An overview of mobile technologies


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Topic: An Overview of Mobile Technologies
Speaker: Michael Wakahe, Director, Shujaa Solutions Ltd
Date: Dec 1st - 2nd, 2011
Venue: Nzoia, Western Province, Kenya
Audience: Board of directors and senior management of Nzoia Sugar Company

Published in: Technology, Business
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An overview of mobile technologies

  1. 1. An Overview of Mobile Technologies Michael Wakahe on behalf of Computer Society of Kenya (CSK) ICT TrainingNzoia Sugar Company Dec 2011
  2. 2. Table of Contents• Definition of Mobile• SMS• USSD• Mobile Applications• Mobile Websites• Other Mobile Technologies
  3. 3. Definition of Mobile• User and not necessarily technology is mobile• User is mobile - on the move• User is interruptible and easily distracted• Use of mobile service is contextual
  4. 4. SMS• Definition: Short Message Service• GSM standard• Person-to-Person, Person-to-System, System- to-Person• Examples of Person-to-System & System-to- Person: Bulk SMS & Short Code
  5. 5. SMS• Short Code & Bulk SMS require access to operator SMS gateway• Bulk SMS are prepaid while short codes charge subscriber• Modems can be attached to a computer & programmed• Many low level technologies involved in successful delivery of SMS
  6. 6. USSD• Unstructured Supplementary Service Data• Suitable for session based interaction• Examples of applications include airtime top up, mobile banking, Mpesa, network operator service selection
  7. 7. USSD• Service provider has to connect to operator USSD gateway• Interactivity with USSD gateways is not yet standardized• Billing is session based• Service provider hosts interaction logic in software - similar to short codes
  8. 8. Mobile Applications• Different frameworks and OS running on phones• Apps are installable software• Programmable with developer toolkits• Utilize Internet capabilities of handset (GPRS)
  9. 9. Mobile Applications
  10. 10. Mobile Applications• Provisioning: WAP download, SMS Push, Bluetooth, pre-installed• App Store as a market place• Examples: Nokia Ovi, Google Android Market Place, Apple App Store
  11. 11. Mobile Websites• Device capabilities are fragmented• Therefore different interaction with Internet• Mobile websites have device awareness & content adaptation• Adapt to context of handset
  12. 12. Mobile Websites• Many standards involved including WML, XHTML, HTML5• Reuse of traditional desktop standards• Content adaptation example: replace Flash with static images• Best practices e.g. multiple navigation bars, terse information, shallow click stream
  13. 13. Mobile Apps & Websites
  14. 14. Other Mobile Technologies• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)• SIM Toolkit Programming
  15. 15. Demos• Java Mobile Application Demo• App Store Demo• SMS Demo
  16. 16. Shujaa SMS Gateway Schematic
  17. 17. CreditsMichael Wakahe, Software Developer & Entrepreneur Shujaa Solutions Ltd Questions?