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A presentation which will give you an insight of how great a lady she was!

A classroom presentation, comments invited.

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  • Born on May 12, 1918 in Hot Wells.

     Her parents operated a hotel and restaurant so popular that people would often come from Houston – over 25 miles away – to visit.

    She was the youngest child of Edward Alexander and Lula Vember Wagner. As a child, Mary Kay was forced to be self-reliant. Her father was ill with tuberculosis, and her mother worked 14-hour days managing a restaurant. Ash did the housework, cooked meals, and cared for her father. She gives much of the credit for her later success to her mother, who constantly encouraged her. Read more: Ash, Mary Kay - Overview, Personal Life, Career Details, Social and Economic Impact, Chronology: Mary Kay Ash

     when Ash was just seven years old, her father became seriously ill with tuberculosis and was forced to move into a sanatorium. Ash’s mother sold the hotel and restaurant and moved her family to Houston, where she opened a small café. Here, Ash was kept busy with the cleaning and cooking. 
  • “From my own use and the results I had personally received, I knew that these skin-care products were tremendous,” said Ash, “and with some modifications and high-quality packaging I was sure they would be big sellers!” In its first year, company sales reached $198,000, primarily from sales sessions, or ‘skin care classes’, her sales team would hold in private homes. Ash rewarded her top salespeople with what would later become her company’s trademark – pink Cadillacs. They would all work part time, earning money both from their own direct sales, as well as bonuses from any recruits they brought onboard the Mary Kay team. 
  • Ash was succeeded by her son Richard in 1987, but remains active in the business.
    In 1995, a decade after the leveraged buy-out, Mary Kay was selling an estimated $866
    million in products, at wholesale, to 20 million women annually. Over 6,500 of the
    30,000-member sales force drive complimentary pink Cadillacs and other automobiles
    worth more than $90 million. The company also claims responsibility for creating more
    than 75 millionaires, calculated by the number of women who have earned more than a
    million dollars in commissions over the course of their careers. The Ash family’s personal
    fortune, according to Texas Monthly, is estimated at more than $325 million. From its
    base in Dallas, Mary Kay Cosmetics has grown into an international empire, with
    consultants throughout Canada, Europe, and even the former Soviet Union.
  • Mary Kay Ash

    1. 1. “Miracles Happen” Presented By:- Shruti Nagani 071313 CSI-III Year
    2. 2. The Mary Kay Way 1 Know Her STORY 2 Know Her COMPANY 3 Know MARY KAY ASH Mary Kay Inc You Can Do It! What lies behind that charismatic face
    3. 3. Hero’s Childhood Born on May 12, 1918 in Hot Wells. She was the youngest child of Edward Alexander and Lula Vember Wagner Her father became seriously ill with tuberculosis when she was seven, and her mother then sold the hotel and moved her family to Houston, where she worked 14-hour days managing a restaurant. Ash did the housework, cooked meals, and cared for her father. Her parents operated a hotel and restaurant so popular that people would often come from Houston – over 25 miles away – to visit.
    4. 4. Living The Odd Childhood She had to cook for her father She was Highly Competitive and got straight As Back From school, had to do all the cleaning Had to take care of her sick Father An orator from the beginningAge 7, shopping alone
    5. 5. Moving On… So, she got married at the age of 17 to Ben Rogers and soon had three children. She wanted to go to College, study Medicine and become a Doctor. But Her family could not afford sending her to one. Entrepreneurship first knocked on the doors of Mary Kay when a saleswoman offered her encyclopedia. The woman told her that, she would give Mary Kay free encyclopedia if she could also sell at least 10 sets of it, a quota that she needs to meet in 3 months. And she was able to sell all 10 of it in just 1 ½ days.
    7. 7. Life Goes On…. In 1938, her husband returned from WWII, with another woman. They were divorced, after 11 years of marriage, Mary Kay got all the three children She did not lose faith, began taking premed courses at the University of Houston, while also working part time as a secretary at the Tabernacle Baptist Church and as a sales representative for Stanley Home Products (SHP) Later she decided to work for SHP, full time. But success was not hers yet. With no sale experience, she made no profits at all. But things were soon to change.
    8. 8. Dallas Convention and Later Learnt New Sales Techniques. Was fascinated by the annual crowning of Queen Of Sales. At Houston, she told her Sales Director, she wanted to be the next Queen Of Sales. He took both her hand in his hands, looked squarely in her eyes and said “Somehow I think You will”. And today she says, those five words changed my life! She was indeed crowned the Queen Of Sales next year.
    9. 9. It was indeed her Success, That let to her undoing SOON.
    10. 10. Goodbye SHP! Her profits continued to rise. She recruited and trained more people. Due to this, her revenues were rose to an extent, they started worrying SHP executives. She had 150 women working for her. They promptly transferred her to Dallas, and revoked all commissions her sales recruits. Left SHP to join World Gift Company. Promoted to National Sales Director in one Year. She trained new employees, later a man she trained was posted above her and at twice her salary Frustrated she left World Gift Company, to do something on her own along with fulfilling lives of other women.
    11. 11. Frustration leads to Success Ash wanted to write a book that would help women cope in the male-dominated business world. While working on the book's outline, Ash made two lists - one contained the good things, and the other, items that could be improved in the companies she had previously worked for. Looking over the lists, Ash realized that she'd inadvertently fashioned a marketing plan for the perfect firm - one that would allow women to work hard and achieve their goals. The only thing she required now was a PRODUCT, that she could sell, one that gets finished and is to be bought again and again.
    12. 12. Beauty by Mary Kay Her second husband died just one month before the launch of the Company. Her son, left his job and joined her. Beauty by Mary Kay was launched on September 13th, 1963 with an initial investment of 5000$ “From my own use and the results I had personally received, I knew that these skin-care products were tremendous,” said Ash, “and with some modifications and high-quality packaging I was sure they would be big sellers!” "Beauty by Mary Kay," a venture based primarily on a special skin care cream to which she had purchased the manufacturing rights, from a tanner.
    13. 13. Success @ 48 In its first year, company sales reached $198,000, primarily from sales sessions, or ‘skin care classes’, her sales team would hold in private homes., the numbers became 800, 000$ next year. Ash rewarded her top sales- people with what would later become her company’s trademark – pink Cadillacs.
    14. 14. About Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay Cosmetics offered its stock for sale to the public in 1968 and the company’s greatest period of growth after its formative years came in the 1970s and early 1980s, when stock prices rose by an astonishing 670 percent. In 1981 sales reached $235 million, an increase of 41 percent over the previous year. Sales dropped from $323 million to $249 million between 1983 and 1985. The stock bottomed out at nine dollars a share. In part, the crisis was a result of the improving economy. Women traditionally quit their jobs or found steadier employment rather than continuing to work in direct sales, according to Texas Monthly. The company’s growth was stagnant.
    15. 15. The ‘in’-famous buy-out Mary Kay wanted to be at the top, whatever it took, she was prepared to give her everything. In 1985, Mary Kay and her family purchased all the company’s publicly issued stocks in a 450$ million buy-out. The Company was private again. Young executives, updated company’s image. Bland line of Cosmetics thrown out, and pretty young models were on the catalogs. Commissions were boosted to lure Young women to leave high rise offices to join Mary Kay
    16. 16. And Today…. Mary Kay Inc. has grown to be a multi-billion dollar global cosmetics company, with more than 4,500 corporate employees and more than 1.8 million independent sales force members worldwide. Yet, it remains what Mary Kay first envisioned- a company with a heart. A company which offers women opportunities of growth and success that they rightly deserve. Mary Kay Inc, is continuously making a positive difference in the global community, and always finding new and meaningful ways to make life more beautiful for women all around the globe.
    17. 17. The Essential qualities that make her Mary Kay
    18. 18. VISION She wanted to empower women all over the world She knew cosmetics would sell themselves She found the web even before the web.
    19. 19. PEOPLE FIRST People before Wealth Apostle of Leaders Instilled the philosophy of Hard work, through motivation and the Golden Rule
    20. 20. DETERMINATION Most Successful people are ordinary people with extra ordinary determination Saw many setbacks, disappointments, but never stopped. Success is failure, inside out, they’re all opportunities
    21. 21. GUTS Stood tall in a male dominated world. Followed her instincts, over expert advice Believed that women should change their work according to their beliefs and not the other way round Its only her guts that made her top the cut-throat business world
    22. 22. CONTRIBUTOR Dedicated to ending women's cancers and domestic abuse Started in 1996. Regular Events and Grants. Gives a new direction to women who are undergoing these sufferings.
    23. 23. Just To Add.. Leader Focus Need Idea Commited Dreamer
    24. 24. Knew About People 1 Everybody wants to be Somebody 2 Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care 3 Everybody needs somebody 4 Anybody who helps somebody, influences a lot of bodies 5 Someone will rise up today and become somebody
    25. 25. An Author Inside Sharing a Lifetime Wisdom and a turnaround Success Story Her books pass on extraordinary business Insight, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit that helped her turn a dream for women into a global success story.
    26. 26. The Mary Kay Way: Timeless Principles From America's Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Mary Kay helped open the door for countless Women, throughout the world to find success on their own terms. The book gives an insight into the real, effective and proven principles Mary Kay practiced in her life. The book has been included in the business courses at Harvard Business School. 1
    27. 27. Miracles Happen: The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Mary Kay Inc. 2 Her autobiography, in the book Mary walks from the humble streets of Texas to creating a multi-billion dollar Empire. Sold 2 million copies in several Languages. Stories from her childhood, and how ‘You Can Do It’ became her mantra
    28. 28. Mary Kay, You Can Have It All: Lifetime Wisdom From America's Foremost Woman Entrepreneur 3 Wrote in 1995, to elaborate new and changing roles of modern women in business. Reveals secrets of a successful career along with a fulfilling family life. It became a bestseller in just two days of release. How to be more confident? How to cope up with male ego?
    29. 29. All that we can learn from her Life All that she taught us All that she wants us to follow All that is the reason for me choosing her!
    30. 30. The Golden Principle GOD First FAMILY Second CAREER Third
    31. 31. Mission To empower women To give them financial independence At the same time, Giving them all the time to care for their family “So many women just don't know how great they really are. They come to us all vogue outside and vague on the inside.”
    32. 32. Importance Needs “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck Saying, 'Make me feel important.' Never forget this message when working with people.”
    33. 33. Everyday Goal “Every day make at least one woman realize, how great she is”
    34. 34. Overcoming Failures “For every failure, there's an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour. ”
    35. 35. Everything is Possible Nothing is Easy, but Everything is possible “Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.” “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right. ”
    36. 36. Quick Finish-Up “Plan your work and work your plan” “Learn to work smart not hard” “Don’t ever give up” “Most people live day to day expecting that tomorrow they will do the things they want to do, that procrastination- procrastination is the biggest thief of time! Don’t procrastinate!”
    37. 37. Awards Received 2007 • Mary Kay on the Biography Channel produced by A&E Television Networks 2004 • One of the 25 Most Influential Business Leaders of the Last 25 Years by PBS and the Wharton School of Business 2003 • Greatest Female Entrepreneur in American History by Baylor University 2001 • Feminine Fortunes: Women of the Next Millennium magazine feature, honoring the achievements of professional women 2000 • Lifetime Television Network as the most influential woman in business during the 20th century
    38. 38. Awards Continued 1992 • Living Legend Award, Direct Selling Education Foundation 1991 • Outstanding Woman of the Year, Les Femmes du Monde 1998 • One of six personalities who shaped the industry in the past 100 years in a special collector's edition of Women's Wear Daily 1999 • Women of the Century award from Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas, honoring the state's 100 most influential women of this century • One of 20, and the only woman business leader, profiled in Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time
    39. 39. On Silver Wings
    40. 40. Reference Mary Kay Ash For being such a great Lady For writing so much about herself For, sharing her wisdom
    41. 41. Tha Thank You! Questions??