MyAccountingLab Getting Started


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These slides will help you to register your MyAccountingLab.

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MyAccountingLab Getting Started

  1. 1. Student Registration "The benefits of MyAccountingLab are extremely helpful. Whether you’re a visual person or a hands-on person, MyAccountingLab is like your personal tutor." — Yesenia Saenz, student at South Texas College
  2. 2. What Students are Saying <ul><li>&quot;Try MyAccountingLab! It’s another way to understand the concepts of Accounting! You have an easier way to view assignments, get quick feedback on grades for homework and quizzes, and have several useful sources to help manage a better grade for you!&quot; Yesena Alvarez, South Texas College </li></ul>
  3. 3. What are Students Saying <ul><li>The Help Me Solve This feature…“breaks the question down and each part to the problem was its own question. By breaking the problems down so specifically it really helps clarify how I get to the final answer&quot; —Allie Gaggini, student at University of Mississippi </li></ul>
  4. 4. What are Students Saying <ul><li>&quot;I am highly enthusiastic about MyAccountingLab. The features are so interactive that it’s made learning the material fun for me. It even has an on-screen calculator and everything that a student needs right there in one place.&quot; —Student at Chabot College </li></ul>
  5. 5. LET’S GET STARTED Navigate to to register In the Register section, click the Student button to begin. You will need: 1. The access card from the book (or bookstore) OR you can purchase access using a major credit card. and 2. The CourseID from your instructor.
  6. 6. Important: Students and instructors who use a MyLab in CourseCompass should go there to register and enroll.
  7. 7. After entering the Course ID from your Instructor click the Next button. Our Course ID is: XL0J-31HT-001Y-2RJ2
  8. 8. Select Access Code and click Next Note: if you choose Buy Now, you will be able to purchase an access code with a credit card and continue through the registration process
  9. 9. Read and accept the License Agreement and Privacy Policy
  10. 10. Create a login Name and Password for your account. Please make your login and password something you can remember easily. Enter the Access Code
  11. 11. Enter your full name and make sure it your OFFICIAL UCF name that appears in Webcourses (e.g. if your first name is Jonathon don’t enter Jon) and a valid email address UCF’s zip is 32816 Select your school from the list Click NEXT
  12. 12. Your registration is complete – you can print this page for your records!
  13. 13. To enroll in your course enter the log in information you just created and click Log in!
  14. 14. Select – “I am taking a course that is using MyAccountingLab, and need to enroll in my instructor’s course.
  15. 15. Enter the Course ID from your Instructor!
  16. 16. Confirm that the course selected is correct and click Enroll
  17. 17. Congratulations – you are now enrolled in your course!