Assessment objectives for a2
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Assessment objectives for a2






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Assessment objectives for a2 Assessment objectives for a2 Presentation Transcript

  • A2 G325 Critical Perspectives in Media Assessment Objectives in two hour exam.
  • Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production 50 marks. Section B: Contemporary Media Issues 50 marks.
  • Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production 2 compulsory questions 1. Describe & evaluate your skills development from music magazine - promo pack. You will have to adapt your answer depending on which one or two of these practices they refer to: digital technology, creativity, research & planning, post-production, using conventions from real media texts. If you have produced any other work you can refer to it.
  • Question 1b Select either your magazine ( or even your prelim tasks) or you promo and discuss it according to one of the following concepts: Genre, narrative, representation, audience, media language. You can apply the concept to your task or use your task to challenge it as some will be more relevant than others. I would suggest you choose at this point which portfolio is most suitable & prepare that in loads of detail.
  • Section B: Contemporary Media Issuessix areas with two questions in each There will be to choose from. You will choose one from ‘Media in the Online Age’. You will be expected to comment on the historical, contemporary & future of the online media.
  • Prompts: questions will be based around one of the following: What has been the impact of the internet on media production? How is consumer behaviour and audience response transformed by online media, in relation to the past? To what extent has convergence transformed the media? How have online media developed?
  • In your answer you want to aim to explore combinations of any two media, considering how each (or the two in converged forms) can be analysed from the prompts. Examples might be music downloading and distribution, the film industry and the internet, online television, online news provision, various forms of online media production by the public or a range of other online media forms.
  • Definition: Historical – summarise the development of the media forms & how the online age has affected them. eg changes in broadcasting to niche audiences due to expansion of TV channels. Contemporary – current issues within the topic area. eg Piracy of films. Future – personal engagement with debates about the future of the media forms / issues that the topic relates to eg what will the future for the music industry be if they are losing CD sales revenue?
  • Synoptic: A Level qualifications should enable candidates to develop a broader and deeper understanding of the connections between the knowledge and understanding set out in the specification as a whole. Synoptic assessment will involve the explicit synthesis of insights gained from a close and detailed study of a range of media texts, institutions and technologies. It will require candidates to show evidence of the ways in which contextual factors and media concepts inform their own readings, and ensure that candidates demonstrate their skills of interpretation and evaluation to give articulate, well-argued responses.
  • Assessment Objectives: G325 AO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding 15% of media concepts, contexts and critical debates, using terminology appropriately and with accurate and coherent written expression. AO2 Apply knowledge and understanding to show G324 how meanings are created when analysing media 10% 5% products and evaluating their own practical work. AO3 Demonstrate the ability to plan and construct media products using appropriate technical and 15% creative skills. AO4 Demonstrate the ability to undertake and 5% apply appropriate research.
  • Totals for A0s AO1 30% A02 30% AO3 30% AO4 10%
  • OCR adds together the unit uniform marks and compares these to pre-set boundaries (see the table below) to arrive at qualification grades. Advanced GCE A 400–320 B 319–280 C 279–240 D 239–200 E 199–160 U 159-0
  • A/B boundary Performance Descriptions AO1: Candidates characteristically: communicate detailed knowledge and understanding of media concepts; create and sustain well-organisedand coherent arguments linked to media contexts and critical debates; structure and organise their writing using an appropriate register; communicate content and meaning through expressive and accurate writing. AO2: Candidates characteristically: communicate an informed understanding of media forms, codes and conventions; explore through detailed analysis of media products and processes how these aspects create meaning; evaluate their own work with close reference to these aspects and the shaping of audience or user response. AO3: Candidates characteristically: research, plan and construct a media product selecting appropriate technical and creative skills; demonstrate controlled and creative use of the selected technology. AO4: Candidates characteristically: communicate an informed understanding of research skills selecting appropriate methods; present relevant and detailed research findings and conclusions; produce a critical and reflective evaluation of the process and its outcomes.
  • You can all do these things! You just need to prove it to the examiners! Always: Use the correct terminology- refer to portfolios, music promo packs. Use the terms from the question & keep refering back. PEE: point, example, explain. Have up to date examples to support your points. Be specific.
  • It is possible to prepare for any question. For Section A they have given you the concepts to research & it is your own material you are discussing. For Section B there are the ‘prompts’ that will form the basis of any possible question. You need to prepare essay plans to cope with any of these eventualities. Looking at your timed essays most of you need to work on your essay writing style. This is where practice makes perfect! You also need to have stats up your sleeve & examples.
  • Basically, it’s simple to ‘waffle’ on about TV or Film. You must prove that you have studied. That you understand the concepts & the historical, present & future contexts.