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Shot lists


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  • 1. Shope Adejare Shot lists Camera shot/angle/movement that will be used Justification for the shots/why it will have an impact on the finished product Hallway Shot: close up shot Angle: slight high angle Movement: Tracking shot of her walking to the letterbox The reason for a close-up and tracking shot is so that the audience can feel like they’re right behind her as she collects this parcel. Its significant because the parcel she collects is the one that contains the gun which she wants to use to kill spencer with. The camera is also at a slight high angle because she is picking the parcel up from the floor. These camera shots/angles will have an impact on the trailer when it is completed because it helps to illustrate really well to the audience what is happening. Outside on the street Shot: Mid shot to get a full body view of her walking down the street Angle: Low angle of Lana walking Movement: Tracking Low angle shot The reason for the low angle is to show the power that Lana has. As a female with a gun, on the way to kill someone, she is seen as a powerful and confident character so by having the low angle shot and having it as a tracking shot as well will help to illustrate this power that she clearly now possess. Having a midshot will the audience to see her full body language during this scene as well.
  • 2. Shope Adejare Starbucks Shot: Close up of Lana and Spencer sitting together talking and laughing Angle: eye-level Movement: still camera because movement would distract from what’s happening in the scene. In various films whenever there is a scene with a happy loving couple there is always a close up shot of them together and it is usually at eye level, this helps to focus on their facial expressions the most and also a bit of their body language. This is why I think it’s relevant to have these angle shots and movements for this scene. It will have an effect on the finished product because having close ups of the characters and their facial expressions will make it easier for the audience to be more emotionally invested with the characters and therefore be more interested in the trailer from start to finish. Livingroom Shot: extreme close up for when she’s looking in the mirror and when she’s sitting on the sofa drinking the alcohol and sobbing Angle: High angle for when she’s on the sofa but then a low angle for when she’s looking in the mirror Movement: Still camera because movement would distract from what’s happening in the scene. The high angle is used to show how naïve and vulnerable Lana is due to the fact that she’s sitting there on the couch drinking alcohol and crying. This will have an impact on the finished product because it helps to tell the story more.