The music press key concepts


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The music press key concepts

  1. 1. The music press: print and online 4 weeks prep timeExam Thursday 6th June 2013 4 tasks in 1 hour 30min
  2. 2. The key concepts• Language• Institution• Audience• Representation
  3. 3. Language• What do we mean by this?• Genre & forms and conventions
  4. 4. genre• Music genre gives a publication its identity which can be easily recognised by a fan.• It impacts on all areas of:• Design• Content• Mode of address• Underlying ideology
  5. 5. Forms and conventions• Layout, format, design and content of both print and online publications• How do web based publications relate to print based?• How are they alike and how are they different?• To what extent does the genre/target audience impact on these similarities/differences?
  6. 6. institutions• Who owns the music press?• The uk music press is made up of large corporations, small independent groups and even small groups of people/individuals.• How do these differ?• What are their values and who writes for them?
  7. 7. • Some of these institutions have a cross media/multi platform presence.• Does this make them more influential?
  8. 8. Finance of institutions• What are the commercial pressures faced by the music press?• How is it funded and what sort of costs do print and online magazines incur?• What is the importance of the advertising industry to the survival of the music press?
  9. 9. audience• Who reads the music press?• Consider youth culture and fandom.• Demographic/psychographic/values and lifestyles groups.• Profiles of mainstream and niche audiences.• Match them to contrasting publications.
  10. 10. Uses and gratification• Why do audiences buy and read the music press?• What uses and gratifications do they get from it?• Many publications have declined, why is this? Are they not meeting the audiences needs?
  11. 11. Effect of the music press• How influential is it?• Can it make or break an artist/band?• Find examples
  12. 12. representation• Closely linked to genre as each genre is associated with an appearance or look.• A set of behaviours and a belief system which is shared by its fan base.• How is representation used in the packaging and selling of music?• Often a fan/audience is not just buying the music, they are often subscribing to a whole set of behaviours associated with it.
  13. 13. • Both print and online music magazines represent music gernes thorugh bands/artist and the fans.• Examine the attitudes of the music press to bands/artistes.• What language have they chosen to describe them and their music?• What pictures have they chosen to portay their image?• ?
  14. 14. • Are they revered or idolised?• Or, is the magazine more critical and take an objective stance towards the music business
  15. 15. examples• It is important that you have a range of examples to explain your points.• Think PEA• Point• Example• Analyse• We will go over egs in class, but you MUST do your own research as well to prove you are an independent learner.