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NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, December 2011

  1. 1. December 2011Higher Education Meant for Creation ofNew Knowledge: Dr. Laghari 4 g Goo d Governance, Strategic Plannin Workshops at NUST, QAU 16 Scholars of Needs-based Programme Shine at IBA Convocation 21
  2. 2. Table of Contents 2 Financial Crisis at Universities Discussed Higher Education4 Meant for Creation of New Knowledge: Dr. Laghari 2 Scholars Complete PhD from UK under HEC Partial Support Programme 6 US Patent Awarded under HECs Project “Patent Filing” HEC, Pink Ribbon9 Ink MoU for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Knowledge Exchange Trainings held for 7 HEC, Universities NSMC Awards Indigenous Scholarships 7 on Quota Basis Good Governance, Four IEEE Transactions in a Year by 10 Pakistani Research Group16 Strategic Planning Workshops for HoDs of QAU & NUST 11 Accreditation Councils Meet at HEC Meeting of 30 QECs held at HEC 16 Peshawar26 15 VCs/Rectors of Punjab Call on Governor 18 16th Faculty Professional Development Programme Concludes NUST Conference on Application and 20 Methods of Physics HEC News & Views is published every month. No part of this publication may be reproduced Education Inevitable for Nation in any form without prior written permission of 22 Building: Governor KPK the publisher. The views expressed by authors in the articles is their sole responsibility and not of HEC. The Commission would like to thank Development Linked to Quality all the institutions and individuals who 24 Education: CM contributed information and photographs for this Magazine. Turkish Extension Centre to be 24 Established at UAF Editor Aayesha Ikram Graphic Designer Raja Ahmad Nadeem Publisher: Reporter Higher Education Waseem Khaliqdad Commission, Pakistan
  3. 3. Commission Events Vice Chancellors Meet Finance MinisterFinancial Crisis at Universities DiscussedThe Vice Chancellors of 10 Chancellors, Eng Imtiaz Coordination HEC, Rana Asadpublic sector universities met Gillani also requested that this Amin, Special SecretaryDr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, relief should be embedded as Finance, Mr. Seerat Asghar,Federal Minister for Finance part of recurring budget. They Additional Secretary Financerecently to discuss provision thanked the Finance Minister and Mr. Asif Shaikh, PSDPof additional grant to for understanding the Specialist Planninguniversities to cater for the 50 predicament and assured him Commission.percent increase announced that they will redouble theirlast year and the 15 per cent efforts to be more creative to The vice chancellors includedincrease this year by the look for alternative source of Dr. Nasser Ali Khan, DirectorGovernment. The meeting also funding. I M S , Pe s h a wa r, A h m a ddiscussed World Bank funded Farooq Bazai, Vice ChancellorUS $ 300 million Tertiary The Finance Minister Balochistan University ofEducation Support appreciated the positive Management and Sciences,Programme. approach of the heads of Quetta, Mrs. Sultana Balouch, institutions and suggested Vi c e C h a n c e l l o r S a r d a rThe Minister heard the Vice that as two pillars of B a h a d u r K h a n Wo m e nChancellors’ point of view Government, such meetings U n i v e r s i t y, Q u e t t a , D r.patiently and said he should be held more often for Mujahid Kamran, Universityunderstood the delicacy of the better understanding between of the Punjab, Dr.situation. After a detailed both stakeholders. Nizamauddin, Gujrat, Dr.discussion he asked Special Nilofer Shaikh, Khairpur, Dr.Secretary Finance, Rana Asad The meeting was also attended A. Q. Mughal, SindhAmin to discuss the issues and by Dr. Javaid R. Laghari, Agriculture Universitycome up with a rational relief Chairman Higher Education Ta n d o j a m , D r. M a s o o nfor the universities in need. C o m m i s s i o n , D r. S o h a i l Ya s i n z a i , Q u a i d - e - A z a m Naqvi, Executive Director University and Dr. NajmaThe Vice Chancellors who HEC, Dr. Mazhar Saeed, Najam, Karakorumwere headed by Chairman Director General, International University,Executive Committee of Vice Administration and Gilgit. Scholars Complete PhD Studies Abroad. Soherwordi completed his PhD from the School of Social and Political PhD from UK Studies, Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh. He was awarded under HEC Partial scholarship in the final year of his studies.Support Programme His research is entitled “Pakistan Foreign PolicyMr. Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi and Mr. Formulation: An Analysis of InstitutionalLiaqat Ali have successfully completed their Interaction between Pakistani and Americandoctorate degrees under Higher Education Policy Making Bodies”. He has to his credit fiveCommission’s Partial Support Programme for international and 20 national publications in the 2
  4. 4. Commission Eventsfield of International Relations and Pakistan-US University of Peshawar" completed his PhD fromrelations during the War on Terror. His thesis is Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter,under process of publication in book form by the UK. He also proceeded abroad under the PartialOxford University Press. Dr. Soherwordi is Support Programme.currently working as Senior Lecturer in theDepartment of International Relations, His doctoral research is focused on developingUniversity of Peshawar. exploration tools for precious and base metals using advance mineralogical/geochemicalSimilarly, Mr. Liaqat Ali, a resident of village techniques and GIS in remote and glaciated areasDagai, district Swabi, who was pursuing his PhD of North Pakistan. Dr. Liaqat Ali is currentlydegree in Earth Resources (Geology) under HEC working in the National Centre of Excellence inProgramme "Strengthening of NCE in Geology, Geology, University of Peshawar. HRD Directly Linked to HigherEducation, Research: Dr. Sohail Naqvi“Pakistan is blessed with theprecious human resource andmineral wealth of all kinds butour economic condition is verydismal. We have previouslyneglected higher education,which is the direct source ofhuman resource development.HRD must be welded to thehigher education and researchto exploit the natural resourcesof the country to theirmaximum potential.” “Since 2001, HEC has tried its Dr. Syed Sakhawat Shah, ViceThese views were expressed best to promote higher Chancellor, Hazara Universityby Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Executive education and provide appreciated the role of HEC,Director, HEC while speaking opportunity to a greater especially openingduring his recent visit to the number of youth so that they universities in the rural areasHazara University, Mansehra. c o u l d m a k e Pa k i s t a n a of the country. “Hazara productive country through U n i ve r s i t y i s o n e s u c hHe said that the secret of their relevant research. institution, which needsprogress in 21st century is total special attention and supportcommitment to empowering The number of PhDs and in its early years of growth,” heour youth with the intellectual productive scientists has said.firework of modern increased manifold, what wediscoveries and academic need at present is a conducive Dr. Naqvi also inaugurated theexcellence, unfolded through national policy to make higher foreign faculty hostel at theresearch and generation of education one of our top University, which has beenknowledge in the universities. priorities,” he added. funded by the HEC. 3
  5. 5. Commission EventsHigher Education Meant for Creation of New Knowledge: Dr. LaghariDuring his recent visit toLahore, Dr. Javaid R. Laghari,Chairperson HigherEducation Commissionvisited various universities ofthe city. HEC Regional Centre,Lahore coordinated the wholeactivity.Pakistan Institute of Fashionand DesignMs. Hina Tayyaba, Acting Vice Dr. Laghari is being briefed about students’ work displayed at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and DesignChancellor, PIFD briefed theChairperson about the courses Chairpersons and other heartening to note that Punjaboffered by the Institution. She faculty members. Senator University is producing overalso elaborated how they are Jahangir Badar also attended 100 PhDs a year while allmotivating foreign the meeting. Pakistani universitiesinstitutions, organizations and collectively produced 700faculty members to support Speaking on the occasion, the PhDs last year."students by sharing their Chairperson said that theknowledge and experiences of greatest challenge faced by H e s a i d t h a t H E C wa sindustry. higher education was to reach ambitious in ensuring quality out to the people in remote education and qualityDr. Laghari emphasized that areas at their doorstep and research. “For this purpose,commercialization impact financially support the various steps have been takenshould be considered in mind students who cannot afford including establishment ofand the graduating students higher education. He said that Quality Enhancement Cells,s h o u l d h a v e a n higher education was meant directorates of distanceentrepreneurial aptitude. He for creation of new knowledge education, introduction ofvisited the campus and talked and, for this purpose, Pakistan associate degree programmes,to teachers and students. On would definitely need efforts for regulating colleges,the occasion, practical work qualified faculty. “It is etc.”was displayed by students ofvarious departments, whichwas appreciated by theChairperson.University of the PunjabDr. Laghari held a meetingwith Dr. Mujahid Kamran,P u n j a b U n i ve r s i t y Vi c eChancellor, Deans, Chairperson HEC addresses the audience at University of the Punjab, Lahore 4
