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  • Extrapolate means to infer something not known from the known facts, using logic and reason.

Star Wars Star Wars Presentation Transcript

  • Star Wars & SF Genre
    • The fundamental principle of any SF text is extrapolation.
    • SF extrapolates features from our own society and transforms them into futuristic worlds .
    • “ Good SF” argues that if A is the case it follows that B can happen.
    • If human history does breed dictators, then Nineteen Eighty-Four can happen.
  • Star Wars & SF Genre
    • SF is not so much a single genre – it is more of a cluster of overlapping sub genres.
    • There are about 6 most familiar story types: Space Opera, Planetary Romance, Future Cities, Disaster Stories and Alternative Histories.
  • Space Opera
    • Star Wars falls under the sub-category of Space Opera.
    • Space Opera – “ Tales of interstellar heroics, usually involving mighty spacecraft and fearsome super-weapons.”
            • David Pringle The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction
  • Classic Fairy Tale Narrative
    • A Princess has to be rescued
    • The hero often sees her in a magical object like a mirror
    • He has to carry out a difficult task and is helped by friends with special skills
    • He defeats the antagonist (supernatural adversary) and restores harmony.
  • Star Wars Narrative
    • Princess Leia has to be rescued
    • Luke sees Leia in a magical object like a mirror - R2D2’s projection.
    • Luke is aided in his quest by friends with special skills - (Ben Kenobi, R2-D2, C3PO, Han Solo).
    • Luke comes up against a supernatural adversary - Darth Vader
    • Luke blows up the Death Star and restores harmony (temporarily).
  • Vivian Sobchack
      • “ Star Wars and Close Encounters rally a cinematic exodus from the constraints, pollution and crime of the failed city…”
            • Vivian Sobchack Cities On The Edge of Time in Alien Zone II (Ed Kuhn), Verso 1999.