Notification Service 2005

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An Insight of Notification Service 2005

An Insight of Notification Service 2005

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  • 1. Notification Services 2005
  • 2. Agenda
    • What is SQL Server Notification Services
      • Introduction
    • Architecture
      • Sub scription Management
      • Event Providers
      • Generator
      • Distributor
    • NS Instances and NS Application
  • 3. Existing approach for receiving notifications Getting Information - PULL No notifications – connected requestor Response LOB, Rpt ERP, CRM News Web My Device Request
  • 4. Existing approach for receiving notifications Getting Information - PUSH Push notifications – all or nothing LOB, Rpt ERP, CRM News Web My Device Push SPAM
  • 5. Getting Information - NOTIFY Notifications – subscriber preference LOB, Rpt ERP, CRM News Web Notification Application A new class of applications that deliver personalized and timely information to any device My Device(s) of Choice
  • 6. SQL Notification Service
    • Platform to develop and deploy rich, highly scalable notification applications
    • Declarative programming model
      • Based upon XML and T-SQL
    • Execution engine
      • Based upon SQL Server 2005 and .NET Framework
  • 7. Notification Service
  • 8. Architecture Overview Data Changes External Delivery SQL Server Subscription Management Application Event Provider File System Watcher SQL Server provider Custom EP Event Provider Host SQL Match Rule Executes Stored Procs Generator Distributor XSLT CF Custom CF XSLT Email .NET Alerts * File
  • 9. Managing Subscriptions Subscription Management Objects Subscribers Subscribers Devices Subscriptions Notification Services Subscription Mgt App Subscription Mgt App Instance DB Application DB
  • 10. Create Subscribers, Devices, & Subscriptions using Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices; string instanceName = “ABCPress"; NSInstance myInstance = new NSInstance(instanceName); Subscriber mySubscriber = new Subscriber(myInstance); mySubscriber.SubscriberId = “"; mySubscriber.Add(); INSERT INTO [ITM_NS_DEV].[ListingClosedBidAlerts].[NSSubListingSellerClosedBidView] (SubscriberId, Enabled, UserName, DeviceName,SubscriberLocale) VALUES (@username, 1, @username,'CUSTOM DEVICE','en-US')
      • SQLNS API
      • Views
  • 11. Collecting Events Event Sources Event Providers Standard Custom Notification Services Application DB
  • 12. CODE…
  • 13. Generator
    • Matches Events and Subscriptions to generate Notifications
    • Write “match rules” with full power of SQL
    • (Transact-SQL, sp, transactions…)
    Events & Chronicles Subscription Information Generator Notifications
  • 14. CODE..
  • 15. Distributor
    • Periodically scans for notification batches
    • Formats raw notification data to message body
    • Assembles formatted notifications into protocol packets
    • Delivers the protocol packet
    • Handles delivery failures
  • 16. CODE… From Application Definition file:
  • 17. CODE.. From Instance Configuration file:
  • 18. Instance Configuration File <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;utf-8&quot;?> <NotificationServicesInstance xmlns:xsd=&quot; <!--Instance name--> <InstanceName >ABCOwners</InstanceName> <!--Sql server--> <SqlServerSystem>%SqlServer%</SqlServerSystem> <!--Database information--> <Database> …</Database> <!--Applications associated with this instance--> <Applications>…</Applications> <!--Delivery Channels available--> <DeliveryChannels>…<DeliveryChannels> … </NotificationServicesInstance>
  • 19. Application Definition File <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;utf-8&quot; ?> <Application xmlns:xsd=&quot;; xmlns:xsi=&quot;http://... <!--Application database information--> <Database>…</Database> <!--Event class definitions--> <EventClasses>…</EventClasses> <!--Subscription class definitions--> <SubscriptionClasses>…</SubscriptionClasses> <!--Notification class definitions--> <NotificationClasses>…</NotificationClasses> <!--Event Providers--> <Providers>…</Providers> … . </Application>
  • 20. XSLT Content Formatter XSLT Content Formatter <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot; ?> <xsl:stylesheet version=&quot;1.0&quot; xmlns:xsl=&quot;;>
  • 21. Summary
    • Notification Services is a platform
    • Enables rapid development of robust scalable Notification Applications
    • Easy to use Declarative Programming Model
    • A True .Net Enterprise Server Product
  • 22. Additional Resources
    • Online
    • Books
    • microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
    • MSDN Forums
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Notification Services by Shyam Pather
    • Rational Guide to SQL Server Notification Services by Joe Webb
  • 23.
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