  6. 6. Commission Events training courses for school and college teachers in the region, in collaboration with Secondary and Higher Education Departments. He also visited the University campus. The University of Lahore During his visit to the Dr. Laghari being presented ceramic work during his visit to the Lahore University, Dr. Laghari was College for Women University. briefed by the Rector, Dr. M. H.Dr. Mujahid Kamran lauded faculty members and students Qazi, about progress of thethe services of Dr. Laghari for attended the lecture. University.promotion of higher educationin Pakistan and HECs help for University of Education Addressing the facultygradual improvement of the Prof. Farhat Saleem gave a members and students, theUniversity and for funding presentation about the courses Chairperson appreciated thevarious projects. offered at the University, efforts made by university in besides faculty strength and private sector for providing anLahore College for Women other available facilities. Dr. ideal atmosphere andUniversity Faiz ul Hassan, Vice resources to knowledgeDr. Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor was also present on seekers country.Chancellor highlighted the the occasion.role of LCWU in imparting He said that universities musteducation to women. She also In his address, Dr. Laghari have Technology Parks likebriefed the Chairperson about stressed the significance of Turkey and other developeddifferent HEC funded projects. making the admission countries so the students may procedure centralized at have better careerOn the occasion, Dr. Laghari University level. He showed opportunities. He briefed thegave a lecture based on his his concern on the student audience about therecent book “The Wizardry of teacher ratio in the University. establishment of Offices ofLeadership”. A large number He added that University Research, Innovation andof local vice chancellors, administration should arrange Commercialization (ORICs).INAUGURATIONThe Chairperson also inaugurated ReadingRoom and Sports Room at HEC Regional Centre,Lahore. Mr. Muhammad Raza Chohan, Director,Regional Centre informed the Chairperson thatthe Reading Room has been established withupdated books, magazine, journals andnewspapers, while Sport Room is equipped withindoor sports facilities. Superior Group ofColleges has provided the sports equipment. 5
  7. 7. Commission Events US Patent Awarded under HECs Project “Patent Filing”A patent, submitted by Dr. Naila Yaqoob from the treatment processes, the finalLahore College for Women University (LCWU) discharge still poses carcinogenichas been issued by the US Patent Office. Ms. threats to the surroundingNaila has been awarded US Patent entitled ecosystem.“Environmentally benign TCF bleachingsequences for AS/AQ wheat straw pulp” which is Her invention relates to thean outcome of a part of the research work design of an alternative eco- Dr. Naila Yaqoobtowards her PhD thesis. friendly bleaching sequences for our indigenous species in response to the background that ourShe has completed her PhD at LCWU under HEC “develop now and clean up later” policy willscholarship under the supervision of Dr. Bushra steadily leave nothing for future generationsMateen, former Vice Chancellor, LCWU and co- except a poor ecosystem. The invention providessupervisor Dr. K. J. Cheema, Dean, Faculty of enough evidence to fill the gap betweenNatural Sciences. producing quality products and requirements for a healthy environment using recommendedMr. Ishtiaq-ur-Rehman, Executive Chemist and total chlorine free bleaching sequences.Mr. S. R. Hameed from Packages Ltd. are also theco-workers in this patent, along with supervisor The work has been carried out in collaborationand co-supervisor. Pakistan is a country where with Packages Ltd (Paper and Board Mill). It iswheat straw is one of the major raw materials for important to mention that work included in thisthe paper industry. Hypochlorite bleaching patent was carried out in Pakistan only and HECprocess is a conventional and indigenous is a financial contributor to both PhD researchpractice to whiten the pulp. Despite the effluent work and patent processing. NEWS IN PICTURE Five faculty members of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB), who have left for foreign countries to pursue their PhD studies under the Faculty Development Programme, pose for a photograph with Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor, IUB. Ms. Aamna Noor and Ms. Shazia Kanwal left for Great Britain, Mr. Abid Hussain Shahzad for Belgium, Ms. Nazia Sharif for Austria and Ms. Farzana Manzoor for China. 6
  8. 8. Commission Events capital development,Knowledge Exchange Trainings knowledge sharing/diffusion, held for HEC, Universities supporting the community/ public engagement, enterpriseThe Higher Education The main purpose of the whole e d u c a t i o n a n dCommission, in collaboration exercise was to familiarize the entrepreneurship, exploitingwith the British Council, universities with the the university’s physicalorganized training and Knowledge Exchange assets.awareness activities under the concept, which covers allnew initiative of Knowledge activities dealing with the The activities focused onExchange (KE) Programme. exchange of information or Knowledge Exchange knowledge from the Programme and preparationThe trainings, spread over a university to the students, of survey for mapping andweek, targeted the Knowledge business, government and tracking activities related toExchange core team from local community. Knowledge Exchange in theHEC, Knowledge Exchange universities.Mr. Adrian Daysupport team comprising Knowledge Exchange is not from Higher Educationpeople from universities’ s i m p l y a b o u t Funding Council of EnglandOffices of Research, commercialization of science (HEFCE) was the resourceI n n o v a t i o n a n d through creation of spin offs, person for the trainingCommercialization (ORICs) as licenses etc. It stands for a sessions. He has been involvedwell as vice chancellors/rectors broader vision and refers to for a long time in developingof public and private facilitating knowledge/ the measuring and mapping ofuniversities from all over research exploitation and Knowledge Exchange in UK’sPakistan. process, skills and human higher education institutions. NSMC Awards Indigenous Scholarships on Quota BasisThe 19th meeting of the National Scholarship meeting held on July 29, 2011 which agreed toManagement Committee (NSMC) was held at HEC’s proposal to award local scholarships onHEC Secretariat, under the chairmanship of Dr. quota basis after 18th constitutional amendment.Sohail Naqvi, Executive Director, HigherEducation Commission. The meeting was The participants were informed that the selectionattended by representatives of the four for Batch-7 of the scheme “PhD Fellowship forProvincial Governments, Planning Commission, 5000 Scholars” was prolonged due to decision atMinistry of Science and Technology and HEC the Government level. The members were alsoofficials. apprised that being a Federal Government organization, HEC would ensureThe Committee, for the first time, approved implementation of quota policy in award ofaward of indigenous scholarships under the indigenous and foreign scholarships in future asproject “PhD Fellowship for 5000 Scholars” on well. The members appreciated the decision andquota basis as per Federal Government policy. As hoped that this would help in promoting intermany as 650 scholarships were provisionally provincial harmony and removing regionalawarded in light of the decision of the ECNEC disparities. 7
