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Shope's film Script (first draft)
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Shope's film Script (first draft)


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  • 1. 06/11/2013 Shope’s Film Script (there is no title as of yet ) Scene one (Lana and Spencer are walking hand in hand after seeing a movie.) Spencer: Did you enjoy the movie? Lana: Yeah it was so good, but it was so scary when the ghost came out. Spencer: Haha yeah I could tell you were scared! (There’s a little silence) Lana: Spencer, you know how we’ve been together for 6 months now… Spencer: yeah…? Lana: well…do you love me? Like proper love me. Spencer: of course I do. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, honestly I do. Lana: awww, that’s made my day.
  • 2. 06/11/2013 Scene two (Spencer and Lana on the phone to each other.) Spencer: Hey Lana, we need to meet urgently. Lana: what is it about? Spencer: I would rather not say over the phone, it’s just I was thinking a lot last night about things and I was thinking that it’s probably best if…look lets just meet up I have a lot I need to say. Lana: Okay. (They meet up) Spencer: I’m really sorry but I just don’t think we should be together anymore because it just doesn’t seem right and I… Lana: But why?! I don’t understand?! Everything was fine last night; you told me you loved me. What’s happened? Is there someone else? I don’t get why you’re doing this?! Spencer: Its just, we have our whole lives ahead of us and we’re still young. Its not you, it’s me. Tears well up in Lana’s eyes as he says this but she doesn’t say anything back. Spencer: I’m really sorry… (Spencer goes to hug Lana but Lana moves away) Lana: yeah I think I’m just going to go now because this is really unexpected and I’m really upset, goodbye Spencer.
  • 3. 06/11/2013 Scene three (Lana is sat in her pyjamas on the phone to her best friend Tatiana with some ben &jerry’sice-creamand watching a soppy love film which is reminding her about Spencer all over again and its making her extremely depressed) Lana: I just can’t believe he would break up with me so unexpectedly like that for no reason. Especially after he said he loved me and wanted to be with me forever, it’s just so weird. (Lana begins to tear up and her voice is really shaky as she speaks) Lana: I just don’t get how he’s okay with this…because I’m not. Lana: I need to find out why he’s done this. I need to follow him… Scene four Lana is staring in the mirror and changing her appearance, she puts on a red wig and starts to apply very sharp makeup before leaving out to go and find Spencer. Lana goes out and sees Spencer laughing and talking with a girl. She gets really upset/jealous and runs off.
  • 4. 06/11/2013 Scene five Lana runs to Tatiana’s house really angry, knocking on the door. Tatiana: (opens the door) oh my gosh what is it? Lana: I saw him. He was happy. He was with another girl. Tatiana: are you being serious?! Lana: YESSSS. He definitely wanted to move on. But its not fair, I want to be with him and if I cant be with him nobody else can be with him. Tatiana: So what are you going to do? Lana: I don’t know, I’ll just keep following him… (The mood of the scene suddenly changes and Tatiana becomes really serious) Tatiana: No. You can’t keep on stalking him. This is absolutely ridiculous. We have to end this once and for all, put an end to all your heartache. Lana: How? Tatiana: you need to kill him. If he doesn’t want to be with you, he doesn’t deserve to be with anyone else. Lana: But how? Tatiana: I have a gun. We will go to his house and we’ll ask him one last time to get back together with you, if not, then we kill him.
  • 5. 06/11/2013 Scene six Lana and Tatiana are fully covered up/in disguise/wearing balaclavas. They climb through the kitchen window and Lana creeps into the living room. Where Spencer is relaxing and watching TV. Spencer: (Spencer takes his eyes off the television and sees Tatiana and Lana. He’s in complete shock) Lana…what are you doing here???? Lana: Spencer. I saw her. Spencer: Saw whom? Lana: The girl that you left me for. Spencer: I haven’t left you for any girl? I don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone. Lana: but you wanted to be with me before what happened? Spencer: I just want space…so please can you leave now. Lana: (Pulls out gun) no I can’t leave. Spencer: (Spencer immediately stands up when he sees the gun. He is now a lot less relaxed than he was before and his voice is really nervous as he is fearing for the fact that Lana could pull the trigger any minute)what are you doing? You can’t shoot me… Lana: Well I’m the one holding the gun. And if you don’t want to be with me you’re going to die… Spencer: Lana this is crazy! Why are you doing this…this isn’t the sort of thing you would do. Even though I don’t want to be with you anymore I still love you and I know you still love me so why are you doing this. Lana: (Lana begins to lower the gun and she goes into deep thoughts thinking about what Spencer just said) (Through the whole thing Tatiana is peaking through a slightly opened door at what is going on. When she sees that Lana is lowering the gun she bursts into the room) Tatiana: (Really angry) What are you doing? This wasn’t part of the plan? Spencer: What plan?????! Lana: I can’t do it anymore. I just cant… (Spencer does a slight smile of relief)
  • 6. 06/11/2013 Tatiana: (she immediately grabs the gun from Lana)I’m sorry Spencer but you’ve upset my best friend so you’ve upset me (With no second thoughts she shoots him). Lana: (Lana is standing there distraught).