Arun Silvester - ''Global Immigration Trends''


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Arun Silvester speaks at SHRM India Annual Conference 2013 on 'Global Immigration: Trends, Updates and Challenges'.

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Arun Silvester - ''Global Immigration Trends''

  1. 1. With You Today Arun Silvester Client Services Manager, Fragomen-Kochi Email: Tel: +91 484 3990714 Mob: +91 9496277600
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Global Immigration:  Introduction  Trends  Updates 2. Managed Services Model  Automation
  4. 4. Immigration • A mobility concept by which individuals are able to relocate between countries post obtaining necessary permissions • Undertaken for a variety of purposes – business, pleasure, work, study, permanent residence, asylum etc. Factors driving the necessity of immigration: • Globalization • Benefits of process outsourcing • Economic requirements • Expats contributing to boom in economy • Benefits of Population diversity • Replenish / tide over skilled labour shortage • Attracting best in class workforce
  5. 5. Evolution of Immigration
  6. 6. General Immigration Categories  IMMIGRANT VISA  NON-IMMIGRANT VISA • Business Visa • Work Permit • Tourist Visa • Others such as Study Permit, Training, Exchange Program etc.
  7. 7. Factors that may impact the appropriate Immigration Category • Purpose or context of the trip • Activities to be undertaken while in host country • Duration of stay • Nationality of the traveler • Travel history – incl. duration and frequency of previous visits • Relationship of home country employer to host company (e.g. affiliate/subsidiary entity, client, potential client, etc.) • Payroll location of the traveler • Prevailing wages of the host country Note: This list can vary depending on the destination country.
  8. 8. Scenarios of Immigration Non-Compliance • Entry without authorization • Entry on incorrect immigration document • False representations upon entry • Visa or work permit overstay • Violating a condition of stay • In-country requirements • Wage compliance in the host country • Others
  9. 9. Importance of robust immigration practise in Corporates • Immigration is core to the business strategy for many Global companies • Exponential increase in enforcement measures in global immigration scenario • Employers to ensure that employees are travelling under legally correct immigration status for the destination countries • Legal penalties that could result even from a single non- compliant foreign national • Corporates’ need to implement uniform immigration policy across their offices
  10. 10. Global opportunities & potential challenges for Corporates Potential Opportunities: • Skilled knowledge workers • Service delivery models • Home markets • Global investors' willingness to finance the projects Challenges: • Lack of market knowledge and access to consistent data • Legal, political and logistical concerns • Mobilizing human resources
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Nonimmigrant Visa Issuances by Applicants’ Nationality Regional Breakdown Fiscal Year 2012 (U.S)
  15. 15. Non immigrant Visas Issued Nationality Fiscal Year 2012 (U.S)
  16. 16. Data On Total Arrival of International Visitors to India (1981-2011) 17
  17. 17. Data On Total Arrival of Foreigners In India – 2011 18 Top 10 countries 1. USA 2. UK 3. Bangladesh 4. Sri Lanka 5. Canada 6. Germany 7. France 8. Malaysia 9. Japan 10.Australia Data in percentage Others Top 10 countries
  18. 18. Monthly Visitor statistics (India) : 2012- ‘13
  20. 20. Immigration updates for Inbound travel • Introduction of IVFRT • Mandatory online application • Increased mandate on personal appearance • Change in visa outsourcing agency • Introduction of Medical Visa category, Visa on Arrival for Tourists • Foreign nationals to provide digital photographs
  21. 21. Immigration updates for Outbound travel • Procedural  Visa fee adjustment  Streamlining visa processing (US)  CBP admission stamp  Interview Waiver Program • Policy/ Regulatory • Compliance/ Penalty
