USSD Commercially Explained• Mobile Applications Commercially Explained• Mobile Websites Commercially Explained• Case Study: Information Dissemination• Case Study: Data Gathering• Case Study: Tracking of People & Goods
  3. 3. SMS Commercially Explained• Bulk SMS & Short Codes• Bulk SMS are prepaid• Short codes charge subscriber above normal rates• Revenue collected by network operator
  4. 4. SMS Commercially Explained• Operator has revenue share with service provider• Service provider may in turn have revenue share with content provider• Taxes are applicable• Service provider pays operator to maintain short code connectivity
  5. 5. USSD Commercially Explained• USSD setup is similar to short code• Service provider incurs cost to maintain link to operator & to rent USSD code• Prepaid USSD - cost incurred by network subscriber• Postpaid USSD - cost incurred by service provider• No revenue share with Safaricom Kenya
  6. 6. Mobile Applications Commercially Explained• Most common distribution model for apps - app store• Usually consumer is charged on downloading• Can integrate with in-app billing systems• Advertisements can be placed in application
  7. 7. Mobile Applications Commercially Explained• Example mobile advertising engines: Google Admob and Apple iAd• The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) provides and maintains a number of mobile advertising guidelines• These include code of conduct for mobile marketing, consumer best practices, and other resources for advertisers and publishers.
  8. 8. Mobile Websites Commercially Explained• Service provider hosts website software like traditional website• Created with traditional web authoring tools & developer IDEs• Revenue can also be received through advertisements
  9. 9. Case Study - Information Dissemination• Need to communicate to a large number of people in a bursty or continuous manner• Bulk SMS can be programmed to send messages to preconfigured phone numbers• Mobile application can have continuous ticker feed• Mobile application & website can refresh server side information
  10. 10. Case Study - Data Gathering• Example is Sales Transaction Capture• Mobile App can have form with relevant fields e.g. weight of produce & price• User submits data which is sent over Internet to server• User receives confirmation via SMS• Management can monitor
  11. 11. Case Study - Tracking of People & Goods• Example is track vehicle carrying sugarcane• Driver carrying phone that is GPS enabled• Phone frequently reports location to server via GPRS• If driver deviates, (s)he gets an SMS warning
  12. 12. CreditsMichael Wakahe, Software Developer & Entrepreneur Shujaa Solutions Ltd Questions?