How to Salvage a Buried Bunker Shot


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Burying the golf ball in a bunker is a very frustrating problem that happens to us all. This quick presentation gives you some easy tips to help you salvage your hole if and when you get the ball buried in a bunker.

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How to Salvage a Buried Bunker Shot

  1. 1. How to Salvage a Buried Bunker Shot
  2. 2. Finding your ball buried in a bunker is one of the worst situations you can find yourself on the golf course. However, just like with shanking the ball, this is something that happens to everyone, plaguing players across all levels from amateurs to professionals.
  3. 3. The most important thing you need to do when you are faced with a buried bunker shot is to take steps to salvage the hole and ensure that your next shot does not end up same way. A combination of psychological and physical golfing skills is required to do this.
  4. 4. Overcome the Nightmares of Buried Bunker Shots
  5. 5. Let us start with the psychological angle. Buried bunker shots have been known to give most golfers nightmares. Some golfers would rather lose an arm to avoid it rather than give a go at a good bunker shot. This is the reason why most buried bunker shots results in another one subsequently. However, if you follow these steps, you can easily overcome this hurdle.
  6. 6. First off, you have to relax your mind and develop a positive mindset when you find yourself in a buried bunker shot situation. Believe that you can make a success of it, and concentrate on delivering a great shot as close as possible to the pin.
  7. 7. The Physical Angle
  8. 8. Now, to the physical angle. You need to follow some great golfing tips to help you make a success of a buried bunker shot. The quality of your stance must not be compromised. You should widen your stance a little and dig your feet into the sand for a firmer stance.
  9. 9. Open Your Club Face
  10. 10. Also, an open club face is required for you to effectively salvage a buried bunker shot. After taking up the perfect stance, you should grip your club and deliver the swing such that the club face is open throughout. To achieve this, you should aim at the ball, then grip firmly and ensure that the club face is ahead of the grip of the club through the swing.
  11. 11. Have a Game Plan
  12. 12. Before initiating the swing for a buried bunker shot, you should have a good idea of the exact point from which you want to enter the sand and deliver the shot. An inch or more behind the ball is an advisable distance to choose, depending on how far you intend to drive the shot. You should focus your eyes at the exact spot where you want to enter the sand and deliver the swing through that point. This way you will surely salvage a buried bunker shot.
  13. 13. Finally, you have to practice regularly by setting up buried bunker shots and trying to salvage them using the same techniques that we’ve previously discussed. Over time, you will gain mastery of the exact things to do and what to avoid both psychologically and physically.
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