Love and humor on the chemo floor


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Love and humor on the chemo floor

  1. 1. Love And Humor On The Chemo FloorJessica was still considered a young adult in terms of her cancer. She was only 35 when she wasdiagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis had been a devastating blow to her as it was not somethingshe was expecting to hear. To say that she was blown away would be putting it mildly.She felt like her whole world had fallen from under her feet and she kept wishing that it wasn’t true.It had been a rough road for her so far, she had complications from the lumpectomy and she had a longroad ahead before she even started chemotherapy.She had been a shy person but she was learning through her experience so far that she had to speak upfor herself and be her own advocate if something didn’t seem right.People that had known her all her life were amazed at the transformation that took place in her duringher journey with breast cancer.Jessica felt worn out and tired.She didn’t know how much more of this poking and prodding and testsand treatments she could take. It’s as if her life had been on a treadmill the last several months.
  2. 2. Jessica had been dreading starting chemotherapy as she had no idea what to expect. She had beeninformed about some of the side effects from the treatments by her doctors but she wasn’t clued inabout all of them.She had already lost her hair and all the hair on her body except for the hair on her legs. It didn’t seemright but there was not much that she could do about it.Today was the day for Jessica’s second chemotherapy and to say she wasn’t happy about it would beputting it mildly. Before the actual therapy could begin they had to give her fluids in the IV first. Sheknew that the fluids would make her run to the bathroom and that was hard to do being attached to anIV with a big machine on it. To walk with this thing was like running a marathon.She got comfy in the chair that she was sitting in and took a look around to see some of the otherpatients that were receiving their treatments at the same time. She did not see anyone that was close toher age at the moment so there was no one to talk to.She thought she might as well close her eyes as itwas going to be a long day.Two minutes after she had closed her eyes she heard a sweet voice speaking to her. She opened hereyes and saw a gorgeous guy standing in front of her. He was tall with piercing blue eyes and black hair.He introduced himself as Peter and asked her how she was doing. She told him that she was having arough time of things. He had come over with his pole and big machine and could see that she could usesomeone to talk to.“What do they have you in here for?” she asked. He joked that he was in there for trying to steal themachine and the nurses couldn’t seem to catch him. It made Jessica laugh a hearty laugh like she hadn’tdone in a long time.She told him that if felt good to laugh as it’s been so long since she had. She also made a crack back andtold him it’s a wonder that he could walk so fast with that pole and machine.He smiled and asked if she wanted to race if he unplugged her machine. She could barely walk with themachine let alone run but she agreed and he told her that he would show her the fine art of gettingaround with the machine. “It just takes practice, you just have to learn to dance the IV dance,” he toldher.The time seemed to go by quickly that day and before she knew it the time was up, just when she wasstarting to have fun.She had found out that he was on the same treatment schedule as she was so she would be seeing himagain at the next treatment. She couldn’t believe that she was actually looking forward to her nextchemo. Something she was dreading now was something to look forward to.Over the course of the next several months Peter would teach her how to race with the machine. Shecouldn’t believe how fast they could get from one end of the hallway to the other.
  3. 3. One day Peter even taught her how to dance with him and their machines. It was such a funny sight tobehold. The nurses did get a chuckle from their antics but they had to be warned several times not todisturb the other patients.Over the course of their treatments, Jessica and Peter had a blast with each other and they were fallingin love. They couldn’t wait until their treatments were over so they could spend time together outside ofthe hospital.Things got serious and they ended up getting engaged and then married. Today they have an inside jokethat they fell in love during their dance with the IV. No one knows what they are talking about but theythink it’s a great story. Who ever thought love would bloom with an IV pole.Story by: Paula McCoy WilliamsFrom: USARead more short stories: check out the E-Book Store for more fabulous books. courtesy of Image courtesy of Download "Cancer Cell" by jscreationzs