  9. 9. Commission EventsUniversities–Industry Innovative Research Showcased at DICE 2011Leading universities of Pakistan presented their discoveries ata two-day All Pakistan Digital Innovation Competition andExhibition (DICE) 2011 recently held at University ofEngineering and Technology (UET), Peshawar. The annualevent brought together the regions academic research andtechnology business communities to explore potentialcollaborations for technology development andcommercialization. Barrister Masood Kausar, Governor KPK,was the chief guest in the opening ceremony. Dr. Sohail Naqvi,Executive Director was also present.Speaking on the occasion, the Governor underlined theimportance of industry-university linkage and appreciatedUET Peshawar for organizing the event. Addressing thestudents, he said, “As future engineers you should feel proudin what you are doing. However, you should be mindful whatyou owe to humanity.”Engr. Imtiaz Gilani, Vice Chancellor, UET said that withHECs support universities started their journey in 2002 withmandate of increasing access, improving quality and bringingin relevant research to resolve nations problems. Highway Authority, Industrial Association of Pakistan, Al Hafiz“From here, universities have moved to the next tier i.e to take Crystoplast (Pvt) Ltd., Ideal Securityparadigm shift and transform its sleepy, isolated and Provider, Marks Razmak Industries,conventional role into engagement with industry and real PTCL, SUPARCO, and PCSIRworld issues. DICE is a small step to show that universities are Laboratories Complex Peshawar togetting engaged with industry and creating opportunities for showcase their projects.economic prosperity, developing leadership and developingcommunities.” The whole event was made possible with the help of Dr. Iftikhar AhmadUnder the auspices of UET, HEC, Directorate of Science and K h a n , P r o f e s s o r, E l e c t r i c a lTechnology, Peshawar and Bank of Khyber, DICE gathered Engineering Department, Co-Chairleading universities including COMSATS Institute of DICE, Engr. Asif Ali Shah, DirectorInformation Technology (Lahore and Islamabad), NED CEEC, Engr. Misbahullah, DirectorUniversity, Karachi, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Clubs, Engr. Rashid Nawaz, StudentNational University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Societies, Literary and DebatingUniversity of Science and Technology, Bannu, UET Taxila, Society.Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan and InternationalIslamic University, Islamabad. These institutions showcased The international collaboratorstheir projects and participated in quiz, speed programming included Dr. Khurshid Qureshi, Mr.and robotics competitions. Besides, DICE also attracted local Ashraf Qazi, Dr. Shahid Tahir, andindustry, including PESCO, SMEDA/WBDC, National Dr. Mazher Hussain from USA. 8
  10. 10. Commission Events HEC, Pink Ribbon Ink MoU forBreast Cancer Awareness CampaignThe Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Chancellors and Steering Committee of the Pinkthe Pink Ribbon recently signed a Memorandum Ribbon Awareness Campaign.of Understanding for Breast Cancer AwarenessCampaign in the higher education institutions of Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Laghari underlinedthe country. the seriousness of the disease. He said that over 1.5 million higher education students across theDr. Javaid R. Laghari, Chairperson HEC was the country can play an important role in spreadingchief guest on the occasion while Ms. Fariba awareness about the disease.Shiraz Thomson, Chairperson, Pink RibbonPakistan was the Guest of Honour. Dr. Sohail “According to a recent report, 50 per cent of ourNaqvi, Executive Director, HEC and Mr. Omar population lives below poverty line and, in thisAftab, National Coordinator, Pink Ribbon scenario, the gravity of the situation needs morePakistan signed the agreement. focused and passionate effort to reach at the grassroots level,” he said. The ChairpersonThe MoU is a follow-up of a meeting held in appreciated the Pink Ribbon for its role inAugust this year between Dr. Laghari and Ms. curbing the disease.Thomson. It was decided in the meeting thatHEC would make a Task Force for advocacy Dr. Sohail Naqvi said this is a big social issuecampaign of Pink Ribbon Campaign and Dr. which needs immediate measures. “We will useSamina Amin Qadir, Vice Chancellor, Fatima all our considerable resources for success of thisJinnah Women University, Rawalpindi was campaign. Extra efforts will be made fornominated as the Focal person for the Campaign. conducting meaningful research in this area. We must understand that this is a problem which isIt was also decided that two Focal Persons will be very close to our own homes and it needs anominated from HEIs of each province, who will concerted and consistent approach to be dealtwork and coordinate with all the Vice with,” he said. 9
  11. 11. Commission EventsMs. Fariba Shiraz Thomson thanked the Higher besides holding Continuing ProfessionalEducation Commission for acknowledging Education seminars and workshops to highlightsignificance of the issue and joining hands with different aspects of breast cancer. HEC willthe Pink Ribbon for spreading awareness disseminate awareness through all availablethroughout universities of the country. communication channels.Dr. Samina Amin said that HEC has become a Awareness Seminarstrategic partner of the Pink Ribbon Pakistan, for A seminar was recently organized at HECextending research and development, academic Islamabad for awareness of breast cancer disease,and technical support for the breast cancer which was attended by 67 female participants,awareness through provision of its outreach, including HEC employees, faculty membershuman resource and facilities. HEC and Pink from 16 universities of the twin cities and spousesRibbon will jointly initiate research projects on of male HEC employees. Learning Innovationdifferent aspects of Breast Cancer in Pakistan, and HRM Divisions arranged the event. Automotive Fault Diagnostics Research Four IEEE Transactions in a Year by Pakistani Research GroupThe members of Controls and Signal Processing difficult problems in the automotive engineResearch (CASPR) Group, led by Dr. Aamer Iqbal operations have been solved amicably throughBhatti at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, the use of electronics, among them the prominentIslamabad are actively involved in the area of ones being pollution, fuel efficiency and theAutomotive Fault Diagnostics and Controls engine reliability. Now the fuel is sprayed intoResearch for the last seven years. The successful cylinders through Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).experiments and ensuing four publications inIEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics and The amount of fuel sprayed is carefullyIEEE Sensors Journal [1-4] boosted the manipulated by the Engine Control Unit (ECU).researchers confidence a great deal. Engine Control Unit is a computer mounted on the engine running complex mathematicalThe research strategy essentially consists of algorithms in real time. This computer alsomultiple phases. In the first phase, Automotive ensures the reliability of the engine by intimatingFault Diagnostics is focused upon. A handheld to the driver the faults arising in the enginedevice is developed to access vital engine (commonly called Fault Diagnostics). This notvariables and detect existing engine faults. To only ensures the reliability of the engine but alsomonitor engine conditions and earlier fault helps in reducing pollution.prediction (like misfire detection), theoreticallyinvolved algorithms are proposed and The next phase of Groups work consists ofsuccessfully tested on a commercially available executing an awareness campaign in the local1300 cc vehicle. mechanics regarding the use of the developed device. Also the development of state-of-the-artWith the advent of ruggedized computers and engine control strategies is very much on theelectronic components, the pre-dominantly cards. “CASPR is grateful to the Highermechanical industry of automotives has Education Commission and ICT R&D Fund forundergone a fundamental transformation. Many the sponsorship of this research,” says Dr. Bhatti. 10
