[e-Government Program Action Plan : Amman, Jordan]
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[e-Government Program Action Plan : Amman, Jordan]

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[e-Government Program Action Plan : Amman, Jordan]

[e-Government Program Action Plan : Amman, Jordan]

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  • 1. Action Plan Katherine Majali
  • 2. Q. What kind of Leadership Program should be provided to enhance strategy management capabilities A. 1. Envisioning and strategically planning 2. how to support and encourage innovation. 3. Resources utilization
  • 3. Current Status and Issues Current Status:  Jordan e-government program is focusing on a full e- transformation forward Smart Government. Issues:  Availability of resources (Human, Financial)  Availability of local skills to implement and use e-Gover nment  Private sector capacity to participate in e-Government development  Cooperation and harmony among government entities  Sustainability of e-Government implementation
  • 4. Action Plan Propose the following initiatives to support the growth of e-government and help overcome the current issues: -Open-source initiatives: purpose an initiative for the government entities to benefit the from each others resources as per their needs, this could be done through the cooperation of the concerned entities and be managed through a customized program/ software. -M-Voting: purpose the implementation of m-voting application as per the success story of Korea.
  • 5. Steps 1- prepare the detailed proposal with the consultant of the special matter expertise SMEs. 2- Submit it to MoICT management for approval. 3- Coordinate with the concerned parties and stakeholders to obtain their buy-in. 4- prepare the statement of Work. 5- Submit the statement of work for the management approval and action.
  • 6. Expected Results/ outcome -Open-source initiatives: cover the needs for the entities internally as per their needs, best utilization of government resources and lower cost (less out- sourcing is required). -M-Voting: increase the m-participants for the citizens and have a direct focus from the decision makers on their need(open communication channel).
  • 7. Expected Timeline -Prepare proposal: 1 Month -Obtain internal Approval: 2 weeks -Obtain stakeholders Buy in: 1 Months -Tendering: 4 months -Implementation: 6 months -Stabilization and go live: 1 month August 2014 September 2014 Jan 2015 June2015 July 2015a
  • 8. Thank You