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packgaing its introduction, types, functions, IIP,problems n factors …

packgaing its introduction, types, functions, IIP,problems n factors
labelings and marking

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  • 3. INTRODUCTION Packaging is a process of covering, wrapping of goods into a package. Packaging involves desinging & producing the wrapper for a product. Packagingis next to grading and branding Packaging is essential for Offering goods in safe, and secured position to consumer
  • 4. TYPES OF PACKAGINGCONSUMER PACKAGING INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING -Designed for consumer - industrial packaging is convenience & appeal, focuses on the handling marketing consideration convenience & protection & display during transportation - The main emphaises - the main emphaises Is on marketing is on logistics
  • 5. FUNCTIONS OFPACKAGING PRIMARY FUNCTION Presentation convenience Protection Economy Preservatio n
  • 6. Primary functions…….. PRESENTATION: presentation of product should be attractive & eye catching
  • 7.  PROTECTION - protection increases life cycle of a product PRESERVATION- It preserves original colours, Quality, favour etc ECONOMY- Packaging of a prodcut should be economy CONVENIENCE - packaging should be light to handle
  • 8. SECONDARY FUNCTION Containme nt Identifica Handling tion Suitabilit Labeling y
  • 9. Secondary function Containment: - premeasured , preweight and then placed in box Identification : - packaging helps to indentify the products easily Labeling : -it helps to promote the sale of goods
  • 10. Handling: - when package is light in weight it facilitate easy handling of cargoSuitability: - packaging should be match with the product
  • 11. Factors for package design ininternational marketPhysicalcharacteristicsLanguage, colour and sizeEconomyContainerConvenience
  • 12. Indian institute of packagingThe Indian institute of packaging was setup in Mumbai on 14th may 1966Indian institute of packaging is a registered body under the societies registration ActLaboratories are in Delhi , Chennai & Kolkata
  • 13. Role of IIP in export packaging Grapes Mangoes Mangoes
  • 14. Vegetables Handicrafts Handicrafts
  • 15. LABELING ANDMARKING The label is printed matters that appears on the package Marking means putting some identification mark on the package during transportation and wharehousing
  • 16. Types of labels Brand label Grade label Informative label
  • 17. Some other international labeling symbols in use are as follows s clamp keep away from water Do not clamp Do not use hand hook Keep away This way upfrom sunlight
  • 18. Problems in productpackaging Over Breakage weight Moisture and Pilferage temperatur e