  23. 23. ‘Managed Services’ • Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day operations as a strategic method for taking care of routine operations, monitoring and management—freeing up the staff to focus on higher-value projects. • Unlike traditional outsourcing situations, where the client transfers complete control of their processes, the client decides what they want the service provider to take care of, and what they want to handle. The client retains full visibility into the process and management of their systems and processes.
  24. 24. Features of ‘Managed Services’ • Free-up management bandwidth to focus on core business • Leveraging functional expertise • Development and Maintenance of Knowledge Management framework • Access to latest policy changes and enhanced skill base • Enables process improvements • Ability to absorb spikes in case volumes without adding resources • Paying only for what is used • Business continuity; Reliable disaster recovery strategy Business Impact: Employees, Business, Corporate and HR
  25. 25. Managed Services Provider Immigration program management being complex, covering various geographies and business lines, organizations should identify the best Managed Services Provider (MSP) with the following capabilities: • Global Capabilities • Compliance • Strategic Advisory Input • Government Relations • Technology
  26. 26. P I R N E T D I E S I N C G C C N O R S A U T O M A T E L S A V P T A F A A B A L I K F B B I T I O E I I I L I A N H C L L I O N O I I I T N C L E T T Y E D N Y Y E C R Y P I R N E T D I E S I N C G C C N O R S A U T O M A T E L S A V P T A F A A B A L I K F B B I T I O E I I I L I A N H C L L I O N O I I I T N C L E T T Y E D N Y Y E C R Y 2 7 Automation
  27. 27. Stakeholders 28 Core Team Program Management Coordination Program Delivery Ownership $BU HR FA C CP HR ITExt External Stakeholders Includes Logistics, evaluations, software support, legal advise Business Units Decide on Workforce planning based on information provided Business Unit HR Consults with Business Units based on workforce intelligence and drives action plans as Directed by Corporate Corporate Planning and Corporate HR Makes Long Term Strategic Business decisions GI IT and Systems Support Provide support, maintenance and enhancements of MIS/ support systems Facilities Assist in logistics coordination/ infrastructure set up Finance Gives input regarding financial figures and receives insights for Financial planning
  28. 28. How to identify a potential ‘Managed Services’ partner? 1. Will the proposed service partner support our business strategy now and in the future? 2. Can we trust them to have the necessary expertise and bandwidth to provide maintenance, deliver support services or assume managed-services responsibilities? 3. Will they become trusted advisors that stay engaged and serve as an extension of our organization and business? 4. Do they provide a portfolio of offerings that span the entire service continuum and have the necessary flexibility to ensure a smooth deployment of managed services?
  29. 29. How to identify a potential ‘Managed Services’ partner? 5. What applications, diagnostics, checks or analytic tools do they leverage to anticipate any problems or hidden issues? 6. Do they provide a single point of contact that can quickly swarm experts to resolve an issue in our network? 7. Are they available across time-zones and geographies? 8. Do they really know us, understand our needs, and can they offer suitable solutions?
  30. 30. FRAGOMEN
  31. 31. About Us Fragomen Global Immigration Services, LLC. – A subsidiary of the 60 year old US headquartered, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, we are a leading provider of corporate immigration services & solutions globally. • Focused • Global Reach • Breadth and Depth • Strategic Partnering 32
  32. 32. Global Locations 33 Santa Clara, US San Diego, US Los Angeles, US Irvine, US Dallas, US Chicago, US Troy (Detroit), US Boston, US New York, US New Jersey, US Washington DC, US Coral Gables, US Fragomen Office Paris, FR London, UK Brussels, BE Frankfurt, DE Shanghai, CN Hong Kong Singapore Sydney, AU Perth, AU Wellington,NZ Kochi, India Bangalore, India Mexico City San Jose, Costa Rica Canada Planned Office Japan Dubai, UAE Beijing, CN Phoenix, US Brisbane, AU Canberra, AU Melbourne,AU Johannesburg, RSA 33 Atlanta Auckland, NZ Guangzhou,CN North Ryde, AuSao Paulo, Brazil Belo Horizonte, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Zurich,CH
  33. 33. THANK YOU !