Tips for Improving Your Short Game


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Improving your short game is an essential part of becoming a better golfer. This presentation gives some quick and easy tips to help you improve your short game and lower your overall score.

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Tips for Improving Your Short Game

  1. 1. Tips for Improving Your Short Game Improve Your Short Game
  2. 2. Every golfer from the budding amateur to the full blooded professional knows that the most important aspect of success in golfing is tied to improving their short game. The short game refers to shots that are played relatively closer to the hole, thus making it possible to improve your scores by making the hole. This is so because a larger percent of all shots are played from longer distances, from where making the hole is harder.
  3. 3. Chipping, Pitching, Putting, and Bunker Play
  4. 4. Also, the short game comprises all skills from the chipping shot to pitching, driving the ball and putting. Though, it has been noted that there are similarities on the different tips for improving your short game across these different aspects. The stance is the most important similarity in this regard.
  5. 5. The Importance of a Proper Stance
  6. 6. The importance of your stance for improving your short game cannot be under estimated whether you are putting, chipping, pitching or otherwise. For instance, during putting, it is highly advised that you do not stand astride the line of putt, rather on one side of the line with both legs slightly close together. Though, this might be a little different if you need to putt from a longer distance.
  7. 7. Practice Makes Perfect
  8. 8. Aside your stance, constant practice is equally very important for improving your short game. You will need to follow techniques that have made leading golfers successful and commit yourself to a regular practice routine on the different skills. If you want to concentrate on making the hole, it is best that you start your practice at distances closer to the hole and then move farther away as you get a hang of ball control and delivery of the shot.
  9. 9. Choice and Positioning of Clubs
  10. 10. Another great contributor towards improving your short game is the choice of your clubs and how you position them during the shot. There are different recommended clubs for different play types and course condition, though it is also advised that you use the club that you feel most comfortable with. For positioning of the club head, the key is to keep the club face open because this is the only way you can get full contact with the ball.
  11. 11. Taking the Weather into Consideration
  12. 12. In addition to these above tips, you will have to consider the weather and physical condition of the golf course, and devising means to overcome them in the process of improving your short game. For instance, you would need to lift a ball higher if there are obstacles in your line of putt. Also, you would need to devise ways for adjusting for the wind when playing in very windy situations.
  13. 13. It must be noted that consistently infusing the above tips during practice and in actual play are very critical to improving your short game over time.
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