  12. 12. Commission Events Accreditation Councils Meet at HEC The Quality Assurance Agency Pakistan Bar Council, Pakistan Registrar PEC to look into the (QAA) of the Higher Education Veterinary Medical Council, possibility of standardizing Commission organized a National Council for Tibb, the procedures amongst the meeting of all Professional/ Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Councils that should be Accreditation Councils at HEC National Council for followed by all the universities Secretariat. H o m e o p a t h y, P a k i s t a n while initiating any new Medical and Dental Council, programme in any discipline. The main objective of the Pakistan Nursing Council, meeting was to strengthen Pakistan Engineering Council, It was also agreed by all the the already existing bond National Accreditation participants that the entry test between the Councils and HEC C o u n c i l f o r Te a c h e r system should be reviewed to for the improvement of Education, National Business have a common testing quality education at Education Accreditation system for each discipline. programme level. Council, National Computing Education Accreditation Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Executive Representatives of all the 13 Council, and National Director, HEC ensured the Councils participated in the Agriculture Education continuous support to meeting and fully supported Accreditation Council. Councils in the area of capacity the idea of mutual building of the Councils in coordination and All the Councils agreed to general and the programme collaboration amongst the adapt the best practices evaluators in particular. Councils and HEC to promote followed all over the world to importance of quality standardize their All the Councils agreed to education in the country. accreditation processes and conduct such a meeting at harmonize the rating process least twice a year to further The Councils included of accredited programmes. A enhance the coordination and Pakistan Council for committee will be convened collaboration amongst all the Architects and Town Planners, by Dr. Nasir Mehmood, Councils and HEC. Workshop on person. Twenty four heads of examination departments of HEIs from all over PakistanEmpowerment of attended the capacity building activity. Examination Speaking to the participants, Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Executive Director, HEC emphasized the System importance of role of heads of examination units for betterment of assessment system of theA workshop for the Empowerment of universities.Examination System of the higher educationinstitutions was organized by the Learning The workshop is first of the series and more suchInnovation Division, HEC. Dr. Norman Reid workshops for heads of examination units offrom the University of Glasgow was the resource HEIs will be held in 2012. 11
  13. 13. Commission EventsMr. Rahim Bux Channa Retires Shaikh, fromer Member (Academics) HEC reminisced about his long association with Mr. Channa. He said it was always a pleasure to work with him. Hailing from Shikarpur and armed with a Masters degree in Economics Mr. Channa joined UGC in 1971 andMr. Rahim Bux Channa, Higher Education Islamabad his home. He spentDirector General Attestation Commission lauded the three fourths of his career inand Accreditation bade services of Mr. Channa for the Administration andfarewell to the Higher both UGC and HEC. headed it till 2007 when heEducation Commission on assumed the charge of DGNovember 30 after serving the Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Executive Academics and DG Sports. Heerstwhile University Grants Director HEC while sharing managed to infuse in these twoCommission for 21 years and his views on the occasion said Divisions the dedication andHEC for the last 10 years. “It is that while Mr. Channa had commitment to tasks he is wellan honour to be retiring from provided the strong backbone known for. He spent the lastHEC as I have served this to the Administration leg of his career in theorganization to the utmost of Division, he was glad that the Attestation and Accreditationmy ability,” he said in his strong foundation would Division and becameaddress to the jam packed remain even in the absence of synonymous for HEC staunchauditorium where the entire Mr. Channa. This was how stance in verification ofHEC staff had gathered to bid institutions grow and mature degrees of Parliamentarians.him adieu. he added. Dr. M u k h t a rSharing his views on the Ahmed, formeroccasion he said that the Member O and Passociation with the joined in fromorganization and his Rabat andcolleagues was indeed a p r a i s e d M r.difficult hurdle to overcome at Channas bysuch a time but he was saying that HECsatisfied in his heart that he would not forgethad reciprocated in turn. Dr. his services. Dr.Javaid R. Laghari, Chairperson Altaf Ali G.NEWS FLASHMr. Rifat Ullah Khan, HEC scholar of Batch IV, published five papers in ISI impact factorjournals in 2011. The papers have been published in high ranking animal science journalssuch as Worlds Poultry Science, Tropical Animal Health and Production and Animal FeedScience and Technology. Currently, the scholar is perusing PhD in Physiology fromUniversity of Agriculture, Faisalabad. 12
  14. 14. Commission Events British Council, HEC Organize Series of CALL WorkshopsA series of workshops on Computer Assisted endeavouring to ensure that, along with theLanguage Learning (CALL) were organized by universities, the quality of teaching process isthe English Language Teaching Reforms (ELTR) also enhanced at the college level.Project of the Higher Education Commission(HEC) in collaboration with the British Council The CALL workshops provide the participantsfrom November 30 to December 17 at Islamabad, not only the international level understanding ofMultan and Karachi. The first workshop of the E-Learning, but also focuses on other computerseries opened at HEC Secretariat Islamabad, technologies. Innovative modern techniques arewhich was attended by 20 participants from used to impart the new concepts of CALL.different universities and colleges . The workshop focused on need analysis andProf. Dr. Khwaja Azam Ali, Managing Director, classroom research tools, social book marking,Quality Assurance Agency, HEC was the chief RSS and information feeds and sources, workingguest. Mr. Nik Peachy was the resource person in virtual learning environment, twitter andfor the whole series. Mr. Ray Brown, English creating personal learning.Language Adviser, British Council and Mr.Murad Khan, Head of Programmes (English) Mr. Nik Peachy said that online learning andrepresented the British Council. modern technology are quite important in effective learning process. He emphasized thatThe workshops are aimed at providing all-out an online community will be developed forinternational exposure to English faculty of continuous learning process.colleges and universities. HEC has been HEC Scholar Delivers Talk in Int’l ConferenceHEC scholar Shujaul Mulk, doing his PhD at environmental gradients in thethe University of Leicester, UK, delivered a talk We s t e r n H i m a l a y a s " i ne n t i t l e d " Ve g e t a t i o n a b u n d a n c e a n d international conferenceanthropogenic pressure in the remote Western "Spatial Ecology andHimalayas; the Naran Valley, Pakistan" in an Conservation" at University ofinternational conference "People and Nature in Birmingham, UK.Mountains: Changing Land Use andLandscape Dynamics" at Museum of Natural Shuja is working on Plant Biodiversity andHistory, Norway. Ecosystem Services of Naran Valley. He is using the robust techniques to quantify andHe also presented a poster entitled "Plant classify the natural vegetation and to assess thecommunities vegetation indicate anthropogenic pressure on it. 13
  15. 15. Commission Events Successful Scholars of Indigenous PhD ProgrammeDr. Haroon Sarwar AwanBelonging to a village in Soon valley of district Khushab, Dr. Haroon Sarwar Awan hascompleted his PhD in Economics from University of Sargodha. “My elder brother, aPhD in Economics, was a source of inspiration for me to go for higher education.Therefore, I applied for HEC scholarship. The deteriorating macroeconomic situation ofPakistan has always enticed me to study this aspect. I selected monetary side ofPakistans economy for my research and tried to explore the solutions for monetaryproblems. During my PhD studies, I also published four research papers,” says Dr. Haroon who hasjoined Macroeconomics Section of Planning and Development Division, Government of Pakistan, aftercompletion of his studies.Dr. Shah JahanDr. Shah Jahan, who has completed his PhD from Punjab University’s National Centre ofExcellence in Molecular Biology, has the remarkable achievement of producing 22international publications with 50 Impact Factor. “During my studies, I did a lot ofresearch on Molecular basis of HCV pathogenic pathways. I have identified therapeutictargets and biomarkers for HCC progression,” says Dr. Shah Jehan. Presently workingas Assistant Professor at University of Health Sciences, Lahore, he is also an HECApproved Supervisor.Dr. Somia GulDr. Somia Gul has completed her PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from University ofKarachi in 2011. Her field of specialization is Drug-Drug interaction studies and organicsynthesis, the research topic being “Drug-Drug Interaction Studies of Sparfloxacin”.After completing her studies, Dr. Somia has been selected as an Associate Professor inthe Faculty of Pharmacy at Jinnah University for Women, Karachi. She has, to her credit,seven international publications in refereed journals with good impact factors. “I amgrateful to the Higher Education Commission for providing me the wonderful opportunity for PhDstudies,” says Dr. Somia.Dr. Ashfaq AhmadDr. Ashfaq Ahmad has completed his PhD in Management Sciences, specializationin Finance, from Foundation University, Islamabad. Earlier, he completed his MPhiland some part of his PhD studies from Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science andTechnology, Islamabad. “I want to contribute towards learning by blending researchand practice in Pakistan,” says Dr. Ashfaq who is currently working as In-Charge,Department of Business Administration, University of Sargodha. He has published21 research papers in HEC recognized journals. 14
