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Integer's Craig Elston, Senior Vice President, Insight & Strategy spoke at PMA's - BLUR last week in Chicago. Craig presented Beyond Mom, a look at behaviors and trends among male shoppers.

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Beyond Mom - PMA BLUR

  1. 1. BEYOND MOM
 PMA – BLUR  MARCH 23RD, 2010  Craig Elston Matt Tumminello, SVP, Insight Strategy President The Integer Group® Target 10 (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  2. 2. NOT ALL MEN ARE  CREATED EQUAL  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  3. 3. SOME SIMPLE FACTS ABOUT MEN…  IN LIFE  Men are staying single longer Men are divorcing earlier Men are increasingly becoming the secondary income earner for their household IN SHOPPING  51% of grocery spend is accounted for by men – Meyers Research Centre Men are the primary shopper in 31% of households (up from 14% in 1985). Men buy 75% of men’s products (3X that in 1975). (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  4. 4. IN‐STORE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE STUDY  Monthly  1,200 respondents  RepresentaNve U.S. sample  Data from 2009  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  5. 5. TIME ORIENTATION MATTERS  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  6. 6. UNATTACHED MEN: HAVE MORE FUN SHOPPING  Single Men 38% 33% Married Men 25% Women 23% 15% 13% 12% 8% I like to explore stores Shopping is a chore Shopping is one of the Shopping is a fun, when I go into them ways I relax and have everyday activity fun N = 10,098  Source: The Integer Group®, M/A/R/C® Research, The Checkout. February to December, 2009 (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  7. 7. UNATTACHED MEN = MORE AFFINITY FOR BRANDS  Single Men Married Men Women 21% 20% 19% 19% 12% 10% What I buy has to say a lot Brand names are extremely I will pay more if my life is about me important to me made easier N = 10,098  Source: The Integer Group®, M/A/R/C® Research, The Checkout. February to December, 2009 (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  8. 8. UNATTACHED MEN: WANT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE  SHOPPING; EXPECT TO FIND HIGH QUALITY GOODS  Q) When it comes to everyday shopping, what is your Primary Shopping Goal?  26% Single Men 25% 25% Married Men Women 20% 15% 13% 13% 11% 9% 9% 9% 7% 5% 5% 5% 2% Get To spend as Quick fill-in Restock To find the To satisfy Be Spend as everything little money trips items best quality the needs of entertained little time in in a single as possible items my family and have a the store as trip fun time possible N = 10,098  Source: The Integer Group®, M/A/R/C® Research, The Checkout. February to December, 2009 (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  9. 9. UNATTACHED MEN = LESS AFFECTED BY RECESSION  Q) In the past three months how has your shopping behavior changed?  Single Men 48.5% 46% 6% Married Men 51.5% 46% 2% Women 59.6% 38% 2% I am buying fewer and/or cheaper items now My shopping behavior has not changed I am buying more and buying more expensive items now N = 598  Source: The Integer Group®, M/A/R/C® Research, The Checkout, December, 2009 (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  10. 10. UNATTACHED MEN: LESS PRICE SENSITIVE;   MORE PICKY WHEN IT COMES TO BRAND SELECTION  Q) Why Did You Walk Away From Shelf?  Single Men 58.5% Married Men 54.8% 49.0% 50.7% Women 36.3% 33.1% 16.0% 11.8%13.2% 12.6% The price was more I couldn’t find the I couldn’t find the The aisle was too I always purchase than I wanted to pay exact item, product specific brand I was crowded/too many what I go to the store or size I was looking looking for people in the aisle looking for for N = 4,880  Source: The Integer Group®, M/A/R/C® Research, The Checkout, February to December, 2009 (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  11. 11. SO, UNNATTACHED MEN  Exhibit greater brand affinity  But are more picky about brands  Have experienced less recessionary pressure  And as such are  less price sensiNve  Have higher expectaNons of high quality goods  And are more demanding for a pleasant  shopping experience  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  12. 12. SO, UNNATTACHED MEN  Exhibit greater brand affinity  But are more picky about brands  Have more fun shopping than  Have experienced less recessionary pressure  And as such are less price sensiNve  their acached counter parts  Have higher expectaNons of high quality goods  And are more demanding for a pleasant  shopping experience  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  14. 14. SOME STRAIGHT FACTS ABOUT GAY MEN…  Nearly 50% of gay men 25-54 always look for a brand name vs. 33% of straight men and 31% of straight women Less inclined to change shopping habits due to the recession than straight men In a recent Target 10/Socratic Technologies consumer survey, 42% report a household income of $100K+ 60% of gay men are married/partnered or living together And they love shopping Sources: 2009 Target 10/Socratic Technologies Home Improvement Survey; SMRB Gay and Lesbian Consumer Study 2006
  15. 15. GAY MEN LOVE TO SHOP  Respondents who “agree a lot” or “agree a little” with each statement Source: SMRB Gay and Lesbian Consumer Study 2006
  16. 16. WHY BRANDS TARGET GAY MEN  Respond strongly to targeted efforts Over-index in many categories: such as grooming, technology, home improvement, fashion, travel, entertainment, alcohol… Are the ultimate influencers influencing trends, styles and tastes that extend well beyond their own community Reached efficiently Can be tracked and measured through research
  17. 17. SIMILARITIES   DIFFERENCES   When is it a “guy thing”    vs. a “gay thing?”  
