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Representation Representation Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to Representation
  • RepresentationAim:Explore representation theoryStarter :Look at advert a.-What can you see?What does it mean?
  • RepresentationWhat is representation?Representation means the way images are CONSTRUCTED to create meaning.All texts are CONSTRUCTED. They are ENCODED (meaning put in) with meanings which we DECODE (meaning explained/understood) when we analyse a text.Everything in the text is there for a reason!
  • RepresentationWhat is denotation?What can be seen/heardWhat is connotation?What ‘What can be seen/heard’ means to use.gDenotation: We can see a babyConnotation: The baby means innocence
  • RepresentationWhat is anchorage?When a text uses dialogue or captions (words) to confirm the meaninge.g. Look at the next slideHow is the meaning anchored?
  • Stereotypes- Lippman• Stereotypes are a shortcut used by the media in both uses of representation and audience targeting.• They are usually negative representations based on age, gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity etc
  • Semiotics- codes• Codes (technical codes, visual codes, iconography)Technical codes:Mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, sfxVerbal codes:everything to do with language -either written or spokenSymbolic codes/iconography:codes that draw upon our experience and understanding of other media texts, or culturee.g we know the Eiffel Tower is in Paris therefore if we see it in a film we know it is set in Paris.Logos can be iconography too.
  • Semiotics- codes How are technical, verbal and symbolic codes used in this advert?
  • Semiotics- IdeologyWhat’s this?Ideology is a set of beliefs which the producers encode in media texts.These can be:MoralReligiousPoliticalCultural
  • Semiotics– Signs and significationSign:a symbol which is understood to refer to something other than itself. (denotation)Signified:the meaning. (connotation)
  • What signs are used in this text?What do the signs signify?
  • Semiotics- realismWhen a text attempts to mirror the real worlde.g Pat popping out for a pint of milkAll texts have varying degrees of realismHow realistic is this trailer?
  • Semiotics- realismSuspension of disbelief:When an audience makes the decision to accept fiction as real for the duration of the text.e.g vampire films- while we watch them we will believe in aliens and accept the story however we know that vampires don’t exist
  • Semiotics- Intertextuality and Enigma codesIntertextuality:When one text references anotherEgEnigma codes:A question that is not immediately answeredEg someone is murdered...who is the murderer???
  • Your turnIn pairs plan a 15 min lesson (not presentation)On one of the following:• Applying Post-Modernism to representation• Applying Marxism to representation• Hyperreality in media textsYou will need to include a starter, delivery of new knowledge and an assessment activity (make it fun)
  • Choose one of the theories and apply to yourmoving image coursework.