  16. 16. Commission Events NCRC Meets to Review Industrial Engineering Curriculum Te c h n o l o g y, K a r a c h i a s Convener and Secretary of the Committee, respectively. Dr. M. Tahir Ali Shah, Deputy Director (Curriculum), HEC briefed the committee about standard template for development of curricula inThe preliminary meeting of The Committee unanimously Engineering degreethe National Curriculum selected Prof. Dr. Iftikhar programmes.Revision Committee (NCRC) Hussain, Chairman,in Industrial Engineering was Department of Industrial The Committee discussed inrecently held at HEC Regional Engineering, University of detail the existing curriculumC e n t r e , K a r a c h i . M r. Engineering and Technology, in Industrial Engineering andMuhammad Javed Khan, Peshawar and Dr. Maqsood made certain modifications,Adviser (Academics), HEC Ahmed Khan, Associate developed the draftwelcomed the members of the Professor, Department of curriculum at BE/BS andcommittee and highlighted the Industrial and Manufacturing ME/MS level which will beimportance of the curriculum Engineering, NED University finalized in the final meetingreview/revision. of Engineering and of the Committee. History Curriculum for BS and MS Programmes ReviewedThe preliminary meeting of the The Committee unanimously The meeting discussed theNational Curriculum Revision selected Prof. Dr. Mumtaz entire curriculum and eachCommittee (NCRC) in History Bhutto, Chairperson, Faculty course was discussed withwas held at HEC Regional of Social Sciences, Department necessary focus.Centre, Lahore. of Pakistan Studies, Preston University, Karachi and Prof. After thorough deliberations,Malik Arshad Mahmood, Dr. Shahid Ahmad Rajput, the Committee unanimouslyDirector (Curriculum) HEC Associate Professor / approved the draft curriculumbriefed the participants about Chairman, Department of of History for BS (4-year) andobjectives of the meeting with History, International Islamic MS (2-year) programmes,emphasis on reviewing the University, Islamabad as which will be finalized in thecourse outlines for BS (4-year) Convener and Secretary, final meeting of theand MS Programme. respectively. Committee. 15
  17. 17. Commission EventsGood Governance, Strategic Planning Workshops for HoDs of QAU & NUSTWo r k s h o p s o n G o o dGovernance and StrategicPlanning for Heads ofDepartments were separatelyheld at Quaid-i-AzamUniversity and NationalUniversity of Sciences andTechnology (NUST), underHEC’s Modern UniversityGovernance Programme for Participants of the workshop at NUST, IslamabadUniversity Management.Dr. Mary Linda Armacost,former President of twoAmerican universities, was theresource person for both theworkshops, which aimed toequip participants with basicprinciples, processes involvedin strategic planning and good Participants of the workshop with Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabadgovernance as well asstrategies to overcome barriers respective institutions. They capacity building andto strategic planning. appreciated HEC programme professional development and initiatives for improving through latest tools,Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Vice University Governance. techniques and internationalChancellor, QAU and Engr. practices in universityMuhammad Mushtaq, Pro- “It is a revolutionary step for governance and leadership,”Rector, NUST were chief the Management Cadre of said Engr. Mushtaq.guests in the events at their universities for continuousMeeting of 30 QECs held at HEC PeshawarThe 16th meeting of 30 Quality Programme self-assessment is the purpose of improvingEnhancement Cells (QECs) a systematic process of student learning andfunctioning since 2006 was gathering, reviewing and evaluating whether academicrecently held at HEC Regional using important quantitative and learning standards areCentre, Peshawar wherein the and qualitative data and being fulfilled.impact of programme self- information from multipleassessment within the and diverse sources about Self-assessment isuniversity was discussed. educational programmes, for internationally accepted as an 16
  18. 18. Commission Events stakeholders. Feedback from stakeholders, including students, alumni, employers, teachers etc, has provided a factual basis for decision making. At the same time, the academic processes and sense of accountability amongst the university management and faculty members has begun to improve.important tool for academic participants of the meeting QEC representatives also putquality assurance and agreed that through this HEC forth suggestions to bringprovides feedback at initiative, awareness and improvement in the Self-programme level for sensitivity regarding Quality Assessment processes basedundertaking remedial Assurance measures has on their experience andmeasures, if required. The i n c r e a s e d a m o n g interaction with stakeholders.NEWS IN PICTURE Ms. Zia Batool, Director General, Quality Assurance, HEC recently visited The University of Faisalabad (TUF) where she was briefed about the performance of various schools of the University with special reference to different quality assurance criteria. Prof. Muhammad Ashfaq, Additional Registrar, TUF gave the presentation. Mian Muhammad Hanif, Chairman BoGs, Dr. Abdul underlined the need to harness Assurance Division of HEC Karim Baloch, Pro Rector and best practices in teaching, and the role it was playing for Dr. Abdul Majeed, Director learning and research. elevating the standards of Quality Enhancement Cell education in all the were also present. Speaking She also elaborated the universities of the country. on the occasion, Ms. Batool mission of the Quality 17
  19. 19. Commission Events16th Faculty Professional Development Programme ConcludesThe 16th Master Trainers-Faculty ProfessionalD e ve l o p m e n t P r o g r a m m e ( M T - F P D P ) ,organized by the Learning Innovation Division,Higher Education Commission concluded atHEC Secretariat recently. As many as 28 facultymembers of 21 public sector universities fromacross Pakistan participated in the programme.Dr. Ruquiya Saeed Hashmi, Provincial Ministerfor Inter-Provincial Coordination, Balochistanwas the chief guest in the closing ceremony. Dr.Javaid R. Laghari, Chairperson, HEC was alsopresent on the occasion. conducted various sessions and highlighted basic features of different modules, includingSo far, 469 faculty members have benefitted from Teaching as Profession, Academic Planning,MT-FPDP in 16 batches. This rigorous training Androgogical Skills, Testing and Evaluation,programme, designed specifically for in-service R e s e a r c h M e t h o d o l o g y a n d L e a r n e r ’steachers, includes 11 core modules and Psychology.additional sessions on different important socialtopics. Additional sessions on Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Gender HarassmentThe main objective of the training is to enhance policy were also arranged to amplify theand enrich the teaching abilities of the faculty exposure of participants. These Master Trainersmembers to ensure quality education which is will now replicate the similar training in theirentirely dependent on the quality of teachers. respective institutions.The programme aims to enable University The Divisional Heads of various divisions ofteachers to use innovative teaching strategies and HEC were also invited during the programme ascommunication skills that blend academic “Guest of the Day” to brief the participants aboutconcepts with workplace applications. Besides, functioning of their Divisions. Recreational andthe intensive training on different modules, some study trips were also arranged to differentgeneral topics were also covered by the resource historic places.persons. Eminent scholars from across Pakistan Inter-University Consortium for Promotion of Social SciencesFive public sector universities of Pakistan have recent meeting attended Vice Chancellors offormed the country’s first-ever Inter University Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, UniversityConsortium for Promotion of Social Sciences, of Gujrat, Islamia University, BahawalpurArts and Humanities. This was decided in a Institute of Managements Sciences, Peshawar 18
