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Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand
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Build Your Personal Brand


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. It’s a Brand You World: Build Your Personal Brand With Social Media Presented by Laura Short University Relations Specialist University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • 2. Why personal branding?
    • Builds a credible presence online
    • Makes you publicly viewable so clients can find you
    • Encourages you to learn, improve and build up your skills
  • 3. Why social media?
    • Social and professional networks are becoming widely used by all age groups
    • The viral nature of these networks makes it easy—and cost effective—to position yourself as a resource for others, possibly gaining you and your company more customers
  • 4. Top recommendation: Become LinkedIn
    • It’s resume-type information, so no embarrassing photos to worry about
    • Can be integrated with other social media uses
  • 5. How to make the most out of LinkedIn
    • Join groups
    • Participate in Q & A
    • Invite personal contacts
    • Write and request recommendations
    • Update your status bar with current work; keep up with others
    • Use LinkedIn applications
  • 6. Put your best face forward with Facebook
    • Join and participate in groups and pages based on your industry and interests
    • Monitor the status updates of your friends, groups and pages for business opportunities and examples
    • Stop there on your personal profile
  • 7. Create a Facebook page to promote your brand
    • Share tips related to your products
    • Share industry news
    • Announce promotions, especially discounts for Facebook fans only
    • Link your page to your LinkedIn profile & Twitter
    • Integrate other social media into your page through applications
  • 8. Blog your work. Work your blog.
    • Demonstrate your talents
    • Practice thought leadership by sharing your ideas regarding current trends and future directions of your industry
    • Share thoughts on popular books or articles from which you draw inspiration
    • Add a Share This button
    • Import into other social media
  • 9. I tweet. Therefore I am.
    • It’s not about what you’re eating; it’s about sharing resources
    • Find and follow people with similar interests
    • Find and follow people locally
    • Use to read industry news and gain free professional development
    • Contribute to the conversation
    • Import into other social media
  • 10. Digg for gold
    • Socially bookmark articles that you feel are important to your profession or industry
    • Establishes you as someone current on industry trends and best practices
    • Import into other social media
  • 11. Star in your own YouTube video
    • You do not need expensive video equipment
    • Make your mission visual
    • Have a friend or coworker videotape you as you demo a task (or a product)
    • Walk and talk your resume; demonstrate speaking skills as well as your knowledge and talents
    • Import into other social media
  • 12. Share and share alike
    • Upload Powerpoint presentations
    • Create an online portfolio
    • Tell your story
    • Import into other social media
  • 13. Other social media tips
    • Integrate your social media
    • Build upon other content already created
    • Choose the same user name across all media
    • Let your personality shine through; use a conversational tone in your messages
    • Be transparent
    • Make regular updates
  • 14. Resources and featured links
    • LinkedIn:
    • See the Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeover at
    • Facebook:
    • Facebook custom name:
    • Wordpress (blogging software):
    • Blogger (blogging software):
    • Encourage others to share your blog entries:
    • Feed your blog to Twitter:
    • Allow e-mail subscriptions to your blog:
  • 15. Resources and featured links
    • Twitter:
    • Search for key words on Twitter:
    • Search for local Twitterers:
    • Digg (social bookmarking):
    • Delicious (social bookmarking):
    • YouTube:
    • Slideshare:
    • Monitor your name or company brand online:
  • 16. Where to find me online
    • Laura Short
      • [email_address]
    • My Menomonie
    • University of Wisconsin-Stout