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Corporate Finance Associates, India.

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Corporate Finance Associates India Profile

  1. 1. Leveraging Experience and Reach
  2. 2. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES INTRODUCTION Established in 1956, Corporate Finance There are five primary reasons why CFA is the Associates (CFA) is one of the largest mid- right firm for the task: market investment bankers in North America. Our offices in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia Serving Lower Middle-Market Companies for (India) specialize in M&A, Divestitures, Raising 50 Years Capital and related Advisory Services. For fifty years, we’ve been managing complex we ve transactions that maximize value for our An Independent and Unbiased Investment Banking Firm customers while earning their trust and building long-term relationships that span the globe. Our commitment to remaining independent Extensive Relationships with Financial from any i f investment capital affiliates or di t t t it l ffili t direct Institutions, Institutions Private Equity Groups (PEG) (PEG), lending sources ensures that we deliver Corporate and Middle Market companies. unbiased guidance. Clients Work with a Senior Principal from Start to Finish CFA has established its primar primary office presence in India through Saltrock Advisors Over 40 Offices Located Across North Private Limited in April 2009. The legal entity America and Europe . Over 6 Offices being will continue to remain Saltrock Advisors established across Tier 1 cities in India, with Private Limited and we will be doing business g current operations at Mumbai and Pune in India as CFA. 1
  3. 3. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES PRESENTATION OVERVIEW History and Heritage 3 Geographic Diversification 4 Services 5 Select Transactions 6 Industry Practice Groups 8 Team Biographies 9 Summary 15 Contact 16 2
  4. 4. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES CFA HISTORY TIME LINE Event 1956 Mike Rothberg launches CFA in Greenville, South Carolina 1966 CFA records first $5 MM transaction 1969 First international partner established in Switzerland 1972 Corporate offices moved to Atlanta, Georgia CFA grows t 15 office in 10 states and records first $10 MM to ffi i t t d d fi t 1975 transaction Bi-Annual CFA conferences launched to disseminate client 1980 needs and to facilitate training and best practices 1984 CFA records first $25 MM transaction Headquarters moved to Denver, Colorado. Mike Rothberg retires 1985 and Ji S d Jim Sorensen b becomes CEOCEO. 1988 CFA records first $100 MM transaction A management buyout of CFA . Morley Zipursky is elected 1996 Chairman Terry Fick is elected Chairman and Morley Zipursky is honored 2002 as Chairman Emeritus 2003 Peter Heydenrych is elected Chairman and CEO 2004 CFA expands to 40 locations worldwide 2005 CFA headquarters moved to Los Angeles, California 2006 CFA celebrates 50th anniversary 2009 CFA establishes India office 3
  6. 6. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES SERVICES Ownership Transfers Financing For: Sale of a Business Growth and Expansion Recapitalization Strategic Acquisitions Partner Buyout Buying Out a Partner Funding a Turnaround Recapitalization Acquisitions Acquisition Searches Acquisition Financing Consulting Consolidation Stratégies Pre-Deal Evaluation Valuations Transaction Evaluation T ti E l ti Other Due-Diligence Joint Ventures Structuring and Deal Management Strategic Alliances 5
  7. 7. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES SELECTED TRANSACTIONS - GLOBAL Few of our Mergers, acquisitions and capital sourcing spanning a broad range of industries 6
  8. 8. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES SELECTED TRANSACTIONS - INDIA Following recent transactions have been successfully executed by Saltrock Advisors Private Limited pre- CFA operations commencement in India. 7
  9. 9. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES INDUSTRY PRACTICE GROUPS 2000 to 2008 Transactions, by Industry With more than 50 dealmakers, we have Practice Group developed expertise in multiple industries. In order to enhance our delivery of services at the local level we have developed Industry Practice Groups which f G hi h form a project t j t team around th d the dealmaker closest to the client. The Industry Practice Groups leverage CFA’s depth of experience within a specific industry. Since 1956, we have represented clients in over 100 , p major industries and have developed especially deep expertise in the following industries: Business Services, Energy, Engineering/ Construction, Equipment, Food, Healthcare, Construction Equipment Food Healthcare Technology, Metal Fabrication, plastics/Rubber, Printing and Transport/Logistics. 8
  10. 10. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES TEAM BIOGRAPHIES Name Madhur Murarka, Director Qualifications Q lifi ti B.Tech BITS Pil i B T h ,BITS Pilani Experience Madhur comes with more than 20 years of Capital Market experience. He was the Proprietor of Batliwala & Karani, one of India’s oldest stock broking firms with a pan India presence. He was the CEO of the firm for 12 years. The firm formed a p p y joint venture with HSBC’s Investment Banking arm (now called HSBC Securities) in 1994. He exited the firm at this stage. In 1994 he set up MATA Securities India Pvt. Ltd, today one of India s leading Treasury Services Companies. MATA is a member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Commodities Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). It has a Merchant Banking and a Portfolio Management Services license. He has promoted several companies including Saltrock Advisors, Olympus Infotech Pvt. Ltd., an e-publishing and document management solutions company, Money Life, a leading finance magazine and a f l di fi i d few more. He has developed various mechanical trading systems which employ leading edge Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Network techniques. The systems have been delivering excellent returns outperforming the Index. 9
  11. 11. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES Name B.P Narayan, Director Qualifications MMS ,University of Pune Experience E i Narayan comes with 20 years of E t N ith f Entrepreneurial, M i l Management and I d t i l t d Industrial experience in the technology domain. Prior to CFA, he was the Managing Director and CEO of WiceNet Ltd ,Mumbai. India . He was the Co-founder and Managing Director of Divinet Access Technologies Ltd, providers of IPTV technology which raised series of Venture Capital investments for the product development and launch . Won the Dubai E-biz award,CSI national award, Maharashtra state IT award for the contributions to the technology development in India. He is one of the founding members of C-DAC, a government of India established which built the Param series of super computers. He also come with rich corporate experience having worked with business houses like L&T and Greaves Cotton. He is also the recipient of prestigious national industrial awards such as Udyog Ratan and Bharat Udyog Goldstar Award for his excellence in business. 10
  12. 12. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES Name Shrihari Allangala, Director Qualifications Graduate in Economics, University of Mysore and Post Graduate in Finance. International Certificate for Financial Advisers from CII London. Experience Shrihari comes with 20 years of experience in financial services industry. Prior to joining CFA, Shrihari was heading Liberty Global Business Consultants in Dubai; a consultancy firm engaged in Private Equity syndication, Infrastructure Advisory and Structured finance finance. He was responsible for negotiating a number of interesting projects including a JV between an Indian University and a U A E based group to set up a Medical University in Dubai , raising capital for India dedicated private equity funds, setting up distribution channel for a financial services company handled several joint venture proposals company, specially in the Real estate segments. He has represented a broad range of companies to achieve their strategic goals through mergers and acquisitions as well as joint ventures. He has represented private equity groups in establishing their acquisition criteria and implementing their acquisition campaigns. Before joining Liberty Global Business Consultants, Shrihari spent 9 years with Continental Financial Services in Dubai, initiated the Investment arm of the company and was responsible to develop the products team and processes products, processes. 11
  13. 13. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES Name Girish Narasimhan, Managing Director Qualifications Bachelor of Commerce, University of Pune Experience E i Girish Gi i h comes with over 12 years of collective experience comprising of F il b i ith f ll ti i i i f Family business, Entrepreneurial ventures and significant experience in Investment advisory. Prior to CFA, he was the Executive Director of IndiaCo Ventures Limited, a Bombay Stock Exchange listed investment firm. He participated in establishing IndiaCo since its inception until public listing through acquisition acquisition. He has received a token of appreciation from Duke Equity Partners, Inc, now a Dubai based Private Equity Fund on investment advisory that delivered returns in excess of 241% returns to investors in select investment vehicles. He H was also one of th f l f the founding members of I di ’ fi t N di b f India’s first Nanotechnology i iti ti t h l initiative, IndiaNano focused on cross border technology transfer and commercialisation in this sunrise sector. He is one of the co-promoters of Gridlogics Technologies Private Limited that delivers cutting edge patent analytics products and solutions for global companies companies. 12
  14. 14. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES Name Vinod Punjabi, Vice President Qualifications Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Experience Vinod has experience in due diligence engagements, bid assistance and bid strategy. Vinod has good understanding of transaction issues deal structuring and negotiation issues, issues relevant to Indian and cross border transactions. Prior to CFA, Vinod has worked with KPMG and an investment bank and has closed transactions for funding and assisted Mergers and Acquisitions transactions. His Hi recent Mt Mergers and A d Acquisitions and Fi i iti d Financial D i l Due Dili Diligence experience i l d i includes the following: o Assisted a private equity in evaluating an investment in a renewable energy company o Performed a vendor due diligence on a major regional newspaper in India o Assisted a leading integrated logistics company in evaluating the acquisition of a warehouse service provider in west India o Assisted a large Indian IT company on their acquisition of a stake in a UK based telecom software company p y o Performed a vendor due diligence on a sports apparel manufacturing company o Assisted a large integrated logistics company in due diligence on a warehouse service provider in West India o A i t d an IT company i d Assisted in due dili diligence on a UK b based t l d telecom software company ft 13
  15. 15. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES Name Akshay Hoshing, Associate Vice President Qualifications B.E Electronics and Telecommunication (University of Pune) and currently pursuing CFA ( (AIMR)) Experience Akshay has experience in valuations and formulating investment models. Prior to CFA, Akshay has worked with a Venture Capital Fund where he was responsible for conducting financial analysis and due diligence of companies that the Venture Capital Fund was planning to invest He also has had a stint with The World Bank with invest. regards to research projects. His recent Analytics and Financial modelling assignments includes the following: o Formulated investment model for transaction on behalf of a Singapore based PE Fund on a USD 25 million infrastructure company o Assisted Privately held travel services company in computing enterprise valuation and transaction structuring o Assisted a Privately held auto component manufacturing company in carving out of one its division o Assisted a Privately held corrugated box manufacturing company in computing enterprise valuation and transaction structuring 14
  16. 16. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES Name Sayantan Bhattacharya, Associate Vice President Qualifications B.E Chemical (University of Pune) Experience Sayantan has experience in market analysis and business plan positioning . Sayantan has good understanding of key processes and issues involved in fund raising assignments and comes with experience in conducting due-diligence (business and market). Prior to CFA Sayantan has worked with a Venture Capital Fund where he assisted in CFA, deal origination and analysis across emerging technology areas. Sayantan also comes with experience in working in a technology start-up. His recent Fund Raising and Business Due Diligence experience includes the following: o Assisting a Private Equity Fund in evaluating opportunities in the value added manufacturing sector o Assisting few large corporate houses in identifying strategic cross-border acquisition opportunities o Performed a business due diligence on a commodity manufacturer in India o Assisted a Electric Vehicle Company in raising equity funding o Assisted a IT Product Company in raising equity funding o Assisted a CFD Services Company in raising equity funding 15
  17. 17. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES SUMMARY Five reasons why CFA is the most worthwhile partner: For fifty years, we’ve perfected our processes, grown our organization and expanded our reach in order to Heritage focus on executing deals that maximize value for our customers. We have broadened our client’s market opportunity Multinational through several decades of establishing our name and reputation across th globe. d t ti the l b Our commitment to remaining independent from any Independent direct lending resources or investment capital affiliates ensures that we deliver unbiased guidance. Broad industry experience and a knowledge base of Relationships potential investors are the basis for our commitment to deliver through the competitive bid process. For every client, Corporate Finance Associates assigns a local senior principal to provide guidance Hands-on and long term advice from project inception to long-term completion. Most importantly, the CFA team embodies a competitive spirit. It is manifested in our drive to find new opportunities to get the job done. We believe that persistence and tenacity are positive pp g j p y p values. They will guide us in our work for you. 16
  18. 18. MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CAPITAL RESOURCES CONTACT Shrihari Allangala Director, India Corporate Finance Associates Suite 102, Global Port, Baner Pune 411045, Maharashtra, India T (India) / +91.99.1683.0685 C (Dubai) / + 971.50.6539-054 F/ +91.20.6643.7506 E/ W/ 17