  20. 20. Commission Eventsand Government College University, Faisalabad. research projects, joint linkages with national andThe areas of cooperation, under the consortium, international organizations, jointwill include faculty development/exchange, seminars/conferences/workshops and otherexchange of students and publications, joint programmes of mutual interest. NCRC Reviews Curriculum of Electrical, Electronics,Telecommunication and Computer (System) Engineering The Committee unanimously selected Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Maud, Chairman, Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, UET Lahore and Dr. Muhammad Inayatullah Babar, Department of Electrical Engineering, UETThe preliminary meeting of briefed the participants about Peshawar as Convener andthe National Curriculum the objectives of the meeting Secretary, respectively.Revision Committee in and elaborated the procedureElectrical, Electronics, for revision of curriculum. After thorough deliberation,Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n a n d the Committee unanimouslyComputer (System) He emphasized on making it approved the draft curriculumEngineering recently held at compatible with international of BE/BSc ElectricalHEC Regional Centre, Lahore. standards while ensuring Engineering with four uniformity of academic specializations which will beMr. Muhammad Javed Khan, standard and demand within finalized in the final meeting ofAdviser (Academics) HEC the country. NCRC.Preliminary Meeting of NCRC in Civil EngineeringThe preliminary meeting of HEC briefed the participants Engineering, Wah Engineeringthe National Curriculum about the objectives of the College, University of Wah asRevision Committee (NCRC) meeting. Convener and Secretary,in Civil Engineering was respectively.recently held at HEC Regional The Committee unanimouslyCentre, Lahore. The purpose selected Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar After thorough deliberation,o f t h e m e e t i n g wa s t o Shakir, Dean, Faculty of Civil the Committee unanimouslyreview/revise the curriculum Engineering, University of approved the draft curriculumof Civil Engineering. Engineering and Technology, of BSc Civil Engineering which Lahore and Dr. Anwar Khitab, will be finalized in the finalM r. M u h a m m a d R a z a Assistant Professor, meeting of NCRC.Chohan, Regional Director, Department of Civil 19
  21. 21. University News NUST Conference on Application and Methods of PhysicsA two-day Conference on participated in the conference. development of science andApplication and Methods of Students and researchers gave technology. He also urgedPhysics was recently presentations during the two- other universities to conductorganized by the Centre for day event. application-based research.Advanced Mathematics andPhysics (CAMP), a constituent D r. J a v a i d R . L a g h a r i , Engr. Muhammad Asghar,institute of NUST. Chairperson HEC, was the Rector NUST, emphasized the chief guest in the inaugural importance of committedThe aim of the conference was session. He termed the leadership and theto provide a forum where the conference a step forward involvement of scientists innew developments occurring towards the promotion of policymaking at a broad the domain of Physics could Physics in the discussed. A number of He also elaborated on therenowned physicists from the He said that the University is rapid progress of NUST as ancountrys leading universities playing a leading role in the integrated research university. Workshop on Water Reclamation and Reuse“In the wake of rapid urbanization and Islamabad. Eminent scholars from within andindustrialization, pollution and scarcity of water outside the country attended the event.resources are becoming more serious concernsthan ever. To increase sustainability, water must Dr. Samar Mubarakmand was the chief guest inbe used efficiently and multiple times by the inaugural session. Addressing the gathering,cascading from higher to lower quality needs. he said that the population growth rate inThis emerging paradigm requires establishing Pakistan is very high, which has direct impact onautonomous and decentralized water recycling the water sector. He said that industrial andsystems in which diverse water resources are domestic water, occupying the major portion ofcreated, conserved and utilized effectively.” total water demand, could be provided by high grade reclaimed wastewater using advancedThis was the crux of a two-day International technology.Workshop on Technological Advances andChallenges in Water Reclamation and Reuse Engr. Muhammad Asghar, Rector NUST, saidorganized at the School of Civil and that Pakistan is rapidly depleting its availableEnvironmental Engineering (SCEE), National water resources and is on the verge of becoming aUniversity of Sciences and Technology (NUST), water-scarce country. He said it is imperative that 20
  22. 22. University Newswe improve efficiency in meeting the challengesregarding water reclamation and its reuse. Intervarsity Sports ŸUniversity of Central Punjab, LahoreProf. Roger Ben Aim, the key resource person, said that h a s won t h e 2 8 t h In t e r va r si t ymembrane processes are regarded as a positive Bodybuilding Championship 2011-12advancement in wastewater treatment ensuring held recently in Lahore. Pakistanincreased water reclamation and reuse. “The main Bodybuilding Federation Technicaladvantages of this technology are no chemical Officials supervised therequirement, relatively low energy consumption and a Championship, in which 13 teamslower footprint,” he said. from all over the country participatedOther prominent speakers included Prof. C. ŸHEC boxers won one silver and oneVisvanathan, Dr. Parneet Paul, Dr. Nick Hankins, Dr. bronze medal in the National BoxingSher Jamal Khan, Dr. Zahir-ud-Din Khan and Dr. Imran Championship recently concluded atHashmi. P e s h a w a r. M r. G u l s h e r f r o m University of Peshawar clinched silver while Roffus from Sind AgricultureScholars of University, Tandojam won bronze medalsNeeds-based Programme ŸGovernment College University,Shine at IBA Convocation Faisalabad won the 35 t h HEC Intervarsity Football Championship recently held in Faisalabad. University of Karachi finished runners up th ŸThe 29 Intervarsity Wrestling Championship held at Lahore was won by University of Central Punjab,The recently held convocation ceremony of the Lahore. Nine teams participated in theInstitute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi championship, in which University ofwas a big day for the graduates who studied under the the Punjab secured second positionUSAID Funded Merit and Needs-based ScholarshipProgramme of HEC. ŸHEC won one silver and one bronze medals in the National BeachA total of 36 students funded through this Programme Wrestling Championship, held in fourwere awarded degrees on the occasion, who are now in weight categories. Four players ofa position to secure good jobs to support their families. HEC participated in theIt is worth mentioning that two of these students won Championshipgold medals, proving the point that many of talentedyoung people can excel in all fields, if provided Ÿe Th 3 5 t h Wo m e n B a d m i n t o nadequate financial support. Championship, held at NUST Islamabad, was won by University ofThe scholarships under this programme are available the Punjab, Lahore. Lahore College forin the fields of Agriculture and Business Women University and GovernmentAdministration at 11 participating universities. So far, College University, Faisalabad1440 scholarships have been awarded. finished second and third, respectively 21
  23. 23. University NewsEducation Inevitable for Nation Building: Governor KPK“It is education which matters in building nationssocially, culturally and economically and ensuresbetter future for their coming generations. At thesame time, it is the conducive environment ofeducational institutions which grooms students,constructs their personalities in making themgood scientists, teachers and leaders in everywalk of life.”This was stated by Barrister Masood Kausar,Governor, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa whileaddressing as the chief guest at the Convocation2011 of the Gomal University, D. I. Khan. He saidthat there is no substitute to education and the “Frontiers of knowledge keep expanding, what istime is not far when our educational institutions new today becomes obsolete next day, hence wewill be in a position to the optimum level in need to keep abreast with latest knowledgemaking this possible in our country too. otherwise our diplomas and degrees will become worthless pieces of paper,” the Governor said.In all, 149 graduates of 32 departments of the lastfour academic sessions of the University received Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi, Vice Chancellor saidgold medals while 21 graduates of Agriculture, that Gomal University which was established inArts, Pharmacy and Sciences were awarded PhD 1974 is the second oldest and biggest amongst alldegrees on the occasion. the universities of the province. UN Model Conference Calls for Social ChangeThere was a consensus among senior journalists Syed Talat a social change which is reallythe delegates and speakers of Hussain and Javed Iqbal. felt by the masses. Educatedthe three-day UN Model youth of the country mustConference held at Ghulam Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Pro- come forward to play theirIshaq Khan Institute (GIKI) Rector (Academic) was the constructive role,” he said.that Pakistan urgently needed chief guest at the prizea result-oriented "social distribution ceremony. He said Marvi Memon said the voterschange". that youth are a valuable asset should be careful in the of Pakistan and they could put selection of the candidatesThe conference was organised the country on the track of during the critical electionby the GIKI Students Society progress and prosperity. process and they should givefor the Promotion of Higher votes only to those leadersEducation in Pakistan . Mr. Talat Hussain said that the who could really introduce Middle East like revolution is reforms for progress andAmong others, it was attended neither possible in Pakistan prosperity of the Ms. Marvi Memon and nor it is our culture. “We need 22
