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Set 1 of marketing finance
Set 1 of marketing finance
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Set 1 of marketing finance


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  • 1. NCRD’s Sterling Institute of Management Studies, Nerul, Navi Mumbai TERM END EXAMINATION MMS SEM III Nov/ Dec Sub: - Marketing Finance Date: 18/11/2011 Time: 11am to 2 pm Day: Friday Marks: 30 Roll No: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instructions: Section I is compulsory. (10 Marks) Section II - Attempt any Two from the rest. (10 Marks Each) Section I Q.1 1. Discuss the Components of Credit Policy of a firm. Write down credit policy of imaginary firm. (5) 2. A choice is to be made between two competing projects, which require an equal investment of Rs.50000 each and are expected to generate net cash flows as under: (Amount in Rs.) Year Project I Project II 1 25000 10000 2 15000 12000 3 10000 18000 4 nil 25000 5 12000 8000 6 6000 4000 The cost of capital is 10%. Using NPV method, recommend which project is preferred. OR Q.1 Samsung India Ltd. produces three products . The following expenses incurred on Marketing are sought to be traced to the product using the indicated bases. Sr.No. 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 Expenses Salesmen's Salary Sales commission Sales office expenses Advertising Packing & Labeling Transportation expenses Ware house expenses Credit collection expenses The following data are also available: Amount 20,000 12,000 4,192 50,000 6,000 8,000 2,000 2,592 Basis Direct Charges Number of sales man Number of Orders Percentage of advertising Sales turnover Sales turnover Sales turnover Number of orders
  • 2. Particulars i No of Salesmen ii Units sold iii No. of orders iv Percentage of advertising v Sales turnover Total 20 20,800 3,200 Washing machine 8 6,800 1400 Refrigerator 10 8,000 1600 T.V 2 6,000 200 100% 4,00,000 30% 116,000 40% 160,000 30% 124,000 Calculate : 1. Marketing cost per unit sold for each three products. 2. Marketing cost as percentage of sales turnover. Section II Q.2 Answer any two: a) “Sales revenue is an integral element of cost” Explain b) Discuss Pricing of New product under ROI concept with its Advantages Disadvantages. c) Why it is essential to manage inventory? Why and when do Organizations hold Finished Goods Inventories? d) “It is very important the companies should have effective control system with regards to receivables “comment. Q.3 a) What are advantages and disadvantages of Tender Procedure? b) What are the Advantage & Disadvantages of Private & Public Warehouse? Q.4 a) Define marketing cost analysis .What are the uses of marketing cost analysis? b) Define Government Price Control. What are the effects of Government Price Control in business? Q.5 Write short note on (Any Two) a) Cost of Market research b) Life Cycle Costing c) Export Tax Credit d) Turnkey Project