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  • 1. 1 YousefM.Elshrek (Food ScienceandNutritionest) Personal Information Marital Statues: Married  Nationality : Libyan  Date of Birth:4/4/1944  Place of Birth:Tripoli Libya  Number of Children: 6  E-mail: or  Education  Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Missouri, Columbia Mo., USA, 1982.  M.A. in Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA, 1979.  M.Sc. in Food Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt, 1975.  B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Engineering,Libya University, 1970 Work experience Teaching Advisory and Consultancy 1994-till present, Full Professor, Alfatah University, Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science Dept. Tripoli Libya. 1990 till 1994. Associate professor, Tripoli Unversity, Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science Dept., Tripoli Libya. 1986 till 1990. Assistant professor, Tripoli Unversity, Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science Dept., Tripoli Libya. 1983 till 1986. Lecturer, Tripoli Unversity, Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science Dept., Tripoli Libya. 1983 till present Teaching of different courses in different Libyan Universities including, Meat Science and Technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Technical Reports Writing. 1995 and 1996Visitor professor for Cairo and Alexandria Universities Egypt. 1968 till 1971.Agriculture Assistant / Kufra Agriculture Project (Libyan Sahara), Occidental petroleum Corporation. Kufra Libya. 1992 till1994. Technical Food Consultant with Kufra Industrial Investment Company. Kufra Libya. 1983 till 1990. Technical Meat Consultant with National Meat and Live Stock Company, Tripoli Libya. Phone 00218217112120 Mobile: 0913640574 & 0925033956 E-mail:- Alfatah University Faculty of Agriculture Food Science Dept. Tripoli Libya
  • 2. 2 Management and Responsibility 1983 till1991. Food Research Advisory with Industrial Research Center. Tripoli Libya. 2000 till now member of Libyan sustainable Development committee 2004 Member in Arab Medical Sociaty /Cairo. 2005 Temporary Local Technical Food safety and control Consultant with FAO Tripoli Libya. 2003 till now Head meat standards spec. committee / International standard specifiction Center /Tripoli . 2004 Head committee of food security / national information and registration association Tripoli Libya. 2004 Member in Med. East and North Africa Nutrition Sociaty /Cairo Egypt. 2005 Member in Intenational Unuoin of Sciences / Cal. USA. 2005 Member in International Life Scienses Institute / Wah. USA /Cairo branch Egypt 2011WHO Nutrition Focal point Founder of Food Control and Inspection Center (Governmental Organization), Tripoli Libya. 1983 till present, Member of various food industries committees, Libya. 1996. Member of the Biotechnology Committee /Arab League (ALESCO). Organizer and Supervisor of different industrial Training Programs for public and Governmental Organization. Tripoli Libya. 1971till 1972, Food Industrial Engineer with General Libyan Industry Organization Tripoli Libya . Supervisor of considerable number of Graduate Studies At Alfatah University Tripoli Libya. 2008. National AL Enma Import Foodstuffs General Assembly Concle member Tripoli Libya. 2007 General Training Director ElNajma Training Center Tripoli Libya. 2011 Head of "Libyan Organization For Humeniterian Affairs" NGOs Tripoli Libya WHO Nutrition Focal point 2011 Studies and Research Microbial and Chemical Studies on Dried Lamb Meat, M.Sc. Dissertation, Cairo University, Egypt, 1975.
  • 3. 3 Degradation of myofibrils by Lysosomal Enzymes. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA., 1982. The effect of Nucleotides, Calcium Chloride, and Lysosomal Enzymes on the Water Holding Capacity of Myofibrils Proteins, Libyan Agriculture Research Journal. 1986. Some Microbiological Studies on the Ground Meat in Tripoli City . 2nd World Congress Food Born Infections and Intoxication, Institute of Veterinary Germany, 1986. Gelatin Extraction from Meat By-products. Cooperation studies with the Industrial Research Center (IRC), 1987. Extraction of Antibacterial and Antioxidants compounds from Pomegranate Peels, (IRC) Studies, 1988. “Involvement of Lysosomal Enzymes in the Protein Degradation and Meat Tenderisation” A Review, 2nd. Alexandria Food Science and Technology Conference, Egypt. 1992. “Effect of Naspoli leaves Extract on the Microbial Growth”. J. Basic. Sc. and Application (J.B.Sc.A), Tripoli, Libya, 1993. “Some Studies on the Heavy Metal (Fe, Zn, Cu) in the Local Poultry Meat”, J.B.Sc.A. Tripoli Libya. 1993. Effect of Calcium Chloride and Nucleotides on the Degradation and water Holding Capacity of Myofibrils Proteins. Egypt. J. Food Sci. 1996. Microbiological studies of spiced beef burgers in Tripoli city, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. WHO Health Journal. Volume 14 No. 1 2008. P.S. More Studies and Scientific Papers are not Included in this brief C.V. Books 1. “New Direction for the Handling and Processing of Frozen Foods”, Translated From English to Arabic. (Red Book of Recommendation for Processing and Handling of Frozen Foods. By The International Institute of Refrigeration. Paris, France), Cairo, Egypt, 1999. 2. “Meat Technology and Meat By-products (Quality, Preservation, Handling), Cairo, Egypt. 1994. 3. “Meat By-products, Tripoli, Libya, 1977”. 4. “Facts of Life”, Tripoli Libya. 1997. 5. "Libyan Food Between Traditional and Moderazition " 1997 6. “Libyan Nutritional Guide”, Cairo, Egypt, 1999.
  • 4. 4 7. “Nutrition and Health” 2005. 8. "Obesity and weight control" 2005 9. "Meat Technology" 2005 10. "Pregnancy and Nutritional Care" 2005 11. "Food Before Medicine" 2009 12. "Fundamentals of Lab Microbiology" 2009 13. "Diabetic Nutritional Control"2009 14. "Hepatites and Nutritional Care" 2009 Area of Expertise Conferences Food Intake and Poverty Research. Formulation of Food and Nutrition. National Policies. Design and Implementation of Nutrition Surveys. Design and Implementation of food programs. Public Nutritional Guide Through Television programs ,and Books Attended Considerable numbers of Conferences in Various Countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, and America.