AWS & Eucalyptus Cloud Services


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A brief overview about AWS cloud services also available in Eucalyptus private cloud.

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AWS & Eucalyptus Cloud Services

  1. 1. Cloud Services
  2. 2. Elastic Load Balancer Auto Scaling Cloud Watch EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) S3 (Simple Storage Service) Topics
  3. 3. EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud Web service that provide compute capacity in the cloud Traditional scenario - Long provision time - Underutilized resources - Risk of system failure during spikes EC2 enables obtain virtual servers in the cloud. Setting up environments requires only a few clicks
  4. 4. EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud Provides services like Auto Scaling, Load Balancing Flexible for customers. Whether company is big or small, everyone can afford it.
  5. 5. EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud Provisioning Requires Minimum Time Minimum Effort Launching a new instance takes only minutes Lets customer pay the amount they use Helps customer get failure resilitent system
  6. 6. S3 – Simple Storage Service Simple web service interface for storing data (ranging from web applications to media files) in the cloud Scalable service, starts from small and grow Requires pay per use The content can be sent to Amazon EC2 for computation, resizing, or other large scale analytics – without incurring any data transfer charges for moving the data between the services S3’s Versioning capability provide protection for the stored data
  7. 7. Elastic Load Balancer Automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances ELB ensures that only healthy Amazon EC2 instances receive traffic by detecting unhealthy instances and rerouting traffic across the remaining healthy instances. Helps customer get improved fault tolerant system
  8. 8. Auto Scaling Enables to scale EC2 capacity During Spikes Minimizes Cost Customer sets condition for Auto Scaling Group If CPU utilization > 70% increase 3 new instances If CPU utilization < 10% decrease instances in same number
  9. 9. Auto Scaling Customer can maintain a fixed number of EC2 instances Condition set for Auto Scaling Group Auto Scaling is enabled by Amazon Cloud Watch Scales Up or Down using data provided by Cloud Watch
  10. 10. Cloud Watch Provides monitoring for AWS cloud resources CPU utilization Data transfer Storage Basic monitoring collects and reports metrics for Every 5 minutes Detailed monitoring provides same metrics for Every 1 minute
  11. 11. Cloud Watch Monitoring data retained for 2 weeks Data can be retrieved programmatically or can be shown in graphs Alarm can be set - For help in troubleshoot - Works as a trigger for Auto Scaling
  12. 12. Thank you