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Briefing PPT, for event B on 23 March

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Briefing_16 march

  1. 1. Briefing Event B Best of Britain
  2. 2. Standard Cover
  3. 3. Reservation List (updated 8 March)Arrival Time Guest Number of guest Table7:00 pm Tracy Ng (VIP) 10 PDR (Min $3,000)7:00 pm Ms Chung 3 TBC7:15 pm Ms Lee 2 TBC7:30 pm Ms Man 8 42,43,44,457:30 pm Jennifer Chan 2 TBC7:30 pm Ms Lui 6 12,137:30 pm Ms Lui 6 12,138:00 pm Ms Toby To 2 TBC 39
  4. 4. Floor Plan JudyXenia NicoleDaisy Stephen Henry Joanne Henry Terry Kathleen Renee Won Stella
  5. 5. Service Procedure• 1. Greet and Welcome Guest• 2. Escort Guests to be Seated o Unfold Napkins• 3. Upsell Drinks o Ask if the guest would like to try our cocktails or mocktails• 4. Present Menu• 5. Take Order• 6. Upsell wine o Ask if the guest would like to have wine pairing for the beef or fish• 7. Adjust Cutlery• 8. Serve Bread & Butter• 9. Serve Appetizer
  6. 6. Service Procedure• 10. Serve Main o Place Toothpicks on the table• 11. Crumb Down Service• 12. Set Dessert Fork and Spoon• 13. Serve Dessert• 14. Ask for Coffee or Tea o Take Drink Order when the guest finishes dessert o Put Sugar Can on table after taking food drink order• 15. Serve Coffee or Tea• 16. Present Check• 17. Guest Farewell
  7. 7. Other Important Points (PDR)• Minimal Charge: $3,000• 3 Free Parking for 3 hours at Hotel ICON• Upsell Drinks o San Pellegrino (Sparkling water, $50) o Aqua Panna (Still water, $50) o Soft Drinks ($15) o Juices ($20)• Coffee and Tea will be served in Banquet Style• Prepare 10 Coffee cup setting in advance• Special Attention to the Guest
  8. 8. Other Important Points (Section N, Section X)• Prepare enough Dessert fork and spoon in side boards• Food Order Sheet: No need to know who’s host• Serve Salad and Soup at the same time• Only Pantry and Runner run Food• Stella: POS Station moves next to PDR
  9. 9. Other Important Points (Bar)• Prepare lemon slices o Prepare 3 plates, each 12 slices (Hot Drinks) o Prepare 2 plates, each 12 slices (PDR Banquet Style Coffee or Tea) o Prepare 1 plate (for still water in PDR) o Add lemon garnish for coke• Prepare lime slices o Prepare 8 slices of lime on 1 plate (for sparkling water)• Polish more wine glasses• No bar server in Event B• Won: Server in PDR