How to succeed online and make money
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How to succeed online and make money



Do you want to know to make money online or how to succeed online. Check out this slide to know some ways to succeed online and make money

Do you want to know to make money online or how to succeed online. Check out this slide to know some ways to succeed online and make money



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    How to succeed online and make money How to succeed online and make money Presentation Transcript

    • How to succeed online & make money Next Page Find Different ways to earn money online with also check out list of things you should have to succeed online
    • Internet over years have grown up a lot in different aspects and its growth is still increasing .Common people to working professionals , groups to business organization all are getting lot of benefits from internet.People are now aware of internet power. Gone are those days when internet was limited to few basic things but now it is a virtual world in itself.People now use internet for a lot of things. For example – Getting information , watching videos , downloading , sending ,receiving etc.. These things people are aware of but one thing that people want to know is “how to make money online”. Internet
    • Yes , these days a lot of people from around the world are interested to know the ways to make money online . A lot of people have already started their online business but not able to succeed and only few remaining people working online have succeeded. So now in this article we will discuss two main queries. 1.How to make money online. 2.How to succeed online. Two Most asked questions
    • 1.How to make money online. There are a lot of ways to make money online. Here I will share few of the best things that you can do earn decent money on internet. •Blogging •Google AdSense •Affiliate Marketing •Paid Reviews •Freelancing Work
    • Blogging • Blogging is the best platform online to earn good amount of money . There are a lot of people who are making huge money with this medium. Now lets discuss FAQ’s on Blogging. • What is blogging? Blogging is a online medium to share information and experiences on a platform called blog. • What is blog? Blog is a dynamic website in which blogger update new articles sharing their knowledge and experiences on certain topic of his/her knowledge . These articles are written for the readers who are interested to read that particular topic. • How to make money from blogging? There are n number of ways to make money from blogging . But to make money you should have good number of readers to your blog. When you have good number of audience then money will follow you automatically . So how actually you can earn money from blogging when you have audience.
    • Google AdSense • Google AdSense is a monetizing program introduced by Google. Google AdSense provide an opportunity to publisher( blogger who publish article in his/her blog) to show the ads of the advertiser on their blog. You might have scene ads on sites. So when a visitor click some ad then publisher (blogger) earns money.The money is paid by the advertiser who is advertising. Here Google AdSense work as a mediator and earn 42 percent commissions . This is one of the best way to earn money from a blog. Many bloggers are using Google AdSense and are making huge money . Like Google AdSense there are a lot number of other companies and programs available online to that provide you same facility but Google AdSense is found to be the best.
    • Affiliate marketing • Affiliate marketing is marketing for others to promote their product and services to earn commissions. • Let us understand it with an example - Suppose you have a blog with number of audience and you promote a product for hair growth. Now suppose you succeed in 7 products sale in a month. Let each product cost 200$. • So , • 7 products = 1400$ Let suppose in each product you earn 25% commission , • So you earn 350 dollars. • This is one of the way you can earn from affiliate marketing there is another way in which you are paid commissions that is to refer people to join company whom you are promoting. So when you refer other people to join the company then you are paid commissions. So likewise there are a lot of other affiliate programs available with different companies.
    • Paid reviews • Paid reviews means when you write review for some product or services of some company or people . Let suppose a mobile company comes to you and ask you to write review for their new mobile model on your blog and in return they pay you. • When you become online celebrity or people start trusting you or you have huge audience then companies are ready to pay huge money to write review for them.
    • Freelance work • If you can do small task online for other people you can earn decent money . How , lets see. • Suppose a blogger search for freelance content writer to write content and he/she is ready to pay for the work to the one who is ready to the work . So this way you can be a freelancer for writing , Photoshop , editing , making etc.. and you can earn money . There are a lot of website which work as a platform where people can share their requirements from freelancers and freelancers can share what they can do.
    • 2.How to succeed online • To succeed online is not at all easy, it’s a fact that no one can deny. There are lot of people who have failed to earn money from online business. Every day many people comes to make money and every day many people leave online jobs because of tough competition .So it is not at all easy to succeed online. So what it takes to succeed online. Lets see below. • Uniqueness – You should be different from others. You should not try to copy other people who are succeeding today .They have succeeded because they never copied , they maintained their own style and way. • Innovative & creative ideas – Idea can change your life that’s true and when we are talking about online then that is definitely possible .If you have innovative and creative ideas then you can do anything and sky is the limit. • Other things you should have to succeed online • -Hard work -Patience -Consistency -Determination -Focus