Media evaluation question 4


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Media evaluation question 4

  1. 1. 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Research • YouTube and IMBD were the main components used for research due to the fact that this is what I used to look at various different trailers. YouTube is the main hub for finding any movie trailer to watch. IMBD is good for finding movies, and for finding movies that are similar to the genre I’m looking at so that I can find a large sum of a particular genre. • Prezi and PowerPoint are what I used to present my research and I presented it on Blogger. • Blogger is really significant on its own because I used it for research and planning and presenting altogether.
  3. 3. Research • Also for my research, questionnaires and structured interviews were done. • For my one-on-one interviews I showed people my trailer and then asked them questions about it immediately after they had watched it so I could get feedback. • I got people to send me video feedback of their opinion on my trailer as this was a very fun and interactive way to get feedback. • I also gave out questionnaires before I began my trailer as I wanted help with choosing names for my characters and the target audiences feedback is really important for that as they will be the ones watching it.
  4. 4. Planning • Iphone. iPhone is really handy to do things such as writing notes. Recording the voice overs. Due to its size and weight it is easy to carry around with me everywhere and anywhere. This was very good for planning. • Photoshop was really good to edit the photos for magazine and poster due to the range of tools I am able to use. • Soundcloud was a good way for sourcing out music because whereas youtube has music it also has a variety of other things whereas soundcloud has music and also the option to download music that has no copyright. • Itunes is where I saved everything (such as the voice notes and good music that I found for the trailer) on.
  5. 5. Evaluation • In terms of evaluation, I used various methods and they were all really effective for me. • Media technologies were good for me when I was doing my evaluation questions.
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