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People in Industry

151 6th P

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Module 2 6th P Pdf Version

  1. 1. 6th P Kelly Bauer
  2. 2. What is the 6th P? By now, you should have experienced a range of 6th Ps. In this module, the 6th P demonstrates a way of thinking, not necessarily a correct answer.
  3. 3. What syllabus points are we covering? OHS Personell Issues Sociological Issues
  4. 4. What was the problem? "Vinyl Designs" is experiencing a downturn in sales. A number of employees have recently left, and the business has a large turnover of staff, and new employees seem to just have no idea what they are doing. A number of accidents happen within the workplace, and roles are poorly defined, so assistants keep on doing the jobs of the managers and supervisors, while managers and supervisors get the great job of sitting back and doing nothing. People are starting to whinge that it's not a nice place to work are feeling mistreated, and are voting with their feet.
  5. 5. What do you need to consider? downturn in sales number of employees have recently left large turnover of staff People are new employees seem to just have no idea not feeling what they are doing. VALUED number of accidents happen within the workplace roles are poorly defined
  6. 6. A possible solution
  7. 7. Sometimes, rebranding works. St Pauls
  8. 8. But if you don’t change... The workplace culture, then nothing changes, you just get a new logo, new uniform, new building, with the same old problems.
  9. 9. You need to make people feel valued How do you do that? Here, it’s easy. The Marist Charism means that all are cared for and valued. What about those places where the intention of the business is to make money, not to be concerned with people?
  10. 10. Ultimately, the happier that people are at work, the more productive they are, and the better work they do.
  11. 11. This makes us more money
  12. 12. We like that.
  13. 13. So, what do people need to be happy? Feel safe and secure in their environment Feel valued in terms of their work (pay and conditions) Feel like they are making a difference.
  14. 14. How do these link to our problem? Feel safe and secure downturn in sales in their environment number of employees have recently left large turnover of staff Feel valued in terms of their work (pay new employees seem to just have no idea what they are doing. and conditions) number of accidents happen within the workplace Feel like they are roles are poorly defined making a difference.
  15. 15. OHS is important From a caring perspective, everyone should be valued to the point that you would care if they were hurt within the workplace. From a $ perspective people being hurt means more time off for people (paid), you have to replace the person (and pay) or other workers have to take the extra work, and generally level of quality goes down.
  16. 16. The more overworked people are, the more likely that they too will be injured.
  17. 17. So, how do we fix a workplace where people are injured all the time?
  18. 18. Firstly, a risk assessment Where are accidents occuring? What are the risks? What can be done to reduce or negate the risk.
  19. 19. Then, make a plan and enact it.
  20. 20. Your plan may involve: Placing appropriate signage Educating workers on safe working practices and materials handling Ensuring that PPE and First aid requirements are enacted.
  21. 21. Communicate to people What are you changing Why are you changing it?
  22. 22. Impact More accidents People feeling unsafe Poor reputation Greater workload for A business’ POOR remaining staff implementation of OHS Poor quality control Poor production quantity Downturn in sales
  23. 23. Societal Factors Business exist because people need stuff. They pay people’s bills (wages) Provide important services
  24. 24. People don’t get paid, or can’t get what they need, this causes stress Stress causes problems in the home This can cause problems in work quality May put your job at risk
  25. 25. How can you help this? Some businesses offer counselling (Psychological, budgeting etc) But, workplace culture is known to have the biggest effect on reducing (or increasing) stress within the workplace
  26. 26. However, a certain amount of stress within a workplace is important.
  27. 27. Do you want your workers to act like this?
  28. 28. Workplace culture has a huge effect on people’s happiness, work ethic and production quality
  29. 29. Think of how you work differently in different classes....this is the classroom culture
  30. 30. You change workplace culture with small changes....
  31. 31. Because people don’t like change You need to identify the things that need changing. Identify those things that are easy to change and that people won’t mind Change them
  32. 32. Personell Issues Often, there are real and tangible reasons for people not being valued. Perhaps they are not paid a decent wage for what they do, or their conditions are poor. Often, it is because their roles are poorly defined, and they often get asked to do things that aren’t their job, and they’re not getting paid for.
  33. 33. In this case, role descriptions need to be rewritten. This should be negotiated....
  34. 34. Because when people feel like they have a say in something, they are more likely to accept decisions
  35. 35. Even if it’s not what they want.
  36. 36. In addition to knowing what they have to do, people like to know what’s going on.
  37. 37. Communication levels need to be reconstructed. Email, noticeboard, newsletter, meetings, briefings
  38. 38. Induction Training plays a big part
  39. 39. Basically, the whole solution comes down to valuing people and their needs.
  40. 40. So, if we look back on our problem.... downturn in sales number of employees have recently left Effects large turnover of staff new employees seem to just have no idea what they are doing. number of accidents happen within the Causes workplace roles are poorly defined