  19. 19. ACCOMODATION  Case: Home Depot  “You can do it, we can help”  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  20. 20. ACCOMODATION  Case: Home Depot  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  21. 21. ACCOMODATION  Functionality and way-finding are beneficial It’s more than just speeding them up Edited assortments and solution centers Proper levels of customer service are key Training and tutoring help inform an engaged experience (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  22. 22. ACCOMMODATION  Gay men are less inclined to have a “get in and get out” mentality than straight men. They enjoy the shopping experience. They are also inclined to work hard at finding what they want at the best price and will keep on shopping till they find it. The desire for proper levels of customer service is similar, however, if not more for gay men. When asked to rank desired features in stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Sears, knowledgeable staff ranked higher among gay. Straight consumers put more importance on lower prices.
  23. 23. “We found that gay consumers are shopping in more places than straight consumers to find the items that they want. This includes both retail stores and online. They are savvy shoppers who are determined to find exactly what they want and at the best price.” – Jeff Kerr, Vice President, Socratic Technologies
  24. 24. ACTIVATION  Case: Best Buy 
  25. 25. ACTIVATION  Case: Best Buy 
  26. 26. ACTIVATION  Gadgets and gizmos Interaction with the brand Spirited competition Sensorial experiences Key moments of truth in-store (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  27. 27. ACTIVATION  In this instance, it’s not a “gay or straight thing,” it’s a “guy thing.” It’s all about gadgets, gizmos, brand interaction and sensorial experiences. Guys want to try stuff out and give it a whirl. In fact, gay men might like this even more than straight. According to Simmons Market Research Bureau’s Gay Consumer Study, gay men are 66% more likely to agree that they “love to buy new gadgets and appliances” than straight men, Source: SMRB Gay and Lesbian Consumer Study 2006
  28. 28. AUTHENTIFICATION  Case: J Crew Liquor Store  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  29. 29. AUTHENTIFICATION  Case: J Crew Liquor Store  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  30. 30. AUTHENTIFICATION  Case: J Crew Liquor Store  (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  31. 31. AUTHENTIFICATION  Connect with higher order needs Clearly it’s his domain Less than a store is more (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  32. 32. AUTHENTIFICATION  Being authentic means connecting with shoppers on a higher order of needs and emotions. For gay men, this means demonstrating how products and services are relevant to their lives based on consumer insights and emotional connections. If you want their attention, make it gay relevant. (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  33. 33. 33
  34. 34. AUTHENTIFICATION  While major retailers and brands serve all men, there are ways to make gay men feel welcome, comfortable and valued. Being authentic to the gay experience can earn strong brand loyalty, for which the market is famous. •  Targeted or inclusive advertising •  In-store displays •  Targeted or inclusive websites •  Connections to the community (support) (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  35. 35. Thank you (c) The Integer Group, 2010 
  36. 36. CONTACT US… Craig Elston Matt Tumminello SVP, Insight Strategy President The Integer Group® Target 10 +1.303.393.3474 + Download or subscribe to our presentations, white Become a fan of Target 10 on Facebook papers and editions of The Checkout at (c) The Integer Group, 2010