Shpe Meeting 4

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  • 1. SHPENew Mexico State University
  • 2. Membership Online
    Ranked #15 in the nation!!! GOOD JOB!!!
    9 Members are not paid!! See the Treasure
    - We are going to have to meet with you so you can log in
    Who has not registered yet??
  • 3. Vice-President’s Report
    Points have been updated – check online
    Members who are going to conference need to pay their own way for now and reimbursement will occur as we receive the money
    Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements
  • 4. SHPE ConferenceOctober 27-31
    Conference attendees need to sign the contract
    If you do not sign, you will not receive money from the chapter
    Contract needs to be signed before you leave to the conference
    Emails sent to me to relay info about the conference (see me after the meeting)
  • 5. Treasure’s Report
    Career Fair
    Ball Aerospace
    Fundraising Ideas
    Apple- Are they going to sponsor the science bowl?
  • 6. Secretary’s Report
    Did you guys see and read the minutes online?
    Any Corrections?
    Motion to Approve the minutes
  • 7. E-CouncilReport
  • 8. SHPE Conference
    Brandon- Who did community service?
    5 people attending?
    Are your resumes uploaded online?
    Contract needs to be signed
    Participants need to pay then we will reimburse accordingly
    Manny Gomez is working on sponsorship with Dow Chemical
  • 9. Resume Binder/CD
    Only one person has sent their resume!!
    You need to send it to me ASAP!!! Companies are asking for the binder!!!!
    Deadline a week from tonight
  • 10. Fiestas Latinas
    Met with Dr. Spencer and we are going to proceed with our piñata idea
    Now that we are allowed to do the event we need to make sure we do a good job!
    We need to decide the specifics!
    • What materials?
    • 11. Who participates?
    • 12. Amy will you help me here
  • Details of Fiestas Latinas
    Materials!!! Wood? Card board? Plastic?
    Using a “Green” theme
    Prizes? To whom will they we given to?
    Are we doing teams or individuals?
    What is the criteria on how they will be judged?
    Who will be the judge? Engineers? Dean? Non- engineers?
  • 13. T-Shirts
    Hope- any updates?
    Potential designs for the shirts?
    Review those that were submitted
    Ball Aerospace- may sponsor them
  • 14. T-Shirts - Members
    Hope Quintana
  • 15. T-Shirts - Officers
    Hope Quintana
  • 16. T-Shirts - Members
    Austin Chavez
  • 17. T-Shirts - Members
    Kevin Martinez
  • 18. T-Shirts - Members
    Kevin Martinez
  • 19. T-Shirts - Voting
    Hope Quintana
    Austin Chavez
    Kevin Martinez – 1
    Kevin Martinez – 2
  • 20. Science Bowl
    We need a chair to head this event
    Any volunteers?
    Wrote a proposal to Ball Aerospace to see if they will help sponsor the event
    Remember the event is February 19!!!!
    You are REQUIRED to attend.
  • 21. Community Service
    Keep State GREAT!!!
    Who was not here last time that needs to sign up?
    Homecoming Float – Earn Community Service points for helping out
    E-Council – Do you know if the dates for the building have been confirmed yet?
  • 22. Thank You Gifts
    It might be a good idea to send a signed card with the gift.
    There are thank you cards going around please be sure to sign them before you leave
  • 23. Next Meeting
    Did you want to do something special for Halloween????
  • 24. Anything I Forgot/Questions?