  24. 24. University News 243 Receive Degrees at 6th BNU ConvocationThe 6th convocation of theBeaconhouse NationalUniversity (BNU), Lahore wasrecently held at its TarogilCampus. Sardar MuhammadLatif Khan Khosa, GovernorPunjab, who is also Chancellorof the University, presidedover the convocation.Mrs. Nasreen MahmudKasuri, Chairperson, BNUBoard of Governors and Mr.Sartaj Aziz, Vice Chancellor,were also present on the medals were awarded to the institution”. In his address, theoccasion. A total of 243 distinction holders. Vice Chancellor presented thes t u d e n t s r e c e i ve d t h e i r annual report of BNUsdegrees, out of which 78 were Speaking on the occasion, the achievements. He alsofrom the MPhil, MS and Chancellor said, “It is not brick congratulated the graduatingMasters programmes while and mortar but the soul within students and their parents on165 were from the Bachelor a scholar that signifies the this momentous occasion.programmes. A total of 19 gold academic excellence of anAir University Seminar on Pakistani English LiteratureThe Faculty of Social Sciences,Air University Islamabadrecently organized a two-dayseminar on “Pakistani EnglishLiterature in Local and GlobalC o n t e x t ” . D r. D a v i dWaterman, Universite de LaRochelle, France and co-editorof online journal Pakistanniatwas invited as resourceperson. Fundamentalist and H. M. fragmented interdependence Naqvis Home Boy. and contact zones.Dr. Waterman dilated uponthe works of four Pakistani The themes which were Dr. Samina Amin Qadir, Vicefiction writers including In the mirrored through their Chancellor, Fatima JinnahCity by the Sea by Kamila works range from identity, University and Dr. AnwarShamsie, The Wasted Vigil by both personal and political, to Ahmad, Chairman, NationalNadeem Aslam, Mohsin the notion of “constituency,” Language Authority alsoHamids The Reluctant or membership in a group, spoke on the occasion. 23
  25. 25. University NewsDevelopment Linked to Quality Education: CMMian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, ChiefMinister Punjab has linked the nationaldevelopment with the quality education andupholding the merit and justice in everyinstitution. He was addressing a gathering ofstudents at the University of Agriculture,Faisalabad (UAF).He said that during the last 64 years, the culture abroad for studying in well–reputed institutions.of merit had been grossly violated in the country. He also announced aid of Rs. 70 million for theTalking about livestock, he said that even India UAF to uplift infrastructure and other facilities.was earning the foreign exchange by exportinghalal meat. “Although, we were enjoying best Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice Chancellor, UAFbreeds and other factors, but we are lagging said that the University has received grantsbehind,” he said. amounting to Rs. 120 million from the Punjab government since 2009. “This grant was used forThe Chief Minister said that the Government setting up women complex, women medicalunder the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund centre, student counselling centre, hostels, greenhad provided 30,000 scholarships for needy houses and completion of many other projects,”students across the province. He also announced he said.that 300 scholars of the UAF would be sentTurkish Extension Centre to be Established at UAFTurkish Extension Centre will be set up at theUniversity of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) withthe financial assistance of the TurkishInternational Cooperation Agency (TICA) inorder to increase meat and milk production aswell as enhancing crops productivity by settingup seed centre.In this regard, a delegation of UAF, headed by itsVice Chancellor Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan visitedTurkey on the invitation of TICA. gathering about the progress being made by Pakistan in the seed sector and activities ofThe delegation visited different institutions and professionals of Plant Breeding and Genetics.held meetings with officials of variousa g r i c u l t u r a l , ve t e r i n a r y a n d l i ve s t o c k Other members of the delegation included Dr.departments. Besides meeting Dr. Cemal Laique Akbar Lodhi, Dr. Muhammad Sarwar, Dr.TALUĞ, Rector, Ankara University, the Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, Dr. Rashid Ahmad, Dr.delegation visited Agri Business Centre at Muhammad Jalal Arif, Dr. Ashfaq AhmadIstanbul and held meeting with officials of the Chatha, Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Randhawa, Dr.Seed Union. Addressing the participants of a Safdar Ali, Dr. Mehar-un-Nisa and Dr. AyeshaSeed Conference, Dr. Iqrar informed the Siddiqa. 24
  26. 26. University News Intl Conference on CECOSDendrochronology & Plant Ecology University,The 3rd six-day International conference. Foreign experts KNU Sign MoUConference/Workshop on from China, Turkey, Nepal, The CECOS University ofDendrochronology and Plant America, and New Zealand Information Technology andEcology was organized by the also presented their scientific Emerging Sciences, PeshawarDepartment of Botany, Federal papers and participated in recently signed an MOU withUrdu University of Arts, workshop sessions. the Kangwon NationalScience and Technology, University (KNU), SouthKarachi. The conference was mainly Korea. The MoU was signed by supported by the Higher Dr. Riaz Khattak, Director,D r. M u d a s s i r A s r a r, Education Commission while Research and Development/Chairperson, Pakistan Council farewell dinner and some Quality Assurance, CECOSfor Science and Technology, assistance were provided by University during his visit toIslamabad was the chief guest the Geolink (Pvt) Ltd. South Korea, where he waswhile Dr. Muhammad Qaiser, Australia/Pakistan. Ecological invited as one of the fiveVice Chancellor, FUUAST was field trip to terrestrial and international speakers in athe guest of honour. Mangrove ecosystem was conference jointly organized hosted by Port Bin Qasim by the Korean Society ofA large number of experts and Authority. In the end, the Applied Chemistry andresearch students from all over conference made several Korean Society of Soils andthe country participated in the recommendations. Fertilizers. Dr. Khattak presented a paper LCWU These included television commercials, public services on Trace Elements Contamination of Soil, Plant Media messages, documentaries, radio talk shows and drama skits. The competitions were and Food. After the conference, on the invitation of KNU, he spent a week at the Students held among the students of Media Studies Departments of campus and delivered a series of lectures on EnvironmentalWin Prizes LCWU, Government College U n i v e r s i t y, F a i s a l a b a d , Soil Chemistry and role of soil scientist in mitigating climateThe students of Department of University of Gujrat, change.Mass Communication, Lahore University of Sargodha andCollege for Women University I s l a m i a U n i v e r s i t y, During his stay in theparticipated in competitions Bahawalpur. Department of Biologicalorganized by Insan Environment, the agreementF o u n d a t i o n Tr u s t , i n Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, Vice was signed with thepartnership with Canadian Chancellor, LCWU Departments of RegionalInternational Development congratulated the winners and Infrastructure EngineeringAgency, and won cash prizes Dr. Anjum Zia, Chairperson, and Biosystem Engineering foramounting Rs. 1,70,000 in all Mass Communication exchange of students, facultyfive categories of media Department on their and effective cooperation inproducts. achievement. R&D. 25
