Film cover and review2


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Film cover and review2

  1. 1. Film magazines,Front cover for brief 1, promotion package for a new film.Film magazine review page for brief 3, short film in its entirety.
  2. 2. Role of film magazinesRemember your film industry work from last year.Magazine promotion is an important part of the film marketingprocess. Positioning it at the right point in the film year andconsidering other releases is a real skill. Marketing execs aim to raiseaudience awareness at least 6 weeks before premiere and release.Although print is under threat, some film fans enjoy collecting infoabout the SFX, their favourite actors/directors.Magazines can provide this insider information.
  3. 3. Case Study: Look on the advertising sites forEmpire the institutions for the best insightMagazine into magazines as a brand & audience
  4. 4. What do theysay aboutthemsleves?EMPIRE is the premier movie destination, providing indispensableinsight into cinema, both blockbusting and classic.Online, in-print and via app EMPIRE’s unparalleled access has led toworld-beating exclusives such as the first look at Heath Ledger’sJoker, to extraordinary access to Steven Spielberg who guest editedour 21st birthday issue, to George Lucas’s backyard in the run up toIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullAfter 20 years of being the world’s best movie magazine, last yearsaw EMPIRE become the biggest movie magazine in the world. Thisinternational domination – outselling all of its rivals globally by anaverage of 2 to 1 – is down to EMPIRE’s continued commitment todelivering movie fans the greatest monthly experience, telling themwhich movies to get excited about and why.EMPIRE is a truly multi-platform brand, using magazine, online andapps to connect with 1.4 million of the smartest film fans on theplanet. Reaching consumers with high disposable incomes, EMPIREreaders are early adopters, media-savvy and invest in technology.
  5. 5. Empire is the world’s largest movie magazine1 Unrivalled access to iconic, A-List film talent, giving advertisers the opportunity to position themselves alongside influential brands and personalities2 World exclusives on the biggest and most exciting new films3 Authorative coverage on all aspects of home entertainment: DVD,TV, games, hardware etc.4 Dominates the uK film market with 68% circulation share, outselling its nearest competitor by 93,000 copies.5 Unprecedented loyalty and trust – 70% of readers buy every issue.6 Empire has over 50,000 subscribers - this is up over 25% y-o-y. Empire has more subscribers than it’s nearest rival sells copies on the newstand.7 The magazine, and our international editions now reach over 2.5 million of the most dedicated movie fans on the planet.
  6. 6. You should consider whichtype of film magazine wouldbe most suitable for your targetaudience.
  7. 7. Date
  8. 8. magazine as a brand
  9. 9. What are the conventions of layout?
  10. 10. Film Magazine review
  11. 11. Consider conventions of layoutWell shot still from production
  12. 12. posed studio shot, focus on actor
  13. 13. Have a look at the Sight and Sound site for DPS of reviews and articles
  14. 14. Points to consider when analysing reviews:from whose point of view is this written from?what is the purpose? persuade, inform, educate,entertain?you must analyse the discourse.what is the language like?
  15. 15. format (print magazine rather than online)house stylebrand identitylexical cohesionlexicon of wordsexpert terminologypostmodernism, references to other sources, films,work by other directors, art, music, travel...
  16. 16. When analysing use two step approach:denotationconnotationin terms of key concepts;LIAR & Genre& codes, of gesture, posture, clothing, eye contact,costumes, mise-en-scéne, colour, typography.
  17. 17. InstitutionWHo publishes this magazine and what kind of brandare they promoting?Hollywood blockbuster or indie, European, shortfilms?
  18. 18. AudienceLink to this page
  19. 19. how are we persuaded to access the film?online, cinema, DVD, download.retrospective, canon of ‘great’ film. Who makes thesedecisions?
  20. 20. film subculture
  21. 21. Aim to complete at least three examples.Try to choose two very different editions and then onewhich is very similar to how to how you hope yours tobe.Again, vary the format in which you present this workbut please bear in mind, the standard of analysisshould be much higher than that of your foundationportfolio.