Top Tips for Effectively Pitching the Golf Ball


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Being able to pitch the ball properly is a big facet in becoming a better golfer. This presentation give some quick tips to help you pitch the ball more effectively.

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Top Tips for Effectively Pitching the Golf Ball

  1. 1. Top Tips for Effectively Pitching the Golf Ball
  2. 2. Improving Your Pitch Shots in Golf
  3. 3. This presentation is about improving your ability to pitch the ball onto the green more effectively. If you can improve your pitching ability, you can easily see your scores go down a few strokes at minimum.
  4. 4. Top Tips for Effectively Pitching the Golf Ball Improve your pitching and lower your overall golf score
  5. 5. Pitching the golf ball in a precise manner that helps reduce your handicap is very important in golfing as it contributes a minimum of 30% to your overall score. The pitching shot and the chipping shot jointly make up the short game that determines your success in golfing.
  6. 6. In addition to being very important to the game generally, great pitching is needed most when you have to lift the ball above obstacles, avoid trees and water bodies, etc. This article aims to enlighten you on some wonderful tips for effectively pitching the golf ball.
  7. 7. Hit the Ball from Down Below
  8. 8. An effective pitching of the golf ball requires that you hit the ball from the bottom and not at the top or just around the middle. This is usually a function of how well you deliver your swing and how the club performs while hitting the ball. To get this right, you have to ensure that your club flows forward smoothly during the downswing, which means that you should prevent the club from moving backwards during the swing. A good grip and stance will help you achieve this.
  9. 9. Keep in mind that the main aim when pitching the golf ball is to get the ball to leap upwards and forward onto the green, and this will help you in delivering the swing. The best impact is gotten when you slightly hit the ground before hitting the ball.
  10. 10. Position Yourself Properly Relative to the Ball
  11. 11. Positioning is a very important aspect of pitching the golf ball and in all aspects of golfing. They way you stand and at what angle you hit the ball from matters a whole lot. Be sure to keep the ball at the middle of your stance when pitching the golf ball and let your arms swing in both the upward and downward direction at the same pace. This said, you should endeavor to practice your pitching stance time and again for the best results.
  12. 12. Use Lofted Clubs for Your Pitching
  13. 13. To deliver great results when pitching the golf ball, consider using lofted clubs. These are clubs that can easily lift the ball on to the green and can include a sand wedge, a lob wedge or a pitching wedge. Thus, it can be said that a combination of proper swing delivery, positioning and use of a lofted club are very important for successfully pitching the golf ball. Though there are other strategies that can help including gripping the club well, pacing your swings, and using the sixty to forty percent weighting ratio for your left and right foot respectively.
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