  27. 27. University News15 VCs/Rectors of Punjab Call on Governor Dr. Umar Saif - First Pakistani to Receive Google Faculty Research Award Dr. Umar Saif, Associate Professor, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is the first Pakistani to win the prestigious US$ 100,000 Google FacultyA delegation led by Dr. Riaz HEC in bringing positive Research Award, for the low-Hussain Qureshi, Adviser changes and improving cost rural telephony systems(HRD), HEC and Dr. Haroon quality in higher education he has been working on for theRashid, Director, National sector of Pakistan within a past three years along withTesting Service, recently met short span of time. colleagues at UC Berkeley.Sardar Muhammad Latif KhanKhosa, Governor Punjab. Speaking on the occasion, the His collaborators on the Governor appreciated the joint research include Eric Brewer,The delegation comprised 15 efforts of HEC and NTS for VP of Infrastructure at Google,Vice Chancellors/Rectors of organizing 4th workshop on currently on leave from hispublic and private higher Te s t I t e m C o n s t r u c t i o n work as Professor ofeducation institutions from all techniques. He was of the view Computer Science at UCover Punjab as well as that Pakistans transition to a B e r k e l e y, Ta p a n Pa r i k h ,participants and organizers of middle income economy is Assistant Professor at the4th TOT Workshop on Effective critically dependent on the iSchool at UC Berkeley andTe s t I t e m C o n s t r u c t i o n scale and performance of its Kurtis Heimerl, a graduateTechniques, jointly organized tertiary education sector. student working with HEC and NTS at HEC Brewer.Regional Centre Lahore. “The research at universities should focus on the issues and Dr. Saif was also the firstDr. Qureshi briefed the problems of direct relevance to Pakistani to be acknowledgedGovernor about various HEC the socio economic by the MIT Technologyprogrammes and initiatives development of the country Review as one of the top 35for promotion of higher and build the economy by innovators (TR35). He waseducation. Dr. Haroon Rashid p i o n e e r i n g t h e honoured for his work onshared the objectives and commercialization of technologies for thebackground of HEC-NTS innovative ideas, products, developing-world which arecollaboration for launching and processes resulting from being used by millions ofMaster Trainers Programme in research work. people. Notable among themt h e a r e a o f Te s t I t e m are BitMate - that enhances theConstruction. They must also nurture close speed of Internet in the relationship with their local developing-world using peer-The vice chancellors and community, industry and to-peer technology, andfaculty members in their brief organizations employing their - Pakistans largestremarks lauded the efforts of graduates,” the Governor said. SMS Social Network . 26
  28. 28. University News IST Course on Environmental MonitoringThe Institute of Space Technology (IST), Karachi with ground based information, an advancedCampus in collaboration with Pakistan Space approach to study environmental issues is nowand Upper Atmosphere Research Commission possible.(SUPARCO) organized a five-day course on“Integrating Ground Based Methods and Spatial The course was inaugurated by Dr. Badar Ghauri,Techniques for Environmental Monitoring” at Head of Department, RS and GIS, IST. A numberthe National Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo- of participants hailing from different IslamicInformatics (NCRG), Karachi. countries, students from local universities, and environmental professionals from variousThe objective of this course was to impart organizations including Sindh Environmentaltraining to various stakeholders in an area where Protection Agency (SEPA) and National Instituteintegrated approach utilizing geospatial and for Oceanography (NIO) participated in theground based monitoring techniques are course.required to address environmental issues. Mr. Mahboob Elahi, National ProgrammeDifferent training modules were designed for the Manager of National Environmental Informationcourse comprising Environmental Monitoring Management Systems (NEIMS), was invited as aand Modelling for Water, Soil and Air. guest speaker to talk about the environmental profile of Pakistan.Recent advances in application of satelliteRemote Sensing (RS) for environmental Another guest speaker and renownedmonitoring have provided the capacity to environmentalist Mr. Shahid Lufti identifiedacquire the needful information at spatial and environmental problems of Pakistan and theirtemporal scales. Through integrating RS data possible solutions.Punjab Government to Provide Paper Presentation Dr. Rao Muhammad Afzal Solar Energy Plant to IUB Khan, Director, Advanced Studies and Research, IUBA Memorandum of a n d M r. R a b N a wa z , attended the Korean CongressUnderstanding was recently Provincial Secretary, Energy of Radiology (KCR 2011) atsigned between the Islamia Department signed the MoU. Seoul and presented his paperUniversity of Bahawalpur on “Brain imaging by using(IUB) and Energy Department, The project is expected to be magnetic transfer contrast-aGovernment of Punjab. completed in a year time. better approach”.Under the agreement, the The electricity produced by Scientists and researchersPunjab Government will the plant will be consumed by from all over the worldprovide a solar energy plant of IUB and the surplus electricity working on different areas of2.5 megawatt capacity to the will be provided to the local radiology and medicalUniversity. Dr. Muhammad community through national imaging attended the eventMukhtar, Vice Chancellor, IUB power grid. 27
  29. 29. University NewsIBA National and Sindh Talent Hunt Programme: A Success StoryThe Institute of Business Administration (IBA), are then able to become successful businessKarachi launched the National Talent Hunt leaders of Pakistan and serve the nation. ThisProgramme (NTHP) in 2004 with the objective to year, 21 NTHP and STHP students were enrolledprepare candidates from less privileged areas of in the BCS and BBA programmes of the Institute.the country for the IBA aptitude test for BBA/BSdegree courses. IHSAN Trust collaborated with The achievements and career pursuits of NTHP/IBA to jointly finance the fully funded NTHP. In STHP graduates have been prolific. Akash2009, a similar initiative, Sindh Talent Hunt Soomro, a student of NTHP batch-2004, isProgramme (STHP) was launched. Focusing on currently working for Philip Morris Pakistan as atalented students from the rural areas of Sindh, Financial Analyst. Hira Jawed, NTHP batch-2005,STHP is a fully funded programme jointly passed level-I of the Chartered Financial Analystfinanced by IBA Karachi and the Government of (CFA) Programme and is presently working withSindh. Meezan Bank Limited as a Relationship Manager. Mir Yahya Ismail, NTHP batch-2006, cleared theBoth the programmes are expanding constantly highly sophisticated Energy Risk Professionaland are providing opportunities to meritorious Exam conducted by Global Association of Riskyouth from Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Professionals, USA and has the honour of beingPakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan and FATA, who the youngest ERP certified in the world.KIU, University of Bonn Sign MoU Rector of Bonn University on behalf of the GeographyKarakuram International of Bonn University. A three- Department. The MoUUniversity (KIU), Gilgit and year programme “Reading the envisages to strengthenthe University of Bonn will Landscape” will also be activities of KIU with thecooperate in research and launched with the financial Himalayan Universityteaching on regional topics of support of DAAD. Consortium (HUC) throughHindukush, Karakoram and organizing trainingHimalayan region. In this regard, a Memorandum programmes for faculty and of Understanding (MoU) was students of KIU at ICIMOD, asSummer schools will be recently signed by Dr. Najma well as organizing summerorganized at KIU with the help Najam, Vice Chancellor, KIU schools and data exchange.of the Geography Department and Dr. M. Winiger, former Shuja Ahmad Completes PhD in PhilosophyMr. Shuja Ahmad has successfully completed his Dr. Sarfaraz Khan, Director,PhD in Philosophy from the University of Area Study Centre, Peshawar.Peshawar. He is currently teaching Logic and 20th His research thesis wasCentury Philosophy. reviewed by two foreign experts, including Prof. PeterHis research topic was “Language and Logic of S . F o s l , Tr a n s y l v a n i aWar with Special Reference to War on Terror in University, USA and Dr. Ismaeel LatifAfghanistan: Appearance and Reality”. Dr. Shuja Hacinebioglu, Trinity Saint David, University ofcompleted his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Wales, UK. 28