Shoutlethasfeaturesbuiltintoitsplatformthathelpbrandsmakesenseofallthesocialdataattheirdisposal25%of marketingbudgets is s...
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Why Social Data Matters in Marketing and IT


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In this piece from Raconteur - The Social Business, Shoutlet discusses why a consolidated approach from marketing and IT will drive results from social media efforts.

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Why Social Data Matters in Marketing and IT

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Shoutlethasfeaturesbuiltintoitsplatformthathelpbrandsmakesenseofallthesocialdataattheirdisposal25%of marketingbudgets is spent oncontent marketingWithproperplanningandexecution,smartCMO-CIOteamscanproduceapositiveROIintheirsocialmarketinganincreaseinsocialmediamarketingspendingwillbefuelledbyincreasingnumbersofaddressabledevices5OverthenextyearsData-drivenmarketing has nowbecome a necessity,propelled by thequick rise of digitalmarketing andsocial media“The new reality is that the CMOand CIO’s paths are now intersect-ing, and data-driven marketingmeans technology plays a frontand centre role,” says Roy Juges-sur, head of Europe, the MiddleEast and Africa (EMEA), for socialmedia marketing platform pro-vider Shoutlet. “CMOs and CIOshave come to realise that they mustwork together to keep up with thedemand, and stay relevant in thisever-changing landscape.”In its Western European SocialMedia Marketing Forecast, 2012 To2017 report, Forrester notes thatincreasing social media marketingspending over the next five years willbe fuelled by “increasing numbersof addressable devices; consumers’willingness to use them; continuedconsolidation of the social networklandscape in Europe; and growth inthe number of Western Europeanswhousesocialnetworks”.But the fact remains that adoptionis much slower than in other partsof the world, particularly in NorthAmerica,duetoamuchslowermat-uration market, habitual usability bythe consumer and the marketer’sunderstanding of how to improvethe brand-fan relationship. As aresult,animportant part ofthedeci-sion-making process comes downtohardnumbers.Social marketing’s return oninvestment (ROI) is still a challengefor many, but with proper planningand execution, smart CMO-CIOteams can identify areas for invest-ment and, eventually, return. Toget started, brands need to keep inmind the “VSP” of social data:VolumeThere’s a staggering amount ofsocial data to be tracked and con-sumed. According to Mary Meeker’sD11 Internet Trends report, socialcontentcreationandspendisexplod-ing. It’s shaping the human experi-ence. Social users are exposed tomore information, new experiencesand they’re sharing them. Peoplecan’t consume content fast enough.And consequently brands can’t cap-ture the data fast enough. With thisexplosion of content comes an evenbigger explosion of data. For theCMO-CIO approach, the volume ofcontent will inform many of the con-tent generation, budget and techno-logical support decisions that have tobe made. But how do you know whatto look for? And how do you makesenseofitall?The capabilities of social mediahave exploded and its embrace hasbecomeacriticalpartofasuccessfulbrand’s organisation. Social’s oppor-tunities are boundless, and the abil-ity to connect with fans and potentialcustomers has spurred the need tounderstand how it is impacting thebottomline.Social touches nearly every part ofbusiness, from how companies con-nectwithconsumerstohowemploy-ees collaborate with each otheraroundtheworld.Until this disruption occurred, chiefmarketing officers (CMOs) and chiefinformationofficers(CIOs)wereoccu-pied with their own aspects of thebusiness. CMOs focused squarely onhow marketing impacted their goalsand had little need to understand thetechnicalities, and CIOs didn’t expendmuch energy on understanding howthemarketingmachineworked.However, data-driven marketinghas now become a necessity. Thishas been propelled by the quick riseofdigitalmarketingandsocialmedia.CMOs are finding themselves knee-deep in the technology-decision pro-cess, and CIOs are getting involvedin how these new platforms interactwith established systems, helpingdeterminesecuritylevelsandmore.CMOs and CIOs are comingtogether to understanding how IT-related marketing decisions affectthe overall organisation. Accordingto B2B Marketing Insider, market-ers on average spend more than aquarter of their marketing budgeton content marketing. How thencan they ensure they’re getting thebiggest bang for their buck? 5COMMERCIAL FEATURESegmentationSocial data can be broken down intothree buckets: high-level, mid-leveland individual-level data. High-levelis the bird’s eye view of your brand’simpact in the social stratosphere thatwill help identify your target demo-graphic. Mid-level is a deeper diveinto the data, which highlights inter-ests and social activity of your fanbase. Individual-level will expose yourbrand’s biggest fans and who is mostlikelytoevangeliseyourbrandonyourbehalf. Utilise this social data to iden-tifyandtriggeractioninthesefansinabrandadvocacyprogramme.PotentialHaving data underline the workingrelationship between the CMO andCIO can uncover potential oppor-tunities for the overall brand andWhysocialdatamattersinmarketingandITThenewrealityisthattheCMOandCIO’spathsarenowintersecting,anddata-drivenmarketingmeanstechnologyplaysafrontandcentreroleMarketing and information technology are poised toform a profitable partnership by tackling social mediatogether in a consolidated approachorganisation, including: better col-laboration between employeesand external audiences, such asyour social fan base; improvedspeed and efficiency through havingCMOs and CIOs on the same page;informed content strategy by takingyour social data and viewing it fromdifferent angles to expose gaps incontent, and highlight areas thatare resonating with your audiences;and better results, understand-ing what works for both internaland external communication, andapplying that knowledge to futureprogrammes to position your brandfor success.Approaching social planning andexecution through the eyes of adata-minded CIO-CMO executiveteamcanonlyimprovethewaybusi-nesses approach and implementsocial marketing. In making aneffort to understand the volume ofdata, how to segment the capturedmetrics and applying these lessonsto take full advantage of social’spotential is the winning formula forprovingsocialreturn.Shoutlet has features built intoits platform that help brands makesenseofallthesocialdataattheirdis-posal, giving them the ability to viewit through all three segment lenses.Customers have successfully utilisedthe social analytics features to helpbuild the social profiles necessary toidentify, engage and empower theirstrongestfanrelationships.To learn more about Shoutlet, or contact us atsales@shoutlet.comTHE POWER OF SOCIAL DATAMany companies monitorsocial data to uncovermentions about their brand,trends in their industries andfeedback on competitorspieces of content areprocessed each day byFacebook2.5bntweets are processedeach day by Twitter400mhours of video contentare uploaded to YouTubeevery minute48Digital marketing in allits forms has become aprimary way to reachcustomersSEGMENTATION OF SOCIAL DATADATA TYPE IDENTIFY PUT IT INTO ACTIONHIGH WHO YOUR AUDIENCE ISWHAT THEY CARE ABOUTWHO’S MOST VALUABLE TOYOUR BRANDBUILD YOUR BRANDADVOCATE PROGRAMMEDESIGN TARGETEDCAMPAIGNSPLAN YOURCONTENT STRATEGYMIDINDIVIDUAL42%80%THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL DATAof marketers plan toapply more social customerdata to drive marketingcampaigns in 2013of marketers plan tofurther integrate socialdataFORECASTOFDATA-RELATEDMARKETINGEXPENDITUREIN201348%23%20%6%2%1%6%Increase slightlyStay the sameIncrease greatlyNot determinedDecrease slightlyDecrease greatlySource:Marketersuppingtheanteonbigdatain2013,MarketingProfsSource:TheMarketersGuidetoSocialCustomerData,2013,Shoutlet