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This is the jeopardy game about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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  • it was a ok game..........................
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  • Instructions: On the menu write your own categories in the headings provided For each question simply change the text in the Question and Answer text boxes. When the slide is in full screen mode neither can be seen until the two blue buttons are pressed. In this way you can choose to give either the question or the answer first. You can place pictures between the Question and Answer but you must make sure that you ‘Entrance’ it with Custom Animation and place this entrance command as part of the ‘trigger’ for Question or Answer To return to the main menu, click the menu button To move to the next question, click the numbered button at the top right and this will take you there without going to the menu.
  • British jeopardy

    1. 1. British Jeopardy <ul><li>Let’s check – what do you know about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland </li></ul>by Ruslana Shamanska
    2. 2. 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland UK
    3. 3. England Where is Big Ben? In London Question Answer 100
    4. 4. England What is the name of famous shopping street in London? Oxford street Question Answer 200
    5. 5. England Where does the queen live? In Buckingham Palace Question Answer 300
    6. 6. England Which of these birds you can see at the Tower of London? Ravens Question Answer 400
    7. 7. England The ruined castle in the southwest of England, where King Arthur is supposed to have been born, is called: Tintagel Question Answer 500
    8. 8. Wales What is the capital of Wales? Cardiff Question Answer 100
    9. 9. Wales The official languages of Wales are: Welsh and English Question Answer 200
    10. 10. Wales The Welsh flag shows a red dragon on a _________ background. Green and white Question Answer 300
    11. 11. Wales What is the symbol of Wales? The daffodil Question Answer 400
    12. 12. Wales What is the highest mountain in Wales? Snowdon Question Answer 500
    13. 13. Scotland What is the capital of Scotland? Edinburgh Question Answer 100
    14. 14. Scotland What is the s y mbol of Scotland? The thistle Question Answer 200
    15. 15. Scotland The name of the Scottish national instrument is.... Bagpipe Question Answer 300
    16. 16. Scotland What is the name of Scottish national dance? Sword dance Question Answer 400
    17. 17. Scotland Describe the flag of Scotland... White cross on the blue background... Question Answer 500
    18. 18. Northern Ireland Another name for Northern Ireland is: Ulster Question Answer 100
    19. 19. Northern Ireland The capital of Northern Ireland is: Belfast Question Answer 200
    20. 20. Northern Ireland What is the currency in Northern Ireland? Pound Question Answer 300
    21. 21. Northern Ireland What ocean is to the west of Northern Ireland? The Atlantic ocean Question Answer 400
    22. 22. Northern Ireland What sea is to the east of Northern Ireland? The Irish sea Question Answer 500
    23. 23. UK What is the capital of the UK? London Question Answer 100
    24. 24. UK Who is the Queen of the UK? Elizabeth II Question Answer 200
    25. 25. UK What is the flag of the UK called? The Union Jack Question Answer 300
    26. 26. UK What is the national anthem called? God save the Queen Question Answer 400
    27. 27. UK What is the longest river in the UK? The Severn Question Answer 500