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  • Online age intro

    1. 1. Media In The Online AgeH540: Critical Perspectives in Media: G3252 hour exam
    2. 2. This paper covers the two areas of Theoretical Evaluation of Productionalongside a study of Contemporary Media Issues. In Section A, candidates describe and evaluate their skills developmentin their production work and then select one production to evaluate inrelation to a media concept. In Section B, candidates choose one topic and then demonstrate theirunderstanding of a contemporary issue through a range of texts,institutions, audiences and debates.
    3. 3. The purpose of this unit is to assess your knowledge and understandingof media concepts, contexts and critical debates, through yourunderstanding of the media issue of ‘Media In The Online Age’ and yourability to evaluate your own practical work in reflective and theoreticalways.The examination is two hours. You are required to answer twocompulsory questions, on your own production work, and one questionfrom a choice of two from the topic Media in the Online Age.The unit is marked out of a total of 100, with the two questions onproduction work marked out of 25 each, and the media theory questionmarked out of 50.
    4. 4. What areas will youstudy?You are required to study contemporary mediatexts, industries, audiences and debates.
    5. 5. We will look at specific case studies, you must conduct research into your own choice of texts &debates.You will have to demonstrate understanding of the issue of Media in the Online age. This understanding must combine knowledge of at least two media and a range of texts,industries, audiences and debates, we will be focusing on the News industry and the film industry. Each topic is accompanied by four prompt questions, and you must be prepared to answer anexam question that relates to one or more of these four prompts.There should be emphasis on the historical, the contemporary and the future in relation to Mediain the online age, with most attention on the present.
    6. 6. Issues in Media in theOnline ageHow have online media developed?What has been the impact of the internet onmedia production?How is consumer behaviour and audienceresponse transformed by online media, in relationto the past?To what extent has convergence transformed themedia?
    7. 7. We will be focusing on:music downloading and distribution,the film industry and the internet,online news provision (Mrs Ashton)
    8. 8. The approach:Historical – you will be able to summarise the development of the mediaforms in question in theoretical contexts.Contemporary – current issues within the topic area.Future – you must demonstrate personal engagement with debates aboutthe future of the media forms / issues that the topic relates to.Not every question will expect you to consider all of these points socredit will be given for work which can be adapted to the specificrequirements of the question.