Basic Chipping Types in Golf
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Basic Chipping Types in Golf

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There are many different ways to successfully chip the ball in golf. This quick presentation gives some easy steps to chip the ball better.

There are many different ways to successfully chip the ball in golf. This quick presentation gives some easy steps to chip the ball better.

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  • 1. Basic Chipping Types in Golf
  • 2. Chipping in the game of golf is that skill which requires you to be able to get the ball to leap into the air to a reasonable height and also roll as close as possible towards the hole or flag stick. Golf chipping requires a number of strategies and stances for the best chip shot and there is no particular method that can be said to be the best.
  • 3. Generally, successful chipping depends on a number of factors. These include the type of obstacles around the green, your current distance from the hole, the type and length of grass you are playing on, and other factors as well. However, the three basic chipping types form the crux of all modified chipping methods in use today. These include the low chip, the standard chip and the soft chip.
  • 4. The Soft Chip
  • 5. Among the basic golf chipping methods, the soft chip is the one which gives the ball the highest leap and lowest roll towards the hole, because it lands very close to the hole. It is usually used when there is an obstacle in the direct line of the chip and when your ball is close to the hole. A soft chip is achieved by letting the club hit the ball with its face open and with moderate acceleration behind the swing. The clubs that are most appropriate for soft chips include the sand wedge and the lob wedge, because of their high loft and less roll ability.
  • 6. The Low Chip
  • 7. Of all the basic golf chips, this is the chip that ends up with the longest roll on the green. It is used when you have a large distance from the flag stick to your current location. Some experts say you can time your low chip shot to spend about half the time in the air and the other half to roll on the green. Common clubs used for low chipping include the five or six irons and other mid-irons.
  • 8. The Standard Chip
  • 9. The Standard Chip is so named because it seems to be the standard on which golf chipping was developed. By using this type of chip, a good chip is viewed as that in which the ball travels to the hole at a ratio of two-thirds of the time in the air and a roll of one third of the time on the green. Also, the standard chipping shot can be played with any club that you feel most comfortable with, though most common ones used include the pitching wedge, gentle nine, and the sand wedge.
  • 10. As we noted earlier, these basic golf chipping methods serve as the basis for all others. In addition to this, your stance and quality of delivery on the swing are the other elements you need for wonderful chipping in the game of golf.
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