Dear all,I would like to elaborate on the recently announced recall of our Rock-On Pharma and Miller Drugsproducts which c...
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Sample letter from the CEO addressed to employees following a product recall incident

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Transcript of "CEO's Message"

  1. 1. Dear all,I would like to elaborate on the recently announced recall of our Rock-On Pharma and Miller Drugsproducts which contained excessive acetaminophen that can cause harm to children. As you may know,this error happened due to a technical problem in the production line at our Hamilton plant. The problemresulted from a power failure that lasted five minutes on November 15thcausing a momentary breakdownof the quantity-sensor device responsible fordispensing the active ingredient of the medicine.Unfortunately, the quality-control device failed to detect this error. To prevent this problem fromhappening in the future, we are currently looking at all options to upgrade this device.In addition, we willhave more stringent measures using the most advancederror-detection machines.Our top priority at the moment is to ensure that none of our consumers are affected. This requires ourswift response on three fronts: stopping the production line for a comprehensive audit, immediate recall ofthe product, and making public announcements to warn consumers aboutthe affected batch with the lotnumber 1AD9228.In addition, we have created a dedicated hotline that consumers and retailers can callwith questions. It is:1-800-321-0105.At the same time, we are providing suitable replacement products to all the affected consumers tominimize the inconvenience.We are a company guided by its mission to be Canada’s most trusted manufacturer ofhigh-quality genericmedicines that are comparable to the brand name drugs. And we will spare no effort to fulfil this mission.Companies are judged by the way they respond to crises. Thus, although we regret that this error hashappened, we should look at it as an opportunity to show everyone, byour actions and not just ourwords,that we live up to our reputation. Our message should be clear: we never compromise on people’shealth,no matter what it takes. To deliver this message, we will maintain complete transparency with themedia and the authorities, and above all, with you, our employees.I will continue to personally update youon the issue using my blog.So please read my posts and don’thesitate to ask questions and make suggestions.I’m sure that working together through this difficult time will enable us to emerge stronger.Sincerely,Sal HosnyPresident and Chief Executive Officer