How a Casino Increased Team Efficiency by 75%


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Learn how a hotel & casino used Shoutlet to increase team efficiency by 75%.

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How a Casino Increased Team Efficiency by 75%

  1. 1. Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.01 • • HOW A CASINO INCREASED TEAM EFFICIENCY BY 75% POTAWATOMI HOTEL & CASINO IMPROVES TIME MANAGEMENT AND STREAMLINES SOCIAL PROCESS WITH SHOUTLET IMPLEMENTATION GOAL EFFICIENTLY MANAGE THE ENTERPRISE ACROSS DEPARTMENTS Potawatomi Hotel & Casino found natively managing multiple social accounts cumbersome and inefficient. With so much effort spent planning, scheduling, and posting social content, there was little time left to focus on improving social strategy and increasing fan engagement. The casino needed a robust solution that would allow them to more efficiently create and plan content for each of their social accounts, ultimately freeing up time to focus on strategy and engaging with customers. IMPLEMENTATION Before Shoutlet, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino relied on a single spreadsheet passed between departments to manage their many Facebook accounts in addition to the casino’s other Twitter and Google+ channels. Because so much time was spent planning content in the spreadsheet, sharing it interdepartmentally for approval, and finally posting natively to each channel, the social team lacked the time and bandwidth necessary to get to know fans on a deeper level and strategize for an effective marketing plan. Shoutlet Implementation was a strategic process that allowed the casino to be live in less than three days, and an entire marketing crew educated on the system in less than two weeks. Potawatomi Hotel & Casino focused on implementing their PR, digital, and social departments first, to have them working efficiently in the same platform. By introducing the team to Shoutlet Social CRM and the Calendar, the team could immediately collaborate in one, central location. Just days after implementation started, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino abandoned their inefficient spreadsheet for a much more intuitive and inclusive solution in SCRM and the Shoutlet Calendar. We use Shoutlet to manage multiple social accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The amazing Shoutlet Calendar allows us to collaborate with other departments, easily schedule content, and see the different posts going out daily, weekly, or monthly. This has been a great time-management solution, freeing up more time for our team to develop great content. Chris Graham Digital Media Specialist at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
  2. 2. Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.01 • • RESULTS INCREASED EFFICIENCY BY 75% Since choosing the Shoutlet solution, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino has noticed a 75% increase in team efficiency, transforming their day-to-day social stresses into a more streamlined process. With the Shoutlet Calendar, the team now collaborates with other departments in the company to plan social content up to a month in advance. Shoutlet’s built-in workflow approval process allows them to more efficiently gather approvals necessary to post content to their multiple social accounts. An effective social planning process and cross- department alignment creates an optimized social experience for fans. Collaborating with other departments in one, centralized platform breaks down communication barriers and leads to a more consistent brand message across the company, with social acting as an additional tool for promoting company-wide news, contests, and promotions. The time Potawatomi Hotel & Casino saves using Shoutlet empowers the team to focus more attention on strategy and building relationships with fans. With Shoutlet, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino now know their social followers on a deeper level, and have a firmer social strategy in place to ensure they continue engaging fans with relevant content. ABOUT SHOUTLET, INC. Shoutlet is a leading independent enterprise-class cloud-based social marketing platform that enables marketers to publish, engage, and measure social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and YouTube. Its industry-leading, enterprise class functionality includes tools for social CRM, creative design, social listening, ads, workflow management, contest design and execution, and top-notch analytics for easy integration with the industry’s leading web analytics tools from Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Omniture, and Webtrends. Shoutlet’s SaaS-based model gives customers the control and flexibility they want and need, and is rooted in a strategic partnership that provides the necessary resources and counsel to execute successful social campaigns. IMPROVED TIME MANAGEMENT IMPROVED WORKFLOW PROCESS IMPROVED STRATEGIC INSIGHT 75% INCREASE IN EFFICIENCY CONSISTENT BRAND MESSAGE INTERDEPARTMENTALLY