Tips to Help You Avoid Shanking the Ball


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Shanking the ball is a very frustrating problem in golf. This presentation gives a few tips to help you avoid shanking the ball while golfing.

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Tips to Help You Avoid Shanking the Ball

  1. 1. Tips To Help You Avoid Shanking the Ball during Golfing Improve Your Short Game
  2. 2. In the game of golf, shanking the ball is about the most annoying and embarrassing mistake that cane be made. This plagues all levels of players, from the amateurs to even the World’s number one golfer, as Tiger Woods has been known to shank the ball over the last year.
  3. 3. Shanking the ball is usually most embarrassing for professional golfers, especially in competitions where they are playing in front of the whole world. However, there are sure tips that can help you avoid this in your game and this article is here to let you in on them. Before that, let us define the term “shanking” down to the basics for the benefit of our readers whom are new to golf.
  4. 4. What Exactly Does “Shanking” Mean?
  5. 5. According to the rules of golfing, a shank does not qualify as a shot or it can be better termed as a missed shot, because even when the ball moves, it moves in an unwanted direction. Usually, shanking occurs when the recessed point between the club face and hosel hits the ball, rather than the club’s face. Also, you find that the grip of the club is ahead of the face when it eventually hits the ball, thus resulting in an un-wanted reaction.
  6. 6. Avoiding Shanking in Golf
  7. 7. If you have ever been embarrassed by golf shanking, you would want to avoid it by all means and this article will tell you how. The most important thing is to ensure that the club face properly hits the ball and is ahead of the grip while the contact takes place. Your stance, swing delivery, positioning relative to the ball and a number of other factors all contribute to success in this regard.
  8. 8. Having a Proper Swing
  9. 9. For a proper swing that will not lead to golf shanking, you have to relax your wrist even though you have a firm grip on the club. Deliver your swing such that your wrists transfer the motion keeping the club head right ahead. For your stance, you have to ensure that you are not too close to the ball and you should also not stand astride the ball while delivering the swing.
  10. 10. Practice Makes Perfect
  11. 11. Finally, practice as much as you can because this is the only way you can understand why shanking occurs in your game and seeks means to address it. The best way to got about this during practice is to constantly take a mental note of things that go wrong when shanking occurs, and then seek to avoid them subsequently.
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