Indian Startup Mantra @ BootConf '14


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Straight from grabbing an Idea to delivering the product. From soups to nuts

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Indian Startup Mantra @ BootConf '14

  1. 1. Take up one idea, make that one idea your life; think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. -Swami Vivekananda Green Acre, USA 1894 !2
  2. 2. Indian Startup Mantra by Shubhamoy !3
  3. 3. Agenda Phase I- Fetch ! Phase II - Decode ! Phase III - Execute !4
  4. 4. Before you start! Why? What? Who? Where? When?
  5. 5. A person is known by the path he travels and the choices he makes. What works out for someone might not work for you!
  6. 6. Why to have a startup? Create Experiment Freedom Make a difference in society Commit Mistakes
  7. 7. How to have a startup? Grab an idea Build a team Develop a product/service Deliver to masses
  8. 8. Why a web-based startup? Re:imagine with Digital - Google Easily Found Low Risk Mobile First Strategy Global Platform
  9. 9. Internet Statistics 61% Feedback 66% Publicity 73% Publish views and ideas to world Source: Google Day 2013
  10. 10. Phase I Fetch
  11. 11. Ingredients Idea Team Money Research & Planning
  12. 12. Idea “Good for Ego or Good for Business - Aditya Ghosh, IndiGo Tools of Self Expression Micro Universe Focussed Shareable/Embeddable
  13. 13. Team “Know the members by skills not by name - Venky Mysore, KKR Demarcate friendship and professionalism Staggered Equity (5=>33% else 10%) Respect Emotions drive action and actions drive decisions
  14. 14. Money Start Fast, Fail Fast; try till you succeed - Richard Harshman, Amazon Seed Funding?? Accelerator?? Incubator??
  15. 15. Research & Planning “Imagine a football ground without the goal posts. Scenario of a company which doesn’t plans - Venky Mysore, KKR Have a mission that matters. Solve a problem! Never ending process and the crux of a startup!
  16. 16. Phase II Decode
  17. 17. Ingredients Plan Project Development Model Documentation Technology Stack Best Practices
  18. 18. Plan “Never develop a product; you yourself don’t wish to use or pay for… SRS Document Short Term and Long Term Plan “Sarpa Drishti” and “Garuda Drishti”
  19. 19. Project Development Model SCRUM git JIRA Continuous Integration
  20. 20. Documentation Process Documentation Code Documentation Mockups Document all Communication
  21. 21. Technology Stack “Learning a programming language; doesn’t makes a difference but what you create with it? Let the need dictate the choice! Speed Performance Scalability
  22. 22. Best Practices Develop Fast Community Development Create Free Platform for Paid to Run Rubber Duck Debugging UI and Usability Standards
  23. 23. Phase III Execute
  24. 24. Ingredients Launch Testing & Debugging Marketing Troubleshooting Security
  25. 25. Launch Launch the product with bare-minimum features then keep on adding/removing based on feedback Launch the product quickly; helpful for supercharging the team Initial focus on users and traffic volume Invite-only Beta Ghost and Discourse
  26. 26. Testing & Debugging Test beyond use-case Don’t make user think Refine & Iterate Solicit User Feedback
  27. 27. Marketing Word of Mouth Connections->Conversations->Community Short Attention Spans, Narrow Interest Graphs, Social Serendipity, Community Curation, Remix in Context, Emergent Storylines Development Updates Piggybacking
  28. 28. Troubleshooting Make traction or Fake Traction Blog about failures also Free/Paid on basis of usage Steal Battle Criticism with a smile
  29. 29. Security Required at every phase Defamers are won’t leave a chance Trust No one can steal your idea but can steal your source code
  30. 30. Definition of Security Separate asset from threat using control
  31. 31. The Dynofy Story Case Study
  32. 32. Single Slide Case Study Logic: Status = 200 then UP else DOWN Python’s Flask Framework, MongoDB and AngularJS PhoneGap for Android App Template Blunder Major Bugs
  33. 33. How to succeed? Love criticism Look at the bigger picture Avoid negative approach syndrome Never jump on incidental success
  34. 34. Questions???
  35. 35. Thank You :)
  36. 36. Contact Me +91 844-7000-800 @shubhamoy