January time table


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January time table

  1. 1. Sri Lanka College of Journalism Diploma in Journalism Time Table 10th Monday 11th Tuesday 12th Wednesday 13th Thursday 14th Friday08.30-09.00 Newspaper Review09.00-11.00 Intensive English Language Course11.00-11.15 Break11.15-12.30 Introduction to Journalism Introduction to Journalism History of Media History of Media-Sri Lanka What is journalism/what Theoretical/communication/ Ancient day Context/How newspapers are the values journalists types of communications/ communication started in SL/sociological factors shared? Start with or verbal & non –verbal methods/Invention of behind emergence of include four corners communication/evolution of printing media/newspapers and national techniques/characteristics communication machine/Newspapers struggle/Radio Holiday12.30-13.30 Lunch13.30-15.15 Introduction to use computers/students login/ class blogs/word/power point/excel/internet/email/create students Gmail accounts-{format: (name)(stream)(11)@gmail.com}/IT policy-dos & don’ts/Typing15.15-15.30 Break15.30- Introduction to Journalism Introduction to Journalism History of Media History of Media-Sri Lanka17.00 What we mean by What is mass Radio/TV/Internet/New Television/Private journalism? duty and communication/What is Media/Historical trends in broadcasting/Laws and roles/responsibility/ who mass media? definitions/ media/How it affected government bodies/media can be journalists/media types of media/ public lives/time line of freedom issues and and journalism is it one or characteristics of mass media history in the assassinations/Internet/New two/assignments/activities media/evolution of mass world/other factors that Media/Time line of media media help development of media history in Sri Lanka Written Assignment for the personal file
  2. 2. Sri Lanka College of Journalism Diploma in Journalism Time Table 17th Monday 18th Tuesday 19th Wednesday 20th Thursday 21st Friday08.30- Newspaper Review09.0009.00- New Trends in Intensive English Language Course11.00 Journalism What are the new trends in respective streams/ Local and international Common Lecture11.00- Break11.1511.15- New Trends in Role of the Media -Continue Skills need to be a journalist Preparing for Field Visit Reflections/12.30 Journalism Voice for the voice less/Great What are the skills need to be a Instructions on field visit Exercise/ What would be future equalizer/Watch dog on power journalist/writing, for assignments/ Feedback on field trends? presenting,persistence, Emergency contacts/ visit Role of the journalist creativity, self confidence, Do’s and Don’ts Role of the journalist/what the analytical skills, leadership, society expect from media? /Role understanding, team work...etc of the journalist in democracy/12.30- Lunch13.3013.30- Introduction to photography/ Introduction to photography/ Introduction to photography/ Field Visit Film/Debate/Disc15.15 Introduction to Audio Introduction to Audio Recording Introduction to Audio Observation and ussion Recording Recording reporting using by one sense15.15- Break15.3015.30- Role of the media Role of the journalist- Role of the Skills need to be a journalist Field Visit17.00 Role of the media in society- journalist today amidst the How to improve the skills need Discussion emergence of citizen journalism to be a journalist
  3. 3. Sri Lanka College of Journalism Diploma in Journalism Time Table 24th Monday 25th Tuesday 26th Wednesday 28th Thursday 29th Friday08.30- Newspaper Review09.0009.00- What is News Intensive English Language Course11.00 Definitions/examples11.00- Break Common Lecture11.1511.15- What is News Sources & Research Sources & Research Field Assignments Evaluation of12.30 What makes news/ Three steps get it right/Why we Internet for background Photo and Audio stories photo/Audio News Values/Importance need sources for reporting Research/Telephone Instructions on materials and impact/Who news/Primary and secondary index/Note Book/How to use photo/audio decides/Facts and sources/Cross checking/Double directory/List of ministries/How assignments/ opinions/5Ws and checking/Balance/Impartiality/ to find and where? Emergency contacts/ H/Truth & Accuracy/ Contacts & sources/Research/Ice Do’s and Don’ts Balance /Impartial berg example12.30-13.3013.30- Basic Photography/Recording Basic Photography/Recording Basic Photography/Recording Field Assignments Film/Debate/Disc15.15 Basics-What makes a good Basics-Discussion with exercise Basics-Discussion with exercise Photo and Audio stories ussion photo? and evaluations and evaluations15.15-15.3015.30- What is News Sources & Research Sources & Research Compiling for17.00 Writing Exercises How to Google search/Internet for Confidential sources/ evaluation background research Anonymous Sources