How a UK Candy Company Used Social to Increase Customer Data by 64%


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Goody Good Stuff, a UK subsidiary of leading European confectionery company Cloetta, used Shoutlet to unlock insights on customers and increase valuable customer data.

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How a UK Candy Company Used Social to Increase Customer Data by 64%

  1. 1. Shoutlet, Inc. • 2/2014 • • HOW UK CANDY COMPANY USED SOCIAL TO INCREASE CUSTOMER DATA BY 64% BRITISH COMPANY PARTNERS WITH SHOUTLET TO DISCOVER PURCHASE INSIGHT TO OPTIMIZE MARKETING MESSAGING GOAL DISCOVER CONSUMER PURCHASE INSIGHT Goody Good Stuff, a UK subsidiary of leading European confectionery company Cloetta, offers consumers a healthy alternative to typical sweets. With a variety of all natural meat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free candies, the brand attracts a target audience largely comprised of vegetarians, those with allergen intolerances, and other health conscious consumers. To better understand its fans and why they purchase Goody Good Stuff, the company conducted market research through a social promotion. CAMPAIGN KOALATY TASTE TEAM In an effort to gain deeper, more vital insights on its consumer base, Goody Good Stuff ran a promotion on Facebook recruiting fans to be part of an exclusive taste-testing team. Built in Shoutlet Canvas™, the Facebook app featured an application requesting basic demographic information and a strategic question to uncover what drives fans to purchase Goody Good Stuff. After the promotion, the company chose 250 winners to be part of the taste test team, creating a customer centric product and supporting future product development.
  2. 2. Shoutlet, Inc. • 2/2014 • • In a digital world of data overload, Shoutlet is a fantastic tool to help define and understand a brand’s digital presence. Shoutlet’s capabilities aid brands in their quest to discover consumer insights digitally. Charlie Jenkins Marketing Manager Goody Good Stuff HOW SHOUTLET HELPED Shoutlet empowered Goody Good Stuff to create the Koalaty Taste Team app entirely in-house, avoiding the services of a designer. Working strategically with their Account Manager and Tech Therapy, the Goody Good Stuff team built the app in Shoutlet Social Canvas™, tailoring the promotion to their unique audience. This allowed them to automatically gather customer data as fans entered to build their Shoutlet Profiles. To monitor the success of the promotion, the company used Shoutlet Reports™ weekly to correct and define its marketing strategies throughout the promotion period. With seamless data acquisition and customized apps, Shoutlet made it possible for Goody Good Stuff to reach their target demographic, uncover a key insight, and tailor their future marketing message to impact sales. RESULTS ABOUT SHOUTLET, INC. Shoutlet is a leading independent enterprise-class cloud-based social marketing platform that enables marketers to publish, engage, and measure social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and YouTube. Its industry- leading, enterprise class functionality includes tools for social CRM, creative design, social listening, ads, workflow management, contest design and execution, and top-notch analytics for easy integration with the industry’s leading web analytics tools from Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Omniture, and Webtrends. Shoutlet’s SaaS-based model gives customers the control and flexibility they want and need, and is rooted in a strategic partnership that provides the necessary resources and counsel to execute successful social campaigns. 64% INCREASE IN NEW CUSTOMER DATA 4,800 ACQUIRED SHOUTLET PROFILES KEY INSIGHT “ALL NATURAL” After the six-week promotion, the team analyzed data collected through the contest and discovered a high volume of fans purchased because of the brand’s “all natural” element. Based on this key insight, Goody Good Stuff aims to shift a portion of its marketing strategy to promote a more natural theme to increase sales with its target demographic. In addition, Goody Good Stuff acquired nearly 5,000 new Shoutlet Profiles for its database, a 64% increase in new customer data. Growing Shoutlet Profiles with customer data empowers Goody Goody Stuff to understand their fans on a deeper level and to provide a tailored customer care experience.