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We know this is what the World Wide Web dynamics champions! We say with assertiveness that we are

focused with eagles' eyes on our Domain Name Registration, Web hosting, web designing, website design

solution, dynamic web design solution, seo services and web development to client's business growth

and monitor ardently their competition in the cyberspace. This is what we imbibe and follow in all

our business forays in the cyberspace.

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Web development And web Designing Consortium

  1. 1. Indus Webi Technologies Pvt.Ltd.Web Designing India, SEO Company IndiaindusWebi is professionallymanaged website designing, seocompany as well as webdeveloper India with a decadesexperience in all web-basedbusinesses solution. indusWebi ispronounced as Indus-Web-Eye.The first word ‘Indus’ refers to theworlds oldest civilization - theIndus Valley Civilization. This issymbolic. We at indusWebi are closely linked to the culture of peopleand believe in the human spirit that strives to excel. We hold inreverence the culture of mankind and all its values of brotherhood,intellectual growth and economic prosperity without geographicalbarriers. We know this is what the World Wide Web dynamicschampions! We say with assertiveness that we are focused with eagleseyes on our Domain Name Registration, Web hosting, web designing,website design solution, dynamic web design solution, seo services andweb development to clients business growth and monitor ardently theircompetition in the cyberspace. This is what we imbibe and follow in allour business forays in the cyberspace.Content WritingFocussed SEO Content Writing Services for WebsitesWith the increasing number of websites on the Internet, it has becomeessential to have a unique content that separates you from all and sundry.Focused Content writing means to place the keywords in theirappropriate place according to its relevance, utility and quality. SEOIndus Webi Technologies[Type text] Page 1
  2. 2. Indus Webi Technologies Pvt.Ltd.Content Writing and Focused Content writing helps to raise the numberof users for your website in this competitive market and giving you anedge over them.While writing the SEO Focused content for a particular website onemust focus on the keywords which will help in the search engineoptimization. Also there should be no jargons in the content whichmakes it either difficult to understand or incoherent. It is important toplace the keywords at the appropriate place for the maximization of theusability. This means that if you are selling something online then howwill you ensure that you get the maximum traffic? This is by using theappropriate keywords and that too at a right place. Mixing up of thekeywords should be avoided.Another important thing is to mention your keywords in the very firstsentence. Your website content should be keyword focused content tohave a better ranking. The other information following in the content canthen support the keyword that was mentioned earlier. This not onlyincreases a market for the search engines but also introduces a widearena for the people going through it. It is also essential to have a titlewhich explains the services that you provide. This will be helpful whenthe search engines are crawling through your site. They will look at thiswhile going through your content.Content Writing / Copywriting Services ExpertOur Expert content writers have the right skills and proficiency; theyknow exactly where to place the keywords (which works to yourbenefit). After writing the focused content our content writing expertsensure that there is proper editing and proof reading to avoid any sort ofgrammatical or spelling errors. Thus, with us you can be rest assured andIndus Webi Technologies[Type text] Page 2
  3. 3. Indus Webi Technologies Pvt.Ltd.expect hundred percent satisfactions. We write focused content for anyindustry, be it health, travel, tourism, IT and so on.So now it is time for you to relax a little and lay this responsibility onour shoulders. You will be guaranteed perfection and satisfactionthereby. SEO SOLUTIONSSEO Company IndiaOur SEO goal is to increase your websiterank, which will provide back result inmore audience, traffic, visitors.indusWebi is the best websitedesigning and search engineoptimization company in Delhiwill help to improve yourwebsites search engine rankingsthrough organic SEO to appearwebsite on the top result of thesearch engines without any black-hat techniques. To achieve the organicseo result for any site is basically a mix-up of top optimized content by selected keyphrases and the link building and link popularity campaigns of website.Work with the top search engine optimization agencies for a holisticSEO strategy.Indus Webi Technologies[Type text] Page 3
  4. 4. Indus Webi Technologies Pvt.Ltd.We offer the service, which includes:On-page solution:. Keyword Research/Analysis. Content Creation/Optimization/Development. Title Tag Optimization. Meta Tag Optimization. H1 Tag Optimization. Atl Tag Optimization. Internal Links Navigation. XML Site Map Implementation. SEO friendly URL re-writingOff-page solution:. Link Building (One Way linking, Two Way Linking). Link Exchange. Article submission. Blog Submission / Blog Creation. Directory submission. Search Engine submission. Press Release submission. RSS Feed Submission. Blog Pinging. Classified submissions. Social Media Marketing. Social Book Marking. Forum PostingWe offer best SEO services package with guarantee value added andresult oriented to any clients in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia andworld wide.Indus Webi Technologies[Type text] Page 4
  5. 5. Indus Webi Technologies Pvt.Ltd.For more details please contact+91-97160-00081+91-99101-66616Or visit our Website :- IndusWeb TechnologiesIndus Webi Technologies[Type text] Page 5