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[e-Government Program City Paper : White Nile, Sudan]


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[e-Government Program City Paper : White Nile, Sudan]

[e-Government Program City Paper : White Nile, Sudan]

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  • 1. White Nile state ‫الرحمي‬ ‫الرمحن‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫سم‬‫ب‬
  • 2. General Information SituatedWhite Nile state in the southern part of the State of the Republic of Sudan after the secession of southern Sudan Bounded on the north and east of Khartoum State and Sennar State andWest North Kordofan and southern state of Upper Nile State of South Sudan
  • 3. General Information Site for the state in central Sudan There by the railway line linking other states such as Sinnar island Atbara Khartoum to the Red Sea state in eastern Sudan and west of North Kordofan and West Kordofan Babanusa City and to the city of Nyala, in Darfur state There is a road linking the city of rabakand cities of South Kordofan state, such as Dilling Kadugli
  • 4. Population The number of the state's population of about 1726356 thousand people. Actual cities: Rbak :City Lord is the state capital, and the Commercial Center, the largest of the mandate of the White Nile and is located near the north, the city of the island father is historically the most important cities of the White Nile after city alcove, from the religious aspect, the percentage because the revolution Mahdia Sudan originated and it came from, and the first victory scored by forward Mehdi Ali Turkish government forces in Sudan years (1884 was on that island, and there it has spread and rolled up victories Mahdia liberated the whole of Sudan and set up a national government
  • 5. The state government The state government is made up of nine municipalities, namely: 1 - a local Rabak CapitalActual jurisdiction 2 - Local Kosti 3 - LocalTendlta 4 - Local Peace 5 - local mountains 6 - Local Duwaim 7 - LocalAlkotaina 8 - Local mother threw him 9 - LocalValley All supported by a local official of them in governance A number of state ministries Services such as the Ministry of Education and Urban Planning and the Ministry of SocialAffairs
  • 6. Industry The White Nile State center of gravity of the sugar industry in Sudan, where there is by Kenana Sugar Factory, a joint venture between the Government of Sudan and a number of other governments notably the Government of Kuwait., And there is also a 'sugar factory Aslaya which follows the Sugar Company of Sudan, factory White Nile Sugar is important in industry ethanol and the production of electricity in the state of White Nile. There is also a cement factory by the Lord and manufacturers of fabric, one in Kosti and the other in Duwaim spread in most cities of the state oil industry and cotton gins and confectionery and white cheese and fish canning
  • 7. Education There are a number state (2), a public university of Imam Mahdi administration in Kosti Mentrh colleges in each of the Lord and the island APA University of Bakht satisfaction in Duwaim Also by a number of three technical colleges, a technical college Kenana - RBC technical college - College Alkotaina technical Interested in this field of technical colleges and degree is awarded Baklarios and technical diploma in the field of computer
  • 8. Agriculture Is theWhite Nile States inActual field of agriculture and livestock for the existence of theWhite Nile, which originates from South Sudan. In addition to agricultural areasWAN state
  • 9. E-government There are in state information network is now at the stage of foundation Where it was to connect all the state and ministries LAN network There is also a wireless connection between the city and the rabak & Kosti Are communicating with other sweeteners by e Alalketrona each local program and the Ministry of users desknow
  • 10. E-government Also been linked to high school network users InformationTechnology Schools 3g each state's main cities, and there are an estimated effort of the Ministry of Science and communications linking all cities in the state fiber network during this year
  • 11. I am grateful to you and good estimator Continue Presentationby Magdi Adam hourn osman