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Amador Andre ted experience Amador Andre ted experience Presentation Transcript

  • Andre Amador’s Experience With:
  • Read Montague Relates neural activity and behavior between two minds using fMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging)
  • INTERESTED? +Montague begins calm andcomfortable and spikes the audiencesinterest at the very beginning andcuts to the chase with his description.
  • YOU & I...Read speaks to you with the mostcalm and comfortable tone. Evenwith having an audience of 100+, Ifeel as though Montague is speakingdirectly at me with no one around.
  • TED COMMANDMENTS!Dr. Read Montague best uses the IIIcommandment: Thou Shalt Reveal THYCuriosity AND THY Passion.Describes a topic that he works ineveryday but still excites him.Curious in the behavior of the mind.
  • DYNAMISM!!!!
  • WHY?The reason for a 3.5 is even though Readis very calm and informative he keeps aserious tone the entire time. If he couldget some laughs or put some personalexperiences in his speech it would helpkeep the audience alive and interactivein a way that saying nothing still ensuresDr.Montague that his audienceunderstands fully.
  • Nancy Duarte says: “ That your idea has to spread or it wont be effective, and the way ideas are conveyed the most effectively is through story.” One of the tips that Dr. Read Montague is telling astory through his topic. Read is able to his audiences to sit there in interest and have emotional reactions to his speech.
  • WHAT have I gained?Speak with confidenceBe calmComfortability is essentialShow your interestUse a form of story to capture youraudience in the moment
  • Comparison Sir Ken Robinson uses a comedy approach with his audience were Read uses a more personal, calm approach.Ken uses tone variation to fit what he is speaking about. Both effectively grab the attention of their audience.
  • ComparisonRead is much more comfortable and calm with hisspeech were as Ken may sound great but stutters someor rushes at times.Dr. Montague speaks with confidence and is muchmore interpersonal while having multiple listeners.Both were able to convey there message and leavetheir audience with a sense of amazement.
  • CLASS TIPSDo your research so you can feel morecomfortable.Stay calm!!!Do not be afraid to use personalexperiences they work!!Laughter is a good thing, Their payingattention.Eye contact and hand movement
  • SO....
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