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Business Motivation Presentation

Business Motivation Presentation

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  • 1. remember this number Copyright © Acision BV 2007. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Believe in our customers.Believe in ourselves.
  • 3. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
  • 4. Our world. expand with new walk away move forward customers grow from within
  • 5. Move from the old world to the new. LogicaCMG • Cumbersome • Process driven • Reactive • Complacent Acision • Nimble • People driven • Proactive • Opportunistic
  • 6. Believe in disrupting the old world!Question conventional thinking so you can disrupt yourbusiness model to achieve your vision of the future!
  • 7. company productConsider this;People communicate.Communication builds community. channelCommunity is life.Therefore, Acision is life. Permit us to explain. customer $
  • 8. Seeing in our customers.Believe is believing!Creative Objectives:1. To enhance the global brand with a dynamic positioning tool designed to increase awareness among Acision personnel and customers.2. To contribute directly to disrupting* Acision’s overall position in the global marketplace thus driving market expansion rather than just increased market share.3. To drive new sales regionally by promoting a ‘Think global. Act local.’ theme.General Strategies:1. Position Acision as a fundamental of life itself by promoting the concept that it is only through true communication that can we really live.6. Position communication and therefore, a sense of community, as being elemental in all humans and take the message directly to the target audience right where they live.3. Drive sales by delivering a compelling ROI story while demonstrating the messaging product set in a end user environment.* Disruption Theory; Jean-Marie Dru, President & CEO, Worldwide - TWBA Worldwide
  • 9. Believe in our customers. branding!Building Brand – Acision – The Messaging Company I Periodic Table of the Elements Vox IP Voicemail II Messaging VIII IX Mobile Payments Vid Smt Innovations Pbs Lst SMART Prepaid Loyalty IP Videomail Marketing Bundles Suite Vvm Mwa Mgr Bmr Visual Voicemail Mobile Web Analytics III IV V VI VII Message Charger Bundle Manager Fms Smo Se+ Cms Eir Mbg Itg Rsm Cgr SMART Services+ Central Equipment Multibearer Intuitive Recharge ConvergentFlex Message Operations Management ID Register Gateway Texting System Charger Cbs Bts Sps Cmg Ims Sbg Mg+ Ems DgrCell Broadcast Business Services Converged IP SMSC Speed Message Easy Data System Tools Support Messaging Browsing Plus MMS Charger Sgw Ccl SMS Gateway Content Control Wpo Vtt Lrs Iam Web Voice to text Livingroom Intuitive Access Portal Services Manager Future
  • 10. Believe in our customers. positioning!Positioning Product – Visual Voicemail Global – Living the message
  • 11. Believe in our customers. driving sales!Connecting Communities - Messaging Services USA Telecommunications messaging demonstration centre
  • 12. Believe in a Customer Touchpoint Engine! Management Access campaign 1 2 3 4 Account CDT product marketing customer schedule Management materials target CRM OCP customer CPdM PdM orderCDT – Campaign Development Management ToolOCP – Online Customer PortalCRM – Customer Relationship Management Tool
  • 13. Believe in guerrilla marketing!Arm the sales team with the process & tools that let themexcel at what they do best: • Build and nurture relationships • Rapidly respond to opportunities • Drive additional opportunities • Farm existing customers • Close profitable dealsSales specialists must be guerilla marketers!
  • 14. Believe in our customers. weapons!The customer touchpoint engine will deliver the following results: • Pricing, promotional, product guidelines, strategies and tactics • Simplified customer relationship management (CRM) • Profitable sales oriented engagements • Qualified market information driving increased market penetration • Quantifiable metrics with dynamic dashboards • Compelling return on investment (ROI) cases • Qualified market data driving business direction • Solid knowledge base to launch future initiativesThis document is intended for Acision internal use only Copyright © Acision BV 2007. All rights reserved.
  • 15. Believe in our customers. now!Acision is at critical inflection point and must embrace the opportunity • Disrupt the status quo • Drive the business forward • Take control • Create the brand • Drive profitable salesWe want to be the future!
  • 16. Believe and do whatever it takes!Thank